Tap Ball Act 3: Premium Walkthough

Ready to take the bull by the horns? Will Homer be strong enough? Or he needs his dad to do the job and he’ll climb that tall mountain again? Follow us after the jump to start the walkthrough of the final premium items of the event!

The first premium item is Strongman Homer, a skin we haven’t seen since it was unlockable in the Halloween 2013 Event as a tie-in to the Treehouse of Horror episode.

Strongman Homer

Marge HeadI’m so proud of you Homie, inventing a successful sport. And think of all the exercise you’re getting.
Homer HeadI made the field small on purpose so I didn’t have to run.
Marge HeadMaybe you’ll get fit by accident.
Homer HeadI had a dream that I was fit once.
Marge HeadMe too.
System Message: Strongman Homer is now available in the store! Only Referee Homer can play Tap Ball though. Them’s the rules.

The second one is the new skin for Grampa, Toreador Grampa.

The Abe-ador Pt. 1

Grampa starts

Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconBart, did I ever tell you about the time I was a Spanish bullfighter?
Bart head iconHonestly, what’s the best way to stop this story before it starts? Be straight with me, man.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconYou don’t believe me, is that it? Well, I’ll prove it to ya! El Matador Americano Stupido is back!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconFirst I’ll need a red cape.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconThe confessional booths in the church have those lovely red curtains. Just the color a bull loves to charge…

Task: Make Toreador Grampa Steal Confessional Curtains
Time: 1h
Location: First Church of Springfield

The Abe-ador Pt. 2

Grampa starts

sidebar_abe_toreadorNow, the key to bullfighting is to get the bulls good and mad at ya. An angry bull makes mistakes.
sidebar_abe_toreadorYou gotta know how to insult a bull. Remember that bulls don’t understand English. They speak Spanish.
sidebar_abe_toreadorWhich is why the best bullfighters are all Spaniards. Let me show you how it’s done.
Bart head iconUmm… Grampa, I don’t know where you’re going to find bulls around here.
sidebar_abe_toreadorI don’t know what you’re talking about boy, they’re everywhere!

Task: Make Toreador Grampa Taunt Springfielders
Time: 4h

The Abe-ador Pt. 3

Grampa starts

sidebar_abe_toreadorNow, once the bull is hoppin’ mad at ya, he’ll charge. That’s when you stick him with your sword, and wait for him to bleed to death.
Bart head iconAs a general rule, I approve of all violence. But even I think this sport is disturbing.
sidebar_abe_toreadorI need to get me a sword. Isn’t there a pirate that lives down by the shore?
Bart head iconThe Sea Captain? He’s no pirate. I think he mainly leads whale-watching daytrips. Not a happy man.
sidebar_abe_toreadorHe talks like a pirate. That whole “argh” thing.
Bart head iconYeah, and it’s annoying. Funny, you don’t see him around much anymore, do you?
Bart head iconIt’s like everybody just decided all at once they were tired of him.
sidebar_abe_toreadorIt happens. Disco Stu went that way. Sad. But, back to the mission at hand — time to steal some swords!

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build The Frying Dutchman
Task: Make Abe Steal Swords from the Sea Captain
Time: 12h
Location: The Frying Dutchman

The Abe-ador Pt. 4

Grampa starts

sidebar_abe_toreadorGot my sword, and I’m ready to execute some majestic animals in the slowest, most painful way possible, to the delight of everyone!
Bart head iconHey, watch it with that sword. You’re swinging it around like a maniac.
sidebar_abe_toreador“Maniac” is my trademark! The crowd loved me because I was just as likely to kill myself as the bull.
sidebar_abe_toreadorMost of me is replacement limbs stitched on by Spanish surgeons after I hacked off parts of my body.
sidebar_abe_toreadorLotta Dr. Frankenstein-types in Spain. Wonderful country, Spain. Great food, great architecture, and great Frankensteins.

Task: Make Toreador Grampa Practice Swordsmanship
Time: 24h

On job start:

sidebar_wiggumAbe! You can’t wave a sword around in public!
sidebar_wiggumNow, if it was an AR-15 assault rifle you were brandishing, that would be fine.
sidebar_wiggumIt would be especially fine if you were to carry it openly into a restaurant —
sidebar_wiggum— as if you were desperate for someone to challenge your Constitutional right to be a scary creep.
sidebar_wiggumAssault rifles are how we defend freedom and stop bad guys from ever committing any crimes.
sidebar_wiggumIt’s why crime has ceased to exist — because everybody is armed to the teeth.
sidebar_wiggumBut a SWORD???????? Swords are dangerous!
Homer HeadAw, come on, Clancy. When he’s slicing and dicing, he’s not talking. And when he’s not talking, my life is wonderful.
sidebar_wiggumFine. But if he hurts anyone, YOU have to arrest him. AND do the investigating and statement-taking and all that yucky police work stuff.
Homer HeadDeal!

The Abe-ador Pt. 5

Grampa starts

sidebar_abe_toreadorHey! Why am I waving a sword around? What’s this cape around my neck?
Bart head iconYou were being a bullfighter. Just like in the old days.
sidebar_abe_toreadorI was never a bullfighter! How could I possibly have had time, when I was the world’s most celebrated pesterer of convenience store shoppers?
sidebar_abe_toreadorHere, let me show you how it’s done…

Task: Make Toreador Grampa Pester People in Kwik-E-Mart
Time: 8h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

The final one is the Murderhorn.

Is So Mountain High Enough

Homer starts

Homer HeadHey, look! A mountain just appeared out of nowhere. That’s… normal, right?
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconCripes! I’ve gotten pretty used to entire buildings being erected in 24 hours.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconAnd it certainly makes sense that the construction can be completed instantaneously if you lob some donuts at the building site.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconBut a whole mountain? Son, I gotta admit. This one scares me.
Homer HeadYou hear that, Sky Finger? You scared an old man. Nice going.
Homer HeadYou just had to splash some premium currency around, didn’t ya? Couldn’t bear to leave a single item un-purchased.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconNow, son. You should thank the Sky Finger for spending its hard-earned money–
Homer HeadNo! I’m through kowtowing to the whales! Do you know what it’s like to live in a town that’s constantly changing?
Homer HeadWhen I look out the window, I never know what I’m going to see! Maybe there’ll be some massive new stadium where Moe’s used to be.
Homer HeadOr maybe a thousand identical blue houses will be crammed up against my backyard fence!
Homer HeadI can’t take it any more!!!!! Just stop already!!!!!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconSon… if the whales stop buyin’ stuff, EA will pull the plug on this whole thing tomorrow. They ain’t running a charity.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconThen you, me and everyone we know just ceases to exist. Poof!
Homer Head
Homer HeadUh… hey there, Sky Finger. How we doing? Listen… about what I said before…
Homer HeadJust a joke, all right? We love our whales. Really. You guys are the most special, wonderful, world-paying-for folks in the whole universe.
Homer HeadSo what’d say we kick the tires on your latest purchase? Let me at that Murderhorn!

Task: Make Homer Climb the Murderhorn Again
Time: 20h
Location: Murderhorn

Homer HeadHey, look — a yeti.
68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconWatch out, Homer! Them snow abominables will eat anything that moves!
Homer HeadLenny, this is a video game. I could eat HIM if I felt like it. In fact, I AM kind of hungry…
snowmonster_startled*extremely worried noise*
68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconOh my heavens, you did it! You ate an entire yeti. I can’t believe what I just saw.
Homer HeadMmmm… mythical creature. Anyway, it seemed like the easiest way to wrap this mission up. Now… on to the next thing!

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


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