The Videos of The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Update: Wild West Act 3)

EA has released a few animated videos to entertain us after certain events in the game, of course including the intro. Follow us right after the jump, you can find all the videos in 720p HD!

In the first video you see once starting the game, a nuclear explosion caused by Homer sends the whole Springfield to the netherland.

Once you unlock Mr. Burns and complete It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Pt. 4, Homer will come back home and find it empty, having only unlocked him and Lisa yet.

After building Bart’s Treehouse and unlocking Bart, this one unlocks, showing Homer collecting cash and XP from the falling of the treehouse and Bart.

After building Moe’s Tavern and unlocking Marge and Boe, Homer is greeted by the view of his beautiful wife and his eternal love…

After unlocking Maggie in the Winter 2015 Early Maggie questline or after placing Playdough Factory in the Winter 2015 Act Maggie, Maggie appears shiny as the sun!

After completing the Winter 2015 Act Maggie Special’s questline, we witness what really happened at the very beginning of the game!

In the Superheroes Event, after sending Fallout Boy to Destroy The Mind Control Ray, he gets tricked and activates a bomb!

In this alternative beta video, present in the files, a similar scene unfolds but without text and a different ending.

At the end of the Superheroes Event, after sending Fallout Boy to Deliver The Final Blow, the ending is shown with the return of Radioactive Man, unlocking him!

At the end of each Act of the Wild West Event, a new ingame cutscene can be played from the event menu. In Act 1, bandits try to steal a gold coin from Homer.

In Act 2, The Kid with No Name (Bart) faces Outlaw Snake.

In Act 3, the final confrontation between good and evil is on.

Hoping this is helpfull, see you all next time! Happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “The Videos of The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Update: Wild West Act 3)

  1. tap ball ad 07/27/2015 — 16:31

    EA was late in their ads but did anyone catch the tap ball ad last night where it spoofed the kate upton clash of clans commercial?


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