Springfield Heights: Buildings Upgrade (Update: Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus)

With this expansion, some buildings can be upgraded to have better looks and earn bigger Real Estate Value. Follow us right after the jump to find out how much currency is needed for each level.

Each of the buildings can be build 10 times. Each building you build can be upgraded 4 times to reach Level 5, using the Heights currency. Each time you build one or upgrade it by level, you’ll be rewarded with a big ammount of Real Estate Value. The following tables will guide you through the needed currency.

Deluxe CondoDeluxe Condo


LEVEL cost reward
1 sidebar_furniture15 sidebar_genericsheights200,000
2 sidebar_furniture10 indicator_heights_coffee1 sidebar_genericsheights500,000
3 sidebar_furniture40 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_genericsheights1,100,000
4 indicator_heights_coffee75 sidebar_smartdevice25 sidebar_genericsheights3,100,000
5 sidebar_smartdevice60 sidebar_yogamat25 sidebar_genericsheights7,100,000

mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menuClassic Mansion


LEVEL cost reward
1 indicator_heights_coffee10 sidebar_genericsheights300,000
2 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_smartdevice15 sidebar_genericsheights750,000 Classic Side BalconyClassic Entrance
3 indicator_heights_coffee50 sidebar_smartdevice25 sidebar_genericsheights1,640,000 Classic Side BuildingClassic Small Balcony
4 indicator_heights_coffee75 sidebar_smartdevice50 sidebar_genericsheights4,630,000 Classic Front BalconyClassic_Hot_Tub
5 sidebar_smartdevice75 sidebar_pharmaceutical75 sidebar_genericsheights10,600,000 Classic Mid-BuildingClassic Garage

fancyparkade01_menuValet Parking


LEVEL cost reward
1 sidebar_smartdevice10 sidebar_genericsheights400,000
2 indicator_heights_coffee20 sidebar_smartdevice20 sidebar_genericsheights1,000,000
3 indicator_heights_coffee30 sidebar_smartdevice30 sidebar_genericsheights2,200,000
4 sidebar_smartdevice30 sidebar_yogamat80 sidebar_genericsheights6,200,000
5 sidebar_pharmaceutical40 sidebar_yogamat80 sidebar_genericsheights14,200,000

fancybusiness01_menuBuisiness Center


LEVEL cost reward
1 sidebar_smartdevice20 sidebar_genericsheights500,000
2 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_smartdevice20 sidebar_genericsheights1,250,000
3 sidebar_smartdevice50 sidebar_yogamat25 sidebar_genericsheights2,750,000
4 sidebar_pharmaceutical50 sidebar_yogamat25 sidebar_genericsheights7,750,000
5 sidebar_pharmaceutical125 sidebar_goldawards50 sidebar_genericsheights17,750,000

mansionmodernbigbuilding_menuModern Mansion


LEVEL cost reward
1 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_genericsheights600,000
2 indicator_heights_coffee50 sidebar_yogamat20 sidebar_genericsheights1,500,000 Mansion Modern GarageModern Upper Balcony
3 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_genericsheights3,290,000 Modern Side BuildingModern Upper Balcony
4 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_goldawards15 sidebar_genericsheights9,260,000 Modern Side Building 2Modern Fountain
5 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_goldawards20 sidebar_genericsheights21,190,000 Modern Middle BuildingModern Pool

Exclusive ResortExclusive Resort
Exclusive Resort Upgrade

LEVEL cost reward
1 sidebar_ads10 sidebar_genericsheights60,000
2 sidebar_ads15 sidebar_yogamat20 sidebar_genericsheights90,000 Exclusive Resort WingExclusive Resort Entrance
3 sidebar_ads25 sidebar_yogamat50 sidebar_genericsheights300,000 Exclusive Resort BalconyExclusive Resort Annex
4 sidebar_ads30 sidebar_pharmaceutical20 sidebar_genericsheights390,000Esclusive Resort GardensExclusive Resort Stairway
5 sidebar_ads70 sidebar_pharmaceutical50 sidebar_genericsheights645,000 Exclusive Resort TowerExclusive Resort Elevator

Private Island 1Private Island
Private Island Upgrade

LEVEL cost reward
1 sidebar_ads20 sidebar_genericsheights250,000
2 sidebar_ads25 sidebar_pharmaceutical20 sidebar_genericsheights1,000,000
3 sidebar_ads50 sidebar_pharmaceutical35 sidebar_genericsheights2,000,000
4 sidebar_ads50 sidebar_goldawards10 sidebar_genericsheights5,000,000
5 sidebar_ads125 sidebar_goldawards25 sidebar_genericsheights10,000,000

beachhideawayse_transimageBeach Hideaway


LEVEL cost reward
2 indicator_heights_coffee20 sidebar_yogamat20 sidebar_genericsheights1,500,000 hideawaydeck_transimagehideawaystairs_transimagehideawaywalkwaynoroof_transimage
3 indicator_heights_coffee25 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_genericsheights3,290,000 hideawaybridge_transimagehideawayhut_transimagehideawayplatform_transimage
4 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_goldawards15 sidebar_genericsheights9,260,000 hideawaybridge_transimagehideawaygazebo_transimagehideawaywalkway_transimage
5 sidebar_pharmaceutical30 sidebar_goldawards20 sidebar_genericsheights21,190,000 hideawaywalkwaynoroof_transimagehideawaywalkway_transimagehideawaypool_transimage

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “Springfield Heights: Buildings Upgrade (Update: Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus)

  1. The values for the exclusive resort are a total ripoff for how much they cost. Forget it. I hate Springfield Heights


  2. I’m only getting 60k $ for the Exclusive Resort, and not 20 Million $ like stated in this guide.

    Am I suffering from a bug, or is it just false information?


  3. sean taylor 09/20/2015 — 03:57

    I can not build anymore buildings in springfield heights


    1. Build menu, click on the > arrow, click on s.h. menu, done


      1. You saved me a ton of time. Thank you so much.


  4. Federico de Gado 08/20/2015 — 18:24

    I can’t store my buildings ( modern mansion, vallet parking, etc. ) . Is that normal?


    1. Yes. SH buildings can no longer be stored due to issues occuring, for some if they are stored.
      Hopefully this will be fixed so we can put the buildings in storage again


    2. It is. Till they fix the issue with disappearing glitching and duplicating s.h. buildings in inventory they can’t be stored


  5. Can we get pics on how those mansion pieces are supposed to line up? I’m confused by it.


    1. uh that’s a nice question… no idea how. depends on your design ideas. one thing i found nice is that by placing the Modern Awning in front of the Modern Mansion they combo perfectly

      Liked by 1 person

  6. are we going to have to upgrade each of the ten buildings to level 5 to reach the billion? good thing they can be stored.. but too bad you can’t revert to earlier looking facade..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. probably yeah but you’ve a lot of time so don’t rush it. also you can leave 1 for every level


  7. I noticed if I visit a neighbor with an upgraded building when I return to my Springfield the task to upgrade the building completes even though my building isn’t done. It doesn’t increase my property value but, it really helps keeping my task book clear.


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