Tap Ball: Third Community Prize Unlocked: 1000 Amateur Bucks!

The third community prize goal has been reached! Login now to get your 1000 Amateur Bucks and keep sending Sports Balls to your friends to reach the next ones!
Amateur BucksCommunity Prize 1000 Amateur Bucks
What are you going to buy with this 1000 Amateur Bucks? More Sports Balls (probably what EA wants you to do), more decorations from the Amateur Shop, level up your characters (Crazy Cat Lady is today’s Daily Training prize after all)? Leave a comment down below and let us know!


4 thoughts on “Tap Ball: Third Community Prize Unlocked: 1000 Amateur Bucks!

  1. Will be saving my bucks for crafting towards the end of the game, especially if we don’t get the final community prizes. Occasionally spend them on balls but don’t want to waste currency until I know I’ve got enough.


  2. I should already have enough to get Ralph and CCL to five stars. I’d thought to load up on Obesotrade, since I’ll have 17 players and that means three recharges every time I play, and I’d rather not spend 12 or 15 donuts just on that every day. (This event is some donut-burner, huh?) But since it seems EA is giving us a realistic if outside chance of getting all the prizes after all, I do feel like I should be making balls. I haven’t made one since the Act 2 questline required it.


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