List of Unique Decorations (Update: Homer vs the 18th Amendment and The Springfield Jobs Teaser)

Continuing our list of items characteristics, today we’re going to analyze all decorations with the Unique value, decorations that can’t be bought or placed multiple times. This list includes all decorations that are associated to skins or charactes too.
Items in red are associated with skins or characters.

Note: Some items may not be listed but only one could be obtained, though in the files they’re not marked as “unique”.


Ziff Corp Sign
Robby The Automaton
Cubic Zirconia
S.W.A.T. Van
Homer’s Pool
Bart’s Tree House
Jebediah Statue
Springfield Sign
Tire Fire
Mount Carlmore
Barbecue Pit
Krustyland Shuttle
Sideshow You
Meat Can
Walk-In Therapy Stand
Forgotten Grave
Marvin Monroe Tombstone
Unfinished Shed
Duff Party Liner
Rocket Car
Fort Adventure
Homer’s Ballet
Mr. Power’s Car
Edgy Duff Topiary
Remorseful Duff Topiary
Dizzy Duff Topiary
Tipsy Duff Topiary
Surly Duff Topiary
Queasy Duff Topiary
Sleazy Duff Topiary
Squidport Entrance
Chrono Trike
Springfield Gorge
Danger Pool
Mafia Car

XP Collier
Prison Bus
World’s Largest Redwood


Big Butt Skinner Balloon
Shadow Knight’s Throne
The Homer
Ice Cream Truck
Sepulcher of Evil

Friend Points

Marge Tetherball Statue
Homer’s Car
Olmec Head
Angel Fossil
Mulberry Island


Duff Racer
Manual Power Generator
Bart’s Big Wheel
Lisa’s Kiddie Car
Nightmare Pile
Anti-Gutemberg 3000
Excellence Prize Statue
Three-Eyed Sushi
Duff Blimp
U.S.S. Tom Clancy
Oscar’s Obstacles Truck
Macaroni’s Shed
Ancient Ornamental Pond
Police Tank
Yellow Submersible
Quimby’s Broken Promises Billboard
1958 Car
Statue of Burns
Jay G’s Pool
Outdoor Half-Court
7200 Ounce Squishee
ESBN Sports Desk
All Smelling Tower
Treestache’s Grove

Springfield Heights

Flying Car
Springfield Lake
Billionaire Haven
Elite Yacht Club
Gone Fission
Ornate Pier

Road to Riches

Springfield Dam
Mansion Gardens Statue
Mansion Gardens Square
Mansion Gardens Pond
Mansion Gardens Platform
Rock and a Hard Place

Homer the Heretic

Perfect Beer Truck
Brother Faith Van
Fake Toll Booth

The Buck Stops Here

Stonecutter Tunnel

Deep Space Homer

Rocket Launch Pad
Space Shuttle Simulator

Bart Royale

Fifty-Year Ice Cream Supply
Bare Bronze
Training Grounds
Outlands Gate
Outlands Water Tower
Horse-Drawn SUV
Chopper Ride
Bagpipe Bus
Outland Sign
Dodgeball Court
Moe’s Express

Lunar New Year

Giant Takeout Box
Great Wall Tower (main)
Yellow Dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon
Year of the Rooster Statue

Destination Springfield

Norbert’s Plane
Black Leather Plane
Plane Bot
Mount Fuji
Arc de Triomphe
Grape Stomping Vat
Pont du Gard
Venus De Milo
Carnival Float
Santa Teresa Tram
Sugarloaf Mountain
Try and Stop Us Billboard
Unlicensed Taxi
Gold Train

Valentine’s Day

Animatronic Bears
Starline Commander


Radstation Air Fortress
Attack Helicopter
The Collector Lucite Statue
Basketball Court
Lobster Island
Lucite Container
Milhouse’s Trailer
X-Ray Machine
X-Ray Truck
Satellite Station
Pie Man Epic Statue
Aqua World Main Guard Tower
Pies and Explosives Pile
Señor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta Van
Pies for Guns Booth

Burns’ Casino

Water Show Fountain
Golddiggers Sign
Dupes Sign
Cowgirl Sign
Life-sized Spruce Moose
Welcome To Springfield Sign
Casino Concierge Kiosk
Players Club Tower
Newark Newark Sign

Rommelwood Academy

Rommelwood Statue
The Eliminator
Training Plane
Death to Homer Missile

St. Patrick’s Day

Wishing Well
Pot O’Gold Float
Duff Puff
Bathtub Brewery
Duff Float
Circle of Death
St. Patrick’s Day Banner

Hellfish Bonanza

Hellfish Treasure Chest

The Springfield Jobs

Car Pillar

Secret Agents

E.P.A. Truck
Lava Machine
Secret Agent Car
Death Table
A.T.F. Van
Deep Dome Drill
Screamapillar Pond

Whacking Day

Balance Beam
Ninja Homer Practice Snake


Natural Faberge Egg
Sumatran Century Flower
Easter Island God
Praiseland Statue

Crook and Ladder

Fire Truck
Vehicle Pileup


Monsarno Founder Statue
Willy’s Tractor
S.P.D. Blimp
Five Corners
Rolling Rock
Simpsons House Boat
Herbicide Squirter
Rad-ish Station

Wild West

Stage Coach
Bloodbath Gulch Sign
Frontier Cemetary
Frontier Water Tower
Mortician Carriage
Forgotten Gold Treasure
Hot Springs
Cow Tongues
Carl’s Dad Caverns
Old Mine
Quick Sand
Frink’s Mechano Spider
Old West Sign

Pin Pals

Claw Machine
Bowling Trophy

Homer’s Chiliad

Donut Tray
Donut Store
Donut Truck
Donut Boat
Insanity Cauldron
A Little Bit of Lenny
King Chili Tent
Five Alarm Chily

Forgotten Anniversary

Homer’s Workbench

Time Traveling Toaster

Panini Press
Mammoth Statue
Pterodactyl Nest
Banana Lead Windmill
Orb of Isis
Pirate Animatronic
Pirate Fire Pit
Pirate Ship
Cave Drawing
Burning Tree
Skinner Sarcophagus
Pirate Bridge
Bart Sphinx
Mermaid Petting Zoo
Egyptian Playground
Pirate Prison
Acid Pools
Prehistoric Jungle
Waterslide Tree
Pharaoh Throne


Sacred Parchment
Ark of the Stonecovenant
Money Pool
Stone of Triumph
Stonecutter Table
Satan’s Anvil

Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015

Homerclese Statue

4th of July

Liberty Bell
Lisa Statue Of Liberty
Lincoln Memorial
Fireworks Barge
Ye Old Cherry Tree
Springfield National Park
Old Faithless
Heisenhower’s 4×4


Sungazer Tour Bus
Cletus’ Monster Truck
Rock N’ Roll Cart
Rock Camp Thread Shed
Rock Camp Entrance
Pop Star Plane*
Praiseland Gate
Forbidden Tree
Blasting Bass

Springfield Games

Go-Kart Track
Springfield Pin Stand
Springfield Games Podium
Springfield Games Cauldron
Cristo of Springfield


Mechanical Ant Alpha
Mechanical Ant Beta
Mechanical Ant Gamma
Mechanical Ant Delta
Project Board


Future Duff Sign
Simpson’s Hover Car
Crazy Plane
Mech Robot
Future Monument
Giant Robot
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign
Teleporters Zeta
Teleporter Theta

Clash of Clones

Barbarian Statue

County Fair

The World’s Biggest Ribbon
County Fair Sign
The Paralyzer

Treehouse of Horror

Black Hole
Kang’s Crashed UFO (originally associated to Kang)
Ray Gun
Mayan Calendar
Ghost Pirate Airship
Burns’ Coffin
Victorian UFO (originally associated to Kang)
Freak Show Tent
Kodos’ Crashed UFO
Rigellian Queen
Donut Torture Device
Teleporter Alpha
Teleporter Omega
The Grand Pumpkin
The Shinning Maze
Ancient Ruins
Impossible Tower
Meteor Egg
Wolf Rock
Dark Carriage
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Medieval Gate
Forest Cave
Zombie Sandwich
Monster Couch
Cemetery Plot
Nightmare Willie
Scary Dock
Despair Heights Sign
Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep
Royal Mypod
Faily Fields
Music Automaton
Famous Milk Cans
Giant Crystal Ball
Suffoclock of Sandy Doom
Magic School Ruins
Kearneymon’s Alley
Lewd’s Bar
Crawl’s Bar
Barfy’s Bar
Wiggops’ Station
Bully-vern’s Cave
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure
Cat Bus


Pow Wow’s Casino Sign
The Mayflower
Heimlich Machine
Caged Tom Turkey
Outdoor Feast Table
360 Degree Buffet Table
Turkey Stuffer*
Work from Home Station
Camping Tent
Crappy RV
Wildlife Sanctuary
Improvised Snare
Yard Work Simulator
Meat Propaganda Billboard
Slaughterhouse Express
Sir Loin-A-Lot


Ice God Statue
Plow King’s Plow
Devil Float
“Christmas” Totem Pole
Present Depot
King Winter’s Cave
Festive Light Plunger
The North Pole
Christmas Float
First Ever Christmas Tree
Nativity Scene
Spruce Caboose
Destroyed Holiday Wheel
Fever Cabin
Homer Fever Snowman
Burns Fever Snowman
Ski Lift
Tropical Island
Toy Workshop Bell
Elf Portal
Giant Outdoor Fireplace
Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene
Murdered Snowman
Fancy Igloo
Lollipop Flowers
Marshmallow Tree
Bear Cave
Small Pagan Tent
Large Pagan Tent
Pagan Hall
Goat Head Statue
Giant Mushrooms
Large Mushrooms
Carnival Banner 1
Carnival Banner 2
Carnival Banner 3
Pagan Cauldron
Fir is Murder Christmas Tree
Small Iceberg
Medium Iceberg
Large Iceberg
Giant Burning Goat
Pagan Hut
Pagan Fence

First Time Packs

Ned’s Camper
Shelbyville Manhattan Statue

Hoping this is helpfull, see you all next time! Happy tapping!


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