Tap Ball: The Final Quest Walkthrough

We’ve finally unlocked the final Community Prize: The Gridiron. After completing Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 12 and obtaining The Gridiron, a short final quest for this event starts. Follow us after the jump to start the kwik-tap guide of this final quest!

Team with a Capital “I” Pt. 1

Lisa starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconWe did it, gang! We worked together to accomplish an astounding goal! This is a testament to teamwork and community!
68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconI didn’t do anything. I just watched.
65px-Tapped_Out_Carl_IconYeah. I was going to help you tap, but then my index finger felt like seeing a movie.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconWell, okay. But everybody else pitched in!
sidebar_wiggumI took a nap in my cruiser. Was that helpful?
Tapped_Out_Sea_Captain_IconI actually did everything in my power to sabotage your efforts. Don’t rightly know why. I just did. Yar.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI can’t believe this! A few of us worked our tails off to earn prizes, and now we just have to share them with all the freeloaders.

Task: Make Lisa Sulk
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Non-Tap Ball Players Admire Tap Ball Prizes
Time: 12h
Location: Stadium Entrance

Team with a Capital “I” Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer HeadWhat’s wrong, Lisa?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI just can’t believe some people. They get all the benefits of Tap Ball fun, without contributing anything to its success!
Homer HeadThink of it this way. Millions of people can play it and have fun for free, just because 1% of the players spend a lot of money.
Homer HeadWe refer to these people as “whales.” And they’re perfect angels.
Homer HeadNot like all those lousy non-whales! How I hate them!!!!!!!!!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconIt’s just… it’s just that whenever someone doesn’t drop cash on our game, I feel so sad inside.
Homer HeadOh, honey. Non-whales don’t care that their “rational spending behaviour” makes a little girl cry.
Homer HeadBecause they have no hearts. And no souls. And they probably like to hurt others.
Homer HeadNow let’s focus on the people who DO have souls. Let’s thank the whales!

Task: Make Springfielders Thank the Whales
Time: 24h
Location: Simpson House

This quest concludes the event. What awaits us next? Join us next time to find out. Happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “Tap Ball: The Final Quest Walkthrough

  1. Yep, i didnt build up my second team to max strength just so i could have craft money. Only built 1 extra 2 deck platform an 6 singles plus 1 extra light so far ,hoping for 1 last single . I put them all around ploppers silo an a mud obstacle course surrounding plopper …aka Plopper stadium , an wood benches round the tap ball ,,not really a sports fan =)


  2. Is anyone else is really struggling to get enough amateur bucks to build a half decent stadium surround? Everything is so expensive to craft.


    • I’ve never put a lot of effort in building a descent stadium. It will end up stored anyway. But the prices for some descent stands are high and i’m not speaking of the other stuff. Changing the color of the stadium costs donuts.


    • It took me a while (and a few donuts, I’m afraid) but I’m pretty proud of the stadium I built. I’ll be leaving it up after the event. I’d do that anyway because I hate a cluttered inventory (which is why I still have those useless Monsarno buildings up, among others). But this one I actually enjoy looking at, especially in the clay skin.


  3. Lol loved those dialogue.
    BTW i sended almost all of my springfielders on the task “Make Non-Tap Ball Players Admire Tap Ball Prizes” the game struggled to collect the money and XP. Now i’m waiting until they all finished that 24h task “thank the Whales”


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