What Changed with the July 3rd Update?

EA has just released a new patch for the Tap Ball Event. Many things changed as always and you can see a list of all the changes right after the jump!
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Visibility requirement of Easter 2015 for the jobs Teach Homer About Easter, Pretend to Listen, Play the Blues, Shop for Good Friday Sales, Watch Easter Films, Think About Converting to Judaism and Prepare for Passover were removed.

Tap Ball players’ Prance and Preen, Walk the Beam, Impress Rubes with His Strenght, Order Unnecessary Fitness Gadgets, Invent New Tap Ball Rules, Referee Tap Ball, Bicycle Kick, Watch Soccer, Practice Kicks, Study Soccer Statistics, Practice Swinging, Signal Plays, Brew Tonic, Throw a Hail Mary, Practice Tackling in the Hallway, Stiff-arm Rush, Ride Around Town, Whip Around Town, Be Cool, Bowl, Polish Balls, Serve, Crabwalk, Taunt, Feign Attack, Practice Moves, Teach Kung Fu Class, Use Nunchaku, Somersault, Tap Dance, Shadowbox, Fumble Things, Catch an Imaginary Fly Ball, Learn About Women in Baseball, Swing Bat, Cartwheeling, Bowl a Cat and Do Lunges are now temporary.

Stadium Entrance now builds immediatly instead of after 24h.

Amateur Bucks now shows up on the bottom left corner between the number of event act currency and the number of Sports Balls the user owns.
Bucks Bott Left

Obstacle Tires, Obstacle Wall, Obstacle Wire and Obstacle Log can now be crafted, are now changed to Animated Decorations and multiple can be placed and chained.

Stadium Fences now meet at corners.

Fans now drop one Amateur Buck per tap.
Bucks from fans

Football Tire Target and Tennis Machine now have sound when tapped.

Football Tire Target 1st tap:
Football Tire Target 2nd tap:
Football Tire Target 3rd tap:
Tennis Machine:

Homer’s Balls of Glory Pt. 1 text “Here’s the sign up sheet. See? It’s already got my name, and Flanders.” now says “Here’s the sign up sheet. See? It’s already got my name, Lisa’s name, and Flanders.”

Jobs for tap ball players to Practice Tap Ball now shows Requires: Unlock if the user doesn’t have the skin or the character unlocked to be played on Tap Ball.

The Rainbow Flag is back in the store in the Flags Section.

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


6 thoughts on “What Changed with the July 3rd Update?

  1. I have crazy cat lady but her tap ball job requires an unlock. Anyone know what needs to be unlocked?


    1. when you reach daily training #23 when it’ll unlock her to play Tap Ball


  2. I lost my giant grasshopper with this update. Help?!


  3. Robert Drysdale 07/04/2015 — 06:28

    The comeback and play with me notification has not been fixed. Still getting one every hour.


  4. I’m pretty sure Comic Book Guy and Crazy Cat Lady got modified icons in the Census. I noticed this a little while before the update today though.


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