What Changed with the Ice Cream Man Homer Updates? (July 30th Update 1 and 2)

The Ice Cream Man Homer update just come out and a lot of things changed with just one update. Find the list of all of them right after the jump!
Other Springfield Heights updates: Tap Ball Takedown (July 21st) – Springfield Heights (July 22nd and 24th) – v4.16.2 (July 29th)Level 56 (August 6th)Monorail Takedown (September 15th, 16th and 23rd) – Level 58 (September 17th)
Monorail updates: Monorail (August 11th Update 1 and 2)Muscular Marge and Monorail Patch 1 (August 26th and 27th) – Level 57 (September 3rd)Monorail Patch 2 (September 8th)

Losing donuts glitch has been reported as fixed.


Introduced crashes on iOs.


A new character group, Adults, has been added: Rex Banner, Abraham Lincoln, Agnes, Chalmers, Apu, Homer, Marge, Moe, Mr. Burns, Skinner, Professor Frink, Cletus, Krusty, Comic Book Guy, Ned, Rev. Lovejoy, Grampa, Wiggum, Snake, Luigi, Willy, Quimby, Hank Scorpio, Hans Moleman, Duffman, Kearney, Krabappel, Otto, Kang, Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Fat Tony, Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Nick, Barney, Sideshow Mel, Smithers, Lenny, Carl, Tom O’Flannagan, Drederick Tatum, Miss Springfield, Lugash, Legs, Louie, The Rich Texan, Lou, Eddie, Arnie Pye, Don Vittorio, Akira, Declan Desmond, Herb Powell, Mindy, Brandine, Freddy Quimby, Princess Kashmir, French Waiter, Helen Lovejoy, Herman, Jasper, Lurleen, Judge Snyder, Blue Haired Lawyer, Giuseppe, George Washington, Richard Nixon, Kirk, Luann, Princess Penelope, Lunchlady Dora, Coach Krupt, Kumiko, Martha Quimby, Stacy Lowell, Marvin Monroe, Frank Grimes, Matt Groening, Barbarian, Miss Hoover, Bernice Hibbert, Chester Dupree, Mrs. Muntz, Selma, Patty, Disco stu, Roscoe, Roger Meyers Jr., Chester Lampwick, Ruth Powers, Sanjay, Manjula, Number 1, Number 51, Radioactive Man, The Collider, Dr. Colossus, Petroleus Rex, Cecil Terwilliger, Sideshow Bob, Dame Judith Underdunk, Francesca Terwilliger, Robert Terwilliger, Tribe Chief, Jacqueline Bouvier, Boobarella, Maude Flanders, Suzanne the Witch, Kodos, Sea Captain, Wolfcastle, Mr. Constington, The Yes Guy, The Grumple, Zutroy and King Winter.

Sherri and Terri, Kang, Shauna, Laura Powers and Kodos have been added to the Premium Female character group.


Squeaky Voice Teen, Kearney, Akira, Richard Nixon and King Winter have been added to the Premium Male character group.


Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Ralph, Database, Fallout Boy and Sideshow Bob have been added to the Regular Male character group.


Lisa and Janey have been added to the Regular Female group.


Tom O’Flannagan and Gino Underdunk Terwilliger was changed from Premium Male to Regular Male character group.


Drederick Tatum was added to the Dimwit character group.


The Women character group has been removed.


L.A. Body Works’ Recruit Some Muscle job and the slot was changed from Fat Tony to Snake.

LaBody Works

Gold Fancy Free, Gold Palm Tree and Gold Small Plant’s rotation glitch has been solved.

Gold Palm Tree

Vote Against Stonecutter Law now requires Regular and Premium Female instead of Women.


Radioactive Man was changed from Premium Character group to Regular Male group.


Cecil Terwilliger’s Job Run For Mayor now has sneak movement behavior.


Sideshow Bob’s Rehearse Great Nautical Scenes and Robert Terwilliger’s Perform at the Opera now will only show up in the job list if Outdoor Opera Stage is placed.


Annual Gift Man, Frosty the Hitman and Bonestorm Santa has been removed from the Premium Characters character group.


The glitch of being unable to place Springfield Heights upgradable buildings (showing Formula Req) has been solved.

Deluxe Condo

A second patch was released on the same day.

Homer was removed from Regular Male character group.


Princess Penelope was removed from Regular Characters character group.


Janey, Jessica Lovejoy, Laura Powers, Lisa, Shauna and Sherri and Terri were excluded from Voice Against Stonecutter Law.


Gold Fancy Free, Gold Palm Tree and Gold Small Plant can now flip again when rotated.

Golden Fancy Tree

Fixed crashes on iOs.


This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


20 thoughts on “What Changed with the Ice Cream Man Homer Updates? (July 30th Update 1 and 2)

  1. I really liked this event…..then I realized my “heights” is looking like a fancy house farm. As my friends can attest to, I am particular about the aesthetic of my town. Has anyone tried storing their heights buildings ? Does it effect your $$$? just asking 🙂 tap on peeps!


    1. Ive stored most of it.
      It suppose to give % but I havent checked and some says it does not add bonus.
      It does not generate income.


      1. Those buildings with bonus only gives xp bonus (as seen on the post regarding conformometer)


    2. I wish they’d allow us to use the various lower level skins for these buildings… the level 5 buildings are so tall, most of the level 2 or 3 buildings are perfect height tho for decorating a town. The first ones i’m maxing out to level 5 will be the mansions cuz they just give more stuff rather than become super tall!


  2. I noticed that tapping on the handshakes in my world does not give FPs any longer. Also, the mat permanently stays above LA Body Works even when I’ve sent everyone to work.


    1. you’ve to send fat tony to work to fix that


      1. Bullfrog283 07/31/2015 — 02:35

        How are we supposed tonsend fat tony to work when his job has been removed?


        1. Tony has been replaced by Snake


        2. I meant on any job sorry. Not sh specific


          1. But this is only a fix for the duration of the task, the yoga mat appears again as soon as Fat Tony is finished. Also Snake is glitchy, the yoga mat does not appear if only he is free to do the task (ie Fat Tony is doing something else and all others and making mats).


  3. I have noticed a Yoga mat glitch it says build mats (the icon over the building) even when I have all the peeps building away


    1. you’ve to send fat tony to work to fix that


      1. Tony is replaced by snake, so no solution.


  4. Skyfingerfive 07/30/2015 — 21:35

    Would you please keep us updated about this big game crash glitch that the Gil update introduced? Multiple players (including me get bounced out to the Home Screen if we try to load the game. Allegedly it is hitting IOS users, all types of Apple products old or new. My iPhone4S has never had a game issue until this. Thanks!


    1. sure. let’s hope it gets fixed soon. no issue on android


  5. Do you know the source from which the report of the missing donuts glitch having been fixed came from? I logged into my game to check and my missing donuts have still not been returned. I’ll be contacting EA today.


    1. if you haven’t contacted ea to get the donuts back you need to contact them. the problem causing this has been solved though.


      1. Gotcha. I contacted EA after my above post, they said they are will have a resolution to my issue within 48hrs.


  6. The ice cream stuff has disappeared


    1. uninstall and reinstall being carefull to NOT tap the screen before it has downloaded all files


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