Tap Ball Act 2: Premium Walkthrough

Prepare to whisper to the horses as Furious D is coming to town, with an old skin for Grampa and a nice stadium from Burns. Follow us after the jump to start the walkthrough!

Let’s start with the Baseball Stadium.

Bumbling Around

Auto starts

72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconMy strange, beehive-themed basketball stadium is a stirring reminder that the idiot public can be made to pay for anything.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconThey build me a $250,000,000 stadium, and I provide them with a few minimum-wage jobs slinging hot dogs forty nights a year.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconEveryone wins!
Tapped_Out_Bumblebee_Man_IconAy-yi-yi! Una gran casa para mi familia!

Task: Make Burns Learn About Modern Basketball
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building
If the user has Bumblebee Man: Task: Make Bumblebee Man Move into the Stadium
Time: 8h
Location: Basketball Stadium

72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconMy beautiful stadium has been infested with bees! Smithers, call a bee exterminator!
Tapped_Out_Bumblebee_Man_IconNo es bueno, Senor Burns! Soy un hombre!
Smithers HeadI think he’s saying that he’s a man, sir.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconWell, we have exterminators for those, too.
Smithers HeadThey are slightly more expensive than insect exterminators.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconTrue, but I do so love watching them work.

Then we’ve the second skin for Grampa, returning from the “Gorgeous Grampa” tie-in and the Yard Sale 2014: Gorgeous Grampa.

Gorgeous Grampa

Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconSports were better in my day, when we played them without equipment.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconWe didn’t have baseballs, so we used a rock. And we didn’t have baseball bats so we used a different rock.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconBut the greatest equipment-less sport of all was wrestling! Just two oiled-up men grabbing each other’s anatomy.
Homer HeadAttention everyone! Tap ball players over the age of 60 must wear a shirt.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconWrestling with a shirt on ain’t wrestling!
System Message: Gorgeous Grampa is now available in the store! He can’t play Tap Ball, but with hair like that who cares?

And last, we’ve a new skin for Bart, that also unlocks a new character: Jockey Bart and Furious D.

D Biscuit Pt. 1

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeyDuncan! My old racehorse! You’re back!
sidebar_bart_jockeyWhaddya say? Should we get back on the track?
sidebar_bart_jockeyAnd then make another visit to the secret underground lair of the murderous jockeys?
sidebar_furiousd*shakes head*
sidebar_bart_jockeyYeah, I guess not. Nobody was too crazy about it the first time. Kind of a misstep, they all said.
sidebar_furiousd*nods emphatically*
sidebar_bart_jockeyWell lets find what it is that you do want to do.

Task: Make Jockey Bart and Furious D Find a Hobby
Time: 24h
Location: Springfield Library
Requires: Furious D

D Biscuit Pt. 2

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeyWe’ve tried skeet shooting, BASE jumping, gin rummy… I’m running out of ideas. What DO horses enjoy?
sidebar_furiousd*assumes cool pose*
sidebar_bart_jockeyJust walk around looking cool, huh? Well, it is about all I’m qualified to do.

Task: Make Jockey Bart Whip Around Town
Task: Make Furious D Be Cool
Time: 12h

D Biscuit Pt. 3

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeyLast time I saw you, D, you were running off with that lady horse. What happened with you two?
sidebar_bart_jockeyYeah, buying a house is tough. Don’t feel bad — the stress causes a lot of couples to break up.
sidebar_bart_jockeyLet’s commiserate, over a meal that’s most likely made from a relative of yours.

Task: Make Jockey Bart Eat at Krusty Burger
Task: Make Furious D Eat at Krusty Burger
Time: 1h
Location: Krusty Burger

D Biscuit Pt. 4

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeySee, I just think you need to get back in the saddle. Or, under the saddle, in this case.
sidebar_bart_jockeyThat filly had you wrapped around her hoof so tight, you forgot that you’re born to run.
sidebar_bart_jockeyWhat do you say? Should we go for a practice run?
sidebar_furiousd*makes a gesture that, when it comes from a horse, means “I don’t know, Bart. It’s been so long.”*
sidebar_bart_jockeyJust a quick gallop around town.

Task: Make Jockey Bart Ride Around Town
Time: 4h
Requires: Bart

D Biscuit Pt. 5

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeyYou still got it, D! That’s it! I’m gonna find us a race to enter at Springfield Downs!

Task: Make Jockey Bart Check the Race Schedule
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Downs

sidebar_bart_jockeyThere’s a race on today D! We can so win this!
sidebar_furiousd*another gesture, meaning: “Though the outcome is anything but certain, I can no longer deny what I am.”*
sidebar_bart_jockeyHehehe, classic D!

D Biscuit Pt. 6

Bart starts

sidebar_bart_jockeyAll right, D! Let’s break the track record!
sidebar_furiousd*neighs. Translation: “I shall make every effort to reward your confidence in me, my young friend.”*

Task: Make Jockey Bart Ride Furious D Around the Track
Task: Make Furious D Run Around the Track
Time: 24h
Location: Springfield Downs

On job start:

sidebar_bart_jockeyHow come we’re the only horse in this race?
sidebar_furiousd*neighs. Translation: “Maybe the obese policeman will know why.”*
sidebar_wiggumI sure do know why! D is the only horse in Springfield. Lisa had a pony once, but we haven’t gotten around to that story yet.
Tapped_Out_Krusty_IconShut up, all of you! I got a thousand bucks on this one-horse race!

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Tap Ball Act 2: Premium Walkthrough

  1. Are triple bleachers a premium item? I notice they are a daily prize way in the future (about four or five days away) and yet I found someone with 3 of them in their town. Also, how much would it have cost at the beginning of the event to make all 4 beginning players 5 stars?


  2. D isn’t the only horse in town. Seems the writers have forgotten about the Springfield Elementary horse, Macaroni, that is kept in the shed.


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