What Changed with the July 7th Update?

EA has just released a new patch for the Tap Ball Event. EA has just released a new patch for the Tap Ball Event. Some things changed regarding the Community Prizes! You can see a list of all the changes right after the jump!
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The cost to craft Sports Balls have been reduced from
Amateur Bucks500 or Donuts33 to Amateur Bucks40 or Donuts3.

The chance of dropping Sports Balls from the balls dropped in your town by friends has increased from 20% to 68%.


A new community prize of Amateur Bucks1000 was added as 3rd prize.

The first Community Prize, 10 Donuts, now has a price of indicator_june2015_soccerball3,266,000.

Springfield Arms now has the price the 10 Donuts had before.

1000 Amateur bucks now has the price the Springfield Arms had before.

The new prices are:

10 Donuts: indicator_june2015_soccerball3,266,000
Springfield Arms: indicator_june2015_soccerball110,800,000
1000 Amateur Bucks: indicator_june2015_soccerball230,400,000
Taste of Duff Beer Truck: indicator_june2015_soccerball402,200,000
The Gridiron: indicator_june2015_soccerball538,040,000

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


20 thoughts on “What Changed with the July 7th Update?

  1. Got the community 10 donuts prize, then went to a friend’s town to play tap ball, came back and those donuts are gone. Anyone else have this problem?


  2. I have the new update and the only thing that changed was the total amount of balls for the community prizes. I still need 500 amateur bucks for 1 ball.


  3. Load of balls! I’ve only ever had one ball. I’ve never found one in my town. The one I placed in my second town isn’t visible (wondering if it will only appear when my 2nd town is able to create balls). Haven’t seen balls in friends towns.

    Don’t know where all the community balls are coming from but I haven’t been able to contribute since the event started. Not much of a community event!

    I need bucks for balls, player upgrades and crafting. Too many options so although I’m still tapping this game/event is far too frustrating.


      • Uhm no.
        The Springfield police once raided the apartment to arrest Comic Book Guy for possession of illegal videos, which they had discovered by raiding The Android’s Dungeon. The police ended up interrupting a make-out session between Comic Book Guy and Agnes Skinner, and the sight made Eddie sick to his stomach. The Simpson family stayed there briefly when their home was being fumigated to deal with an infestation of termites.


  4. I’m glad to see them moving in the direction of sanity, but they’ve only made the donuts attainable. The other prizes (and as usual the buildings are the only ones I really care about) are still completely out of reach. Interestingly, ten donuts is the only prize they can’t offer for 250 donuts after the event ends and we’ve fallen short. (Well they obviously couldn’t sell amateur bucks either, but they wouldn’t try.)

    So it’s still not enough. I will continue to horde amateur bucks to upgrade new players as I unlock them. I’ll put any free balls I should happen to obtain into play, but I won’t craft them, and I won’t particularly care whether we get the donuts or not. This gives the appearance of EA ceding to our very reasonable demands, but it changes nothing in any meaningful way. The community prize track is still just a tease.


      • I just crunched some numbers, and it’s not looking good. I’m premium-loaded, I frequently clear my town of fans, I visit friends daily during the event, I collect all the daily bonuses, I play 12-15 Tap Ball games a day (12 players means three games every four hours, minus sleep and periodically being too busy to play for a little while). I have everyone maxed out to five stars, so I can play 4.5 star players and win, thus being assured the maximum payout for each game. I send everyone who’s eligible to practice in the stadium as often as I log in to play, unless they’re on a quest. Realistically, I’m doing as much as can be expected to earn Amateur Bucks. I don’t do the thing at the radio station, but if I did it would still take me about two days to earn the price of a single ball, so that’s small potatoes.

        If I completely ignored the need to upgrade players I unlock in the coming weeks, and crafted nothing but balls, as often as I had enough bucks; and if every single ball I crafted were found; and if two out of three produced new balls; and if every one of those balls were found, and played, and two out of three produced new balls, down through ten generations; then I would be ultimately responsible for contributing nine hundred balls to the pot for the duration of the event.

        Last I checked, we were about 536 million balls short of the Gridiron. That means 600,000 players like me going balls to the wall for the duration of the event. Not impossible, but not far from it.


          • I guess, but we’ve only got two weeks for this ridiculous game of chicken to play itself out. In the good old days, we started making progress on the community prizes as soon as the event started, and had more than a month to do it–and I could be wrong on this, but if memory serves, we still only made it by the skin of our teeth.


            • I suspect they don’t even track the balls used. Counter moves very regularly, and it always does. While the game is available worldwide, I would expect the US to have a large portion of the players. It doesn’t spike in the US evenings, or drop the count during US overnight. So, it’s quite possible this is – and always was – a hoax to get people to spend donuts (when it doesn’t matter anyway).

              But, I’ve been called a cynic before.


              • You’re likely right. I worry, however, that in going through such a convoluted manipulation with such a short amount of time to play with, they’re going to end up screwing us even if inadvertently. If they do, expect Gil to show up at some point after the event ends selling the prizes we failed to unlock at 250 donuts a pop. So EA’s going to be good either way.


  5. How incredibly reasonable of EA! Expecting that one ball was worth half the cost of bringing a player from one star to five was simply stupid…


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