Tap Ball Act 2: Main Quest Kwik-Tap Guide

Our fun adventure through the new sport invented by Homer, Tap Ball, continues today with the start of the second act. But the fun just started as today we’ll recieve something interesting, coming back from the end of 2013! Follow us after the jump for the kwik-tap guide on the short continuation of the main questline!

The following icons will indicate: Match_trigger Who triggers the quest, ico_stor_charactersets_sm which characters can be sent, Task Book the task to be performed, ico_june2015_dailytasks_tabthe time needed. An icon of the location will indicate where the task will be performed.

When you log into the game, the second part of the event will be started by Homer.

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 8

Match_triggerHomer Head

ico_stor_charactersets_smHomer Head

Task BookMake Homer Squeeze into a Motion Capture Suit
simpsonshomeSimpson Home

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 9

Match_triggerHomer Head

Community Prizes Message
Community Prizes

Task BookPurchase Sports Ball
Task BookThrow a Ball in Another Springfield

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 10

Match_triggerHomer Head


Task BookMake Springfielders Support Competitive Mode [x10]
Task BookMake Springfielders Support Co-operative Mode [x10]
stadiumentrance_menuStadium Entrance

And this is all for the main questline, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “Tap Ball Act 2: Main Quest Kwik-Tap Guide

  1. May I have the email for EA CUSTOMER SERVICE…I lost my giant grasshopper with this latest update? Thank you.


    1. check your main inventory not the categories or you probably won’t find it


      1. No, it’s really gone and can’t buy it again…


    2. They dont have direct email. You have to go through support.
      Contact EA support http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. Thanks. need to wait 24 hrs to see if item reappears 🙂


  2. Thank you so much xx


  3. Hi guy’s can the horse and Bart play football seperatly ? And can they both earn amateur bucks ? X


  4. I don’t think we can even reach the second community prize


    1. we always have don’t worry. it’s just day 1 yet


      1. herroyaldykeness 07/06/2015 — 18:08

        I never managed to get Mr Burns character does anyone know if there is a craft version or another way of getting him….


        1. No you can only get it with donuts now


          1. herroyaldykeness 07/06/2015 — 18:11

            Thanks, where do you buy it with donuts… Tbh can’t seem to find much in this update… Everything all over the place and it doesn’t automatically switch in the person finder to next person who can earn currency for this event…


            1. Just click on the prizes screen tap on act 1 prizes and you can get it there


              1. herroyaldykeness 07/07/2015 — 23:54

                Thnx don’t look like I’m gna get it now. ..its 345 donuts…. i think thats too rich for my blood


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