Tap Ball: Final Community Prize Unlocked: The Gridiron!

The final community prize goal has been reached! Login now to get your The Gridiron! Congratulation to the whole community for completing all community prizes.
thegridiron_menuThe Gridiron
Join us later today for the kwik-tap guide and walkthrough of the final questline that unlocked upon collecting it!


9 thoughts on “Tap Ball: Final Community Prize Unlocked: The Gridiron!

  1. Can this bar be used by any character, e.g. “Watch Sports at the Gridiron”?


  2. I like that we don’t have to wait 24 hours for it to build.


  3. Can anyone tell me if this building is a bar or a gym?


    1. It is a sports bar


  4. Unlocks ‘Team with a Capital “I” Pt.1″ quest, where Lisa congratulates everyone for their efforts towards the Community Prizes, but discovers the other Springfield residents didn’t help (or actively worked against the collaborative effort), and then is annoyed that the prizes have to be shared with those who didn’t contribute.
    Tasks: Make Lisa Sulk (12 amateur bucks for 12 hours)
    Make Non-Tap Ball Players Admire Tap Ball Prizes (420 cash for 12 hours)
    While the task is labelled “Players,” the task itself appears to only require one non-Tap Ball event character to be sent (e.g.: Skinner, Lovejoy, Cletus). This is possibly a bug. You can send plenty of others, as it’ll appear on their individual task list, but the quest stage/task’s progress bar is satisfied by sending just the one.


    1. It seems potential Tap Ball players who are not outfitted are not regarded as Non Tap Ball Players – I didn’t buy Nelson’s sporty outfit, but I can’t send him to the Non Tap Ball task. Ditto Bart.


    2. It is usual that you can send everyone that has the potential to do the task even if it only requires one character. When you sent Springfielders to co-operate/compete you could send almost everybody despite the requirement for just 12 each.


    3. it’s not a bug, the game is set to only require 1 person to be sent. same for pt.2


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