How do the Level 55 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

Every level update, EA releases items that affect the Conform-O-Meter and changes the rating and prizes too. Follow us right after the jump for the breakdown!

Building or Item Rating Points
Woosterfield Hotel None None
Powell Motors None None
Powell Mansion Indolence 10
Chrono Trike Vanity 2000
Angel Fossil Vanity 1500
The Homer Vanity
Bonus $ and XP

The Rating levels changed as usual:

Category Points Increase
Indolence 580 0
Obedience 330 0
Consumerism 368 0
Gluttony 411 0
Tree-hugging 47,945 1,930
Vanity 69,520 2,600
Righteousness 354 13
Socialism 3,744 150

Base level multipliers have changed as usual, as well as prices for the buildings:

Level Old Multiplier New Multiplier
47 x1.3 x1
48 x1.3 x1.3
49 x1.4 x1.3
50 x1.6 x1.4
51 x2.0 x1.6
52 x3.0 x2.0
53 x4.0 x3.0
54 x4.0 x4.0
55 x4.0 x4.0
Building New Price Multiplier Base Price
Quimby Compound Cash250,000 x1 Cash250,000
Gold Navy Cash235,300 x1.3 Cash181,000
D’Amico Summer Home Cash354,900 x1.3 Cash273,000
Old Abandoned Warehouse Cash230,100 x1.3 Cash177,000
Municipal House of Pancakes Cash350,000 x1.4 Cash325,000
Monroe Family Therapy Center Cash480,000 x1.6 Cash300,000
Springfield Slaughterhouse Cash630,000 x2 Cash315,000
Spiffany Cash991,500 x3 Cash330,500

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


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