Tap Ball: Fourth Community Prize Unlocked: Taste of Duff Beer Truck!

The Tapped Out community has reached its latest goal and have unlocked the 4th Community Prize! Login now to get your Taste of Duff Beer Truck and keep sending Sports Balls to your friends to reach the final prize!

Item Info:


  • 11 X 3 squares


  • Initial placement yields 30 XP
  • Improves Vanity – 500 points


  • Grass | Pavement | Squidport | Squidport Edge

Can Be Sold: X

Can Be Stored: Y

Inventory Classification:

  • Decoration
  • Placed into the Decoration Icon/Tile tile when stored.

Action Audio:

Animation: Y – When tapped one hose on back of truck disconnects and sprays Duff beer in various directions.

Attached Quest(s): X


4 thoughts on “Tap Ball: Fourth Community Prize Unlocked: Taste of Duff Beer Truck!

  1. The truck is huge! Great prize. Needs to be a little smaller. Observation not complaint.


  2. Glad EA decided to give us these prizes.
    I knew we could never reach the 2nd as soon as I saw that counter.
    The gridiron awaits.


    1. I agree. I’ve even started crafting balls myself. I’m excited for the Gridiron, I’m always up for a new, income-generating building.


  3. I was watching the countdown as the balls moved us toward the magic number. Even that was more interesting than the little animation the truck makes.


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