Tap Ball: Personal Prizes

Act 2 is almost over. On Monday we’re going to start Act 3. But somehow we never showed a table of all personal prizes and their rush cost.
At the end of an act you can’t use the currency anymore to get a prize, only donuts.
Follow us after the jump for a list of all the personal prizes and their costs.


Image Item Cost Get It Now Cost
homertron Homertron sidebar_june2015_foamfinger1900 sidebar_donut120
Obstacle Tires Obstacle Tires sidebar_june2015_foamfinger5600 sidebar_donut110
unlock_jasper_softball Baseball Jasper sidebar_june2015_foamfinger11300 sidebar_donut300
Obstacle Wall Obstacle Wall sidebar_june2015_foamfinger15100 sidebar_donut110
unlock_mrburns_softball Softball Mr Burns sidebar_june2015_foamfinger19500 sidebar_donut400


Image Item Cost Get It Now Cost
alleymcballs_menu Alley Mcballs sidebar_june2015_hat5800 sidebar_donut170
gauntlet03_transimage Obstacle Wire sidebar_june2015_hat11900 sidebar_donut120
unlock_springy Springy sidebar_june2015_hat17800 sidebar_donut215
Obstacle Log Obstacle Log sidebar_june2015_hat23800 sidebar_donut120
unlock_marge_tennis Tennis Marge sidebar_june2015_hat30000 sidebar_donut410


Image Item Cost Get It Now Cost
testosterzone_menu Testosterzone sidebar_june2015_pennant8400 sidebar_donut200
Amateur Bucks Amateur Bucks1000 sidebar_june2015_pennant17400 sidebar_donut75
unlock_ralph_ballet Ballet Ralph sidebar_june2015_pennant26300 sidebar_donut265
indicator_june2015_tonic indicator_june2015_tonic9 sidebar_june2015_pennant33500 sidebar_donut75
homerclesestatue Homerclese Statue sidebar_june2015_pennant38900 sidebar_donut420

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Tap Ball: Personal Prizes

  1. How do you get the stadium to look brown/green (or golden) with the green grass?
    I’ve seen some others have it, but I don’t see a price/craftable/premium item, that lets you do this?
    Only the premium item to change grass to dirt. Or does this come with all the colors for grass too?


  2. Stil love this game but everytime I close my iPad it keeps saying am I cheating on the Simpsons game with another game and igot a new building but I didn’t even build one lol can that pls be fixed?


  3. So after the act is over the prizes cost hundreds of donuts?
    Can you just buy them, or is it consequential?


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