4th of July 2015: Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day by TSTO Topix!
Log in today to recieve 13 free Donuts!

When you log in today you’ll recieve the following text:

System Message: Happy Independence Day! Please enjoy these 13 commemorative donuts in honor of the original colonies.
TO Indipendence Day 2015

Homer HeadColonies? I thought America was made of states?
George Washington HeadDo you not care AT ALL about the history of this great country my friends and I fought so hard to create?
Tapped_Out_Abraham_Lincoln_IconYes, and that I DIED for?
George Washington HeadThere you go again. Always gotta work the assassination thing into every conversation.
Tapped_Out_Abraham_Lincoln_IconWell it’s true!
George Washington HeadOkay, we get it!

The chance to get the free 13 Donuts ends tomorrow, July 5th at 9am BST!

Join us later for more info on Act 2 of the Tap Ball event! Happy tapping!


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