Topix Gaming News: A Glimpse Into The Futurama

Some exciting news has been hitting the Great Wide Web over the past few hours regarding FOX’s “other” classic animated series, Futurama. A very cryptic site has risen from out of nowhere with promises of a new mobile game based on the cult classic that’s been canceled and renewed and re-networked a dozen times.
As far as what type of game, platform, release date, developer and just about every other important detail regarding the release is being held under lock and key but you can all get update’s as we do by subscribing to their mailing list here:
Futurama Game

Update: Thanks to our good buddy spAnser @TSTONews, we found out that Wooga are the creators of this game, unfortunatly not EA.

Stay tuned for more news as it arrives!


15 thoughts on “Topix Gaming News: A Glimpse Into The Futurama

  1. Too bad ea isn’t doing this game… I would have loved to see a crossover between the two (ie simpsons characters in the Futurama game and Futurama characters in tapped out)


  2. Looking forward to it. This is probably why we didn’t get any Futurama content with the X-over episode tie in


  3. God i hope this is EA doing a Tapped Out clone for Futurama and not an utter train wreck like that Family Guy “game”


  4. If it’s being run by TinyCo, they’ll screw it up sooner or later. The Family Guy is pretty buggy, has even less land than TSTO and the last events were designed terribly. Hoping that Matt Groening is not going to allow them to ruin his franchise.


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