Springfield Heights: Shops Jobs and Rewards (Update: “The Great Phatsby” Episode Tie-In)

With Springfield Heights, EA brought us 6 shops in which to send characters to earn the currency in it. What jobs are there? What characters can be sent? What do they require to unlock? Find out all after the jump!

Each shop has its own crew of Springfielders that can work there. To unlock characters in the shops, you need to reach a certain ammount of Real Estate Value sidebar_genericsheights.

In the following tables, you can find all you need to know on how it works.


In the Shøp, sidebar_furnitureFurnitures are created. 4 characters are unlocked from the start.



Coffee Shop

In the Coffee Shop, indicator_heights_coffeeLattes are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.



L. A. Body Works

In the L. A. Body Works, indicator_heights_yogamatYoga Mats are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.



Institute of Technology

In the Institute of Technology, indicator_heights_smartdeviceSmart Devices are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.



John’s Pharmaceuticals

In John’s Pharmaceuticals, indicator_heights_pharmaceuticalPharmaceuticals are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.



Heights Theater

In Heights Theater, sidebar_goldawardsHollywood Awards are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.



Marketing Agency

In Marketing Agency, sidebar_adsAds are created. 3 characters are unlocked from the start.

Marketing Agency Jobs


In the Googolplex, you can play movies to earn all currencies.

Googolplex Movie Menu


Number 1


His 1 hour job “Control the Latte Market” rewards indicator_heights_coffee5 Lattes.

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “Springfield Heights: Shops Jobs and Rewards (Update: “The Great Phatsby” Episode Tie-In)

  1. I just noticed that you can send the secret society guy to the lodge to “control the coffee market” for 15 coffees an hour. Are there any other secret characters to earn extra heights currencies? Could really use some extra help on the yoga mats now that the marketing office is open. Bought stu but still cant keep up with the need on yoga mats.


    1. Only Nr1. The task unlocks when you finish Lodge A Complaint and build the Lodge


  2. In the Marketing Agency Carl’s slot is locked how do I unlocked it? I have plenty of real estate.


    1. 67.000.000 REV, 100 fornitures, 50 yoga mats


      1. ninebirch@yahoo.com 12/03/2015 — 17:10

        I have all the requirements to unlock Carl’s Slot (67,000,000 REV, 100 furniture in the Furniture Shop and 50 yoga mats but still shows locked.


      2. ninebirch@yahoo.com 12/03/2015 — 17:16

        Sorry – found it.


  3. active player add me prada4227


  4. What is Herman’s slot?


    1. Setting up Pyrotechnics at the Heights Theatre, job unlocks @59mil REV and costs 30SD and 30Pills to unlock


      1. it doesn’t explain how you get herman’s slot


        1. it clearly says 59.000.000 Real Estate Value…


        2. When you have earned 59,000,000 Real Estate Value the job ‘setting up pyrotechnics’ becomes available at the Height Teatre and it costs 30 Smart Devices and 30 Pills to unlock


  5. I Need more friends I’m an active player, level 54
    Please add me.


  6. I received a message saying I have reached 4500 items and decorations. My performance will be affected. I find it hard to believe they can add this much content yet hold us to to the same 4500 decorations.
    I have a pretty standard town and have not overdone the decorations in my opinion.


    1. it’s just a warning that is here since one of the first updates


  7. Am I the only one who notices rewards randomly disappear for the jobs u do in the Springfield heights quest. For example I’ll have 204 chair and come back now I have 172 wtf


    1. Try force closing and expecially remember to sync your game always by going to Krustyland or friends towns list


      1. It most likely because you are using those disappearing rewards for crafting of the other rewards. You need chairs and coffee for tablets for example.


    2. Its not randomly, you have to spend 2 chairs and 1 coffee for one task in technology institute.
      To make pills you need 2 coffees and 1 yoga thingy per task.
      Theater tasks will make you sick 😀


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