Tap Ball Act 3: Prizes Walkthrough

You thought Ice Princess Martin would be the end? Think better. Bullies and nerds fight for the final prizes of the event. Follow us after the jump to start the walkthrough!

Act 2 Personal Prizes Track

After collecting 8400 Pennants, a new buildings unlocks, Testosterzone.

Rage in a Cage

Auto starts

Nelson HeadTestoster-Zone is open! It’s a bully’s paradise — nerds with money as far as the eye can see!
sidebar_jimboI can’t wait to play the new “Bully Rush 3” machine — it’s so realistic, it’s like you ARE the bully.
Dolph IconWhat are we waiting for? Let’s intimidate some kids into giving us their money, then find out what it’s like to be a bully!

Task: Make Bullies Steal Money from Nerds [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Testosterzone
Characters: Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney

After collecting 26300 Pennants, the skin for Ralph unlocks, Ballet Ralph.

Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 1

Wiggum starts

sidebar_wiggumBad news, Ralphie. Your mother signed you up for dance classes. I know that’s something no little boy wants to hear.
70px-Tapped_Out_Ralph_IconDancers wear tights just like superheroes.
sidebar_wiggumI suppose that’s true. Anyway, just get through a few lessons, then we’ll convince your ma to sign you up for a sport instead. Okay?
70px-Tapped_Out_Ralph_IconDancing is when you just can’t stop. Shake it. Shake that thing.
sidebar_wiggumI don’t like where this is headed…

Task: Make Ballet Ralph Go to Dance Class
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 2

Wiggum starts

sidebar_wiggumI hope your first day of dance class wasn’t too embarrassing, Ralphie.
sidebar_ralph_balletI expressed my laughings and my cryings through movement!
sidebar_wiggumUh… that’s great. Good for you.
sidebar_ralph_balletWhen I point my toe in any direction, there’s a funny french name for it. I love dance-y class.
sidebar_wiggumOh, boy.

Task: Make Ballet Ralph Go to Dance Class
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 3

Ralph starts

sidebar_ralph_balletTeacher says I’m the best rock in the dance where some of us are rocks.
sidebar_wiggumGreat, son. Just remember, pretty soon we can quit awful, awful dance class and get you playing sports.
sidebar_ralph_balletWhat’s sports?
sidebar_wiggumOh, God! The words that mean I’ve failed as a father! This isn’t happening!
sidebar_wiggumI gotta get you out of that dance class.
sidebar_ralph_balletTeacher says dance is the only legimitate art form.
sidebar_wiggumNow you’re dissing other art forms — INCLUDING slam poetry AND glass blowing — and I’m getting mad. I need to talk to this teacher of yours…
sidebar_ralph_balletWhile daddy is shooting teacher, everyone enjoy my sumbersaults.

Task: Make Ballet Ralph Do a Somersault
Time: 4h

Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 4

Ralph starts

sidebar_wiggumSon, I talked to this dance teacher of yours, and… he says you’re really talented.
sidebar_wiggumHe says he’s never seen ANYBODY who felt less shame to be wearing tights in front of others.
sidebar_wiggumThat’s mostly what being a good dancer is, apparently. Lack of shame.
sidebar_ralph_balletDaddy is proud of me. But not too proud.
sidebar_wiggumI’m sorry, son. I AM proud. I’ve just got these old-fashioned prejudices against boys and dance.
sidebar_ralph_balletDance with me, daddy.
sidebar_wiggumI can’t, son. I just can’t.
sidebar_ralph_balletYou don’t need to be ma-shamed.
sidebar_wiggumNo, I mean I physically can’t. Daddy has a 150% blockage in every artery in his body. Doctor says it’s statistically impossible I’m still alive.
sidebar_wiggumBut I can still go to your recital. Recitals are just sitting. And Daddy is great at sitting!

Task: Make Ballet Ralph Dance in the Recital
Task: Make Wiggum Attend Dance Recital
Time: 12h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 5

Wiggum starts

sidebar_wiggumRalphy, you’re an amazing dancer! Your Dad is real, real proud of you.
sidebar_wiggumImagine how these new movement skills of yours will translate to football, or basketball, or any sport at all! Now that dance class is over, I mean.
sidebar_ralph_balletTap class. Tap class now!
sidebar_wiggumOh. You want to go to tap dancing class, now? Yeah, I guess I saw that coming…

Task: Make Ballet Ralph Tap Dance
Time: 8h

After obtaining all Personal Prizes, you can collect 3500 Pennants to obtain a chance to win 1, 2 or 3 Bonus Donuts.

Overtime Bonus

Task: Collect Pennants [x3500]
Overtime Bonus Pennants

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Tap Ball Act 3: Prizes Walkthrough

  1. “After collecting 5800 Pennants, the skin for Ralph unlocks, Ballet Ralph.”

    Surely you mean after 26300 pennants?


    1. Thats what i get for copy and paste lol


      1. lol yeah – copy/paste is wonderful till you forget to edit the important bit 😉


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