Tap Ball: First Community Prize Unlocked… and Disappeared? (Fixed)

The first community prize goal has been reached! Login now to get your 10 free donuts and keep sending Sports Balls to your friends to reach the next ones!
Apparently there’s a problem with the Donuts disappearing! (Fixed)

Please follow this istructions on how to contact EA directly and tell them your donuts disappeared. People reported they solved their problem.

In case they tell you to wait 24 hours to see if the developers will solve the problem, try again with another chat. In case that doesn’t change, please wait 24 hours as they say and we’ll see what the developers come up with to solve the problem.

Update: Support reported that a patch will be released in the next hours to solve the problem. Stay tuned!

Update July 9th: Users that contacted EA have been told a fix for this is coming later today. With this, a fix for people missing Tennis Marge once unlocked is coming too.

Update: An ingame update was issued and solved the glitch.

Stay tuned and happy tapping!


35 thoughts on “Tap Ball: First Community Prize Unlocked… and Disappeared? (Fixed)

  1. Sorry to go off-topic, but I just found a cool little Easter Egg that I wanted to mention. Since the event started, I’ve been trying to arrange my Tap Ball games in such a way that one of my players faces him or herself head to head. I finally managed it just now; the perfect symmetry of the animations was fun to watch all by itself, but when I got back to my own town, an amusing bit of dialogue started. Try to unlock it for yourselves if you haven’t already, it’s well worth it!


  2. just contacted EA support and they verified the patch is going to be released soon, but wouldn’t give a time frame… they mentioned that since a patch is in work, they wouldn’t credit me the 10 donuts.


  3. My Donuts are missing, too :/
    Tried to contact EA through the Live-Chat, but that does not seem to work. There stands “less than 5 minutes waiting time” and after 30 minutes just nothing seems to happen, only loading.
    Is there a way to contact EA through Mail or something other than the Live-Chat?


  4. I contacted EA with the instructions here, got right through, and they’re going to add them, they’re aware and are “manually restoring” donuts to the accounts that contact them, they said they’ll email once they’re done. The agent was nice and helpful and had no problem admitting there was a problem or setting it right, I was quite impressed, I rarely hear good about EAs customer service. Definitely get in touch with them and it will be put right.


  5. Hey??!! WTH??? I was given the 10 donuts for the community prize and just now when I logged back onto my game the 10 donuts are GONE from my total!! Anyone else experiencing this? (I am on Android if that matters).


  6. I did get the 10 doughnuts and had 96 in total, but then they just disappeared. I’m not sure how it happened – whether the game crushed or I visited friends, but then I noticed I was back at my previous 86 doughnuts. Anyone else with this problem?


  7. I was playing when the price was unlocked. The message popped up and I immediately got the donuts. But when I logged in again the donuts were gone. Any advice?

    And do you think the number of Sport Balls for the nextprice will stay this high (~ 110.000.000) or will EA change / reduce it, too?


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