Monorail 2015 Event Bug & Glitch Report (Update: September 14th)

I’ve decided to go ahead and make this post our official Glitch/Bug/Error Report for the Monorail Event after seeing more than one issue come through the comments. As issues arise and if any fixes go live we will update this post. If you’re experiencing a glitch not listed or discussed here please let us know in the comments below. As terrific a feeling it is to finally be on the way to getting the Monorail, it seems a though this one may have come out a bit prematurely as we are receiving just as many comments regarding issues as we are regarding our readers enjoyment with the event. Keep reading after the jump and we’ll get right into the initial glitch that this article was created for and one of the most important as it hits very early on in the event’s quest.


Glitch #1: Conductor Homer Game Crashing Issue (FIXED)

After receiving a ton of reports from our readers and also after all of us experienced it ourselves it’s fairly easy to confirm the event’s first glitch and already, its a doozy. After completing the few prerequisite quests to get the event going you will receive the Conductor Homer skin and immediately be prompted to send Conductor Homer on his task to “Make Conductor Homer Practice Monorail Conducting” 


Doing so will lock up your game and cause it to force close. The only known true fix for this is to build the Monorail Station, however, that is the first prize item and obtaining it early is going to cost you donuts as you have had no way of earning blueprints thus far in the event. If you have the fresh-baked dough to do so that is totally your call, after placing the station his quest will return to normal. On the other hand if you do not wish to kick off the event by burning much-needed premium pastries, my advice: Skip Conductor Homer’s quest, for now. This is a side quest and you will still be able to progress by putting this task on hold for the time being.


This will allow you to send your garbage pickers to the Dump to earn trash cans which you can then hand in to the Project Board to exchange for blueprints. Once you reach 3,000 blueprints you will be able to obtain and build the Monorail Station with your donuts in tact and your game back on track.


Having trouble understanding all of this? Basically skip Conductor Homer’s quest altogether, continue to play the event a it triggers and once you win the first prize, then you can play Conductor Homer’s quest like normal. Hopefully you will better understand what is going in all of this craziness once we get some articles out such as the Overview.

Until EA realizes, repairs and releases a fix for this way-too-early glitch it is best that you heed the advice above as it is proven as working and it can be done without spending a single donut.

(Update: EA has released an in-game update patch on August 11th to repair this glitch. All initial reports have signified that this issue has been resolved.)

Glitch #2: Pre-Event Tasks Completing in the Negatives

Another issue hitting the games early on pertains to tasks that characters were sent on BEFORE the event update was installed and opened. Players are reporting that the tasks are completing on time as per the task used, however, the completion ratio is showing instead of 1/1 Done! the task box instead shows random negative numbers like -84/1 Done! 

(Note: The actual negative number is very different from town to town, the number I used is just an example. If you are seeing any number as a negative other the 1/1 Done! you are experiencing the same glitch)


A true fix for this issue is as of yet unknown. I would imagine that it does not in any way affect the progression of any quest either non-Monorail or Monorail related. This appears to be just one of those annoying errors that will not allow you to clear the task from your task book and instead stare at you from the sidebar taunting you, a nightmare for us with OCD.)

Only suggestion I can make at this time would be to do a full uninstall, then reboot your device. Once it fully boots up then go in and do a fresh install. Also I’ve known previous issues from recent months similar to this were corrected occasionally by simply leaving your town, visiting a friend or 2 and then going back in. This allows the server to reset and catch up but this is not a guaranteed fix.

(Update: EA is fixing it in bulks of account.)

Glitch #3: Friend Action Crash (Visiting Neighbors/Being Visited)
This event update related issue has been occurring sporadically since the release and has only grown in the number of affected players even after the in-game update received shortly after the update hit all platforms.
Here’s the gist of this very annoying situation:

You tap the Bart/Milhouse button to exit your game and jump into your Neighbors Maps Navigation Menu or Friend’s Screen. After finding a neighbor suitable to have hot, stinky garbage dumped on their well maintained town you select said neighbor from your Neighbor’s List and are taken to their backyard, like any normal visit. EXCEPT, either on the first building you tap or any one of the 3 choices you’re limited to, WHAM!! The game freezes, stops dead in its tracks and in a flash it force closes and ends your session.


Another similar scenario is that you attempt to tap your soiled buildings that a neighbor ever so politely dumped for you and, again either at the first building or during your few moments of clearing you tap a building and, “Doh!”: Game freezes mid-tap again resulting in you being kicked out of your session, your game closing prematurely and you having more buildings to clear.
Also it is important to add, from my own experience, this glitch has adapted to the point that for some players it doesn’t matter whether your visiting or being visited but rather a specific building or buildings that repeatedly triggers a force close when interacted with. For me, I am unable to interact in any way with Lunchlady Doris’ Slaughter House. I do not have the willingness to be repeatedly punched in the face nor do I wish to purposely make my game force close so I do not know if there are any other specific buildings that cause this as my goal is to keep the game open at all costs so I’m hoping a fix is released before I’m able to assemble a ” full” list.
As for fixes, remedies, workarounds, etc. currently there are none. An aggravatingly quiet EA company doesn’t help the situation with their complete lack of any type of communication to its customers so we have no idea if a patch fix is even underway.

See this article for more info.

Glitch #4: Act 2 Projects limit not lifted if all prizes obtained (FIXED)

In Act 1, if you unlock all prizes, the daily projects limit is lifted.
In Act 2, this doesn’t happen, and you can’t send in projects over and over without “tiring” Sebastian Cobb.

(Update: This glitch has been fixed by August 26th update.)

Glitch #5: Daily Play Combo doubles

A good glitch, giving you both day 5 and day 1 Daily Play Combo (can occur randomly).

Blueprint LgDuct Tape LgBells Whistles Lg

Glitch #6: Akira’s Bonsai not working

Users reported that Akira’s Plant Bonsai triple job is stuck upon


(Update: EA is fixing it in bulks of account and the jobs cycle gets fixed.)

Glitch #7: Characters and buildings missing

After building the monorail, some users reported characters and buildings missing, with entire sections of town, and the depot building saying “Under costruction”. It seems to be caused by placing monorail track pieces over water.


Glitch #8: Pool not progressing the questline (FIXED)

You fix some, you glitch others. August 27th update added a new glitch. Allowing multiple pools to be built, but you can’t progress Level 53’s questline after upgrading one now.

Pool Level

(Update: This glitch has been fixed by September 3rd update.)

Glitch #9: Level 57 rolling back to 56

People are reporting updating to Level 57, levelling up, playing and buying the buildings, and after closing and reuploading, getting another update and all the new stuff being gone, cash and/or donuts disappeared, and back at Level 56. It’s unknown at the moment if its a glitch depending on the Level itself or the fact that people start playing while the game is still downloading the new update. Usually that’s what causes this, as the game has corrupted incomplete files and doesn’t recognize Level 57 being there. A reinstallation should fix the problem.

Maison Derriere

Glitch #10: Prizes not awarded or glitched prize tracks

It was reported by a user via Facebook of prizes not awarded or glitched prize tracks.


Glitch #11: Multiple prizes re-awarded

Once the Rail Yard is unlocked, on September 8th, once the new week rotation for Rail Yard prizes started, all prizes unlocked from the previous and current acts are reappearing and are obtainable again, including Stations, Modules and Tracks, deactivating the Monorail menu.


(Update: This glitch has been fixed by September 8th update.)

Glitch #12: Edit Mode Crash

In the last hours of the Monorail Event, something weird started happening suddendly: as soon as the edit button is pressed, the game crashes. It has been reported on iOs and its happening to Android too. It could be a simple fact of too many people connected to the server in a rush to the finish for the event, due to it starting suddendly, with no update being sent before. A user also reported using the Get More button crashes the game and trying to Ride the Monorail by clicking Ride on a station’s menu, brings up the edit menu. This seems to indicate, even more, that it could be something wrong with the server.


(Update: This was fixed automatically in a few hours.)

Springfield Heights unstorable buildings (“FIXED”)

This is NOT a glitch. Due to the upgradable buildings disappearing, duplicating, or returning to Level 1 when stored, EA locked the ability to store them. Once that’s fixed hopefully EA will enable storing back.

Springfield Heights

(Update: This was changed back by August 27th update.)

Minor Glitch: Depot building showing ** on Find Building screen (Possibly FIXED)

EA Forum moderator johncolombo reported this weird glitch showing ** instead of the status of the building on his Find Building screen, but it doesn’t affect anything.


We are constantly searching for any news regarding the issues currently being faced with this new event. As I said this post will continuously be updated as either new issues arise, existing issues are fixed or both. ico_mono15_tetanusterminalpartssm_lg

Stay tuned for more!

Mike S.


170 thoughts on “Monorail 2015 Event Bug & Glitch Report (Update: September 14th)

  1. Hi,
    The monorail event had finished years ago and i want to store the monorail buildings (all of them). It lets me store all of them except one, which is the main one, the first one you get, i cant store it, it’s annoying, i have no space for buildings i want to place now.
    Thank you.


    1. its not a bug its a building needed for the challenges etc.


  2. I have an issue in the monorail quest part 7; I am unable to build the metal depot. The game confirms that I’ve competed the talks needed and the metal depot is in my town but this is not the case. The quest bar on the left still shows this as incomplete and I cannot progress with the story. Any advice?

    Thank you.


    1. did you unlock it with the prizes?


  3. 4ukkinawesome 12/15/2016 — 22:57

    Been stuck for two and a half weeks now on the screen where it says I have unlocked all this week’s prizes after I click the monorail icon. This happened to me right before I was supposed to unlock the metal Depot. Someone please help I’ve been searching the internet I can’t find any help I also contacted EA Sports but they haven’t gotten back to me. I have gone to Krustyland and and also visiting my friend’s town but nothing will work I’ve tried it all it seems. Debbie Downer 😦 please someone if you have any clothes I will try anything to get the metal Depot and continue on until I can finally get my monorail start up


    1. please try contacting them using the istructions on the link under our banner “Contact EA”


  4. I began playing the monorail event.
    I let homer pick up trash while the other springfielderd did that music thing.
    I let the springfielders fill my dump.
    But then the missions didnt continue.
    I dont have anything but the dump, i dont see anything in the store, i dont see any missions related to the monorail event.

    2 days past by and still nothing.
    Please help


    1. did you get the dilapidated rail yard?


  5. My monarail train track won’t connect no matter what I do .Can not find anything to help or show you how it should go .I am talking about the track pieces that connect through Springfield and Springfield nights.


  6. Priscilla Medellin 07/26/2016 — 21:36

    I can’t access my jobs for the city dumb. When clicked on it doesn’t show the name nor the people that could work on it.


    1. it’s a known bug ea knows. they’ll fix it soon hopefully


  7. I purchased the Railyard 2 days ago approximately but fI am unable to collect prizes – points gained are now 6535 and climbing over 5000 5000 needed for 1 track! The blue progress bar is continuing on to the end of the dialogue box. The plastic depot has also remained full for last 2 days. Don’t seem to understand why this is or if a glitch. As I paid quite a lot for donuts to purchase the Railyard and continue building my Monorail I am obviously a bit miffed as only have 5 days or so left to complete task and counting ….



    1. To get the railyard prized, go to KL or visit a friend


  8. Not giving monorail track pieces when level is reached.


    1. go to Krustyland or Friend Town screen and back to get ’em


  9. Experiencing glich#10

    Have the doubled amount needed for the mystery monorail piece
    35000 now.. 15k supposedly needed for the price.
    How can I get more monorail pieces?



    1. Visiting crustyland helped.
      Got my prizes


    2. go to Krustyland or friend towns and back


  10. Hello. I’d like to report a problem with the Monorail event Railyard.
    I eaned enough xp to unlock the Railyard before time ran out. Now that it’s done I cannot keep getting monorail pieces. I am building xp but the prizes are not being rewarded.
    I currently have 43k xp and need 30k to get the 3 piece monorail package. Please correct this. It would be a shame to go through that whole event to unlock something I cannot use.
    Thank you.


    1. Uhmn. We are not EA. We can not go in to the games and change things.
      EA is aware of the issue and are hopefully working on a fix.
      In the mean time, Go to Krustyland or visit a friend.


  11. My rail yard stopped working. When I turn in junk projects, instead of awarding track pieces, the blue bar just keeps growing off the screen.


    1. Re synch by going to Krustyland and back


      1. That worked. Thanks!


  12. My trophy icon is gone on the bottom right in the Simpson game I can’t get it back i can’t hand in projects to do any upgrading at all why is this happening and how can I fix it


    1. Icon went away when a) you got the rail yard b) downloaded the store update
      If you have the rail yard you hand in project there.


  13. The goal might be 15,000 bells and whistles for a reward of 2 track pieces – I’m currently at 24,000 and the blue progress bar is extended beyond the screen!


    1. Mine did that this morning, but when I went to Krustyland, I got the notification and when I went back to Springfield, my track pieces were in my inventory.


  14. My game crashes whenever I tap to get a scratchy ticket or tap the ballon in krustyland. I have logged out and logged back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, stored most of my buildings, water fountains ect., stored more than half of my characters, removed tracks from monorail stations so the monorails don’t move. My game also crashes as soon as I tap to visit friends.


  15. My game crashes everytime i try to connect a rail in a specific location. However, this doesnt happen when i try to connect the rail in other locations except for that one. Thing is i have a limited space of where i can put the rail. So one thinv or another, i will have to put my rail in that error spot. Please help me 🙂


  16. I’m having the glitch where it is telling me to send spring fielders to collect garbage, but my dump is full and I don’t have any recycling centres to put my garbage in. I missing out on this whole monorail event because of it. Help!


    1. Did you follow the walkthrough and did the quests? They give you the centers to spend the trash in


    2. 4ukkinawesome 12/15/2016 — 22:50

      Finally, someone is having the same problem as me. I can’t find any help on this topic! Have you got yours resolved?


      1. No, I’ve stopped playing since this event. It frustrated me.


  17. I was 1900 points away from mall o rail prize pack 5, collected 1930 bells and whistles on a job and the game reset to the prize pack 4.once I received the prize pack my town went back to the setup I had before I got the prize pack 4 the first time.


  18. Paul Liddicott 09/05/2015 — 07:34

    Mall-o-rail stations 4 hour countdown only works while you are in your town. Visit a friends town – countdown resets to 4 hours. Close the app and open again – resets to 4 hours. Leave the app running and stay in your town for 4 hours and you can release the vermin!


    1. Have you tried storing it and putting it back? I just checked and tried and it works like normal. If that doesnt work reinstall the game


      1. Hi, yes I’ve tried both and problem persists on both my iPhone 6 and iPad Air2 😦


        1. I’ve just unlocked the first station pack for the Mall-o-rail and placed the pieces. It’s fixed this bug, the bug stopping the train passing through the station and the bug where half the town temporarily disappears when track is moved!


  19. Everything was going along great since the last update until tonight. Springfielders are working on tasks in monorail but they show their master building as being under construction or their building is not present. All not working the monorail were on 24hr tasks and half were dumped out of their task. Building are in springfeild and duplicated in storage. Placing buildings gives error about not having enough doughnuts to buy allready purchased items.


    1. Also logged out of origine and back in. No change.


    2. contact ea directly by following this istructions immediatly and tell them to restore your town to the last time you know it was good so you won’t lose progress istructions here


  20. Task One Track Mind is telling me to send Homer to drink at Moe’s… the task isn’t available in Homer’s menu… odd


    1. It should be there. You have to use his normal skin, it wont show if he is in his conductor uniform and you have to have Moe’s Tavern


      1. Make sure, too, that he’s not already doing something else associated with the Monorail quest (like making plastic or glass or whatever he may have to do).


        1. As the OP was looking in Homer’s task menu I doubt that Homer was busy elsewhere, otherwise, good point.


  21. I have the big glitch with the buildings disappearing. In addition to this, characters have to be tapped individually wherever they are when collecting trash, plastic or metal. Buildings will vanish whenever you use the build/move menu. Characters associated with those buildings will disappear from the game. Any tasks associated with the buildings that vanish will also be cancelled. Had to restart my plastic recycling a few times. Best advice, it’s a pain in the butt, but just stay away from your build menu until it is fixed. It’s playable but irritating.


  22. I play on an iPad. I have built both monorail stations with no problem but now, every time I try to start the game, it freezes. I have been able to play since 1 day ago. Is there a fix for this? I am missing out on so much progress!!!


    1. did you try reinstalling or trying another device


      1. My iPad does the same thing !!


        1. My iPad has done the same thing. I’ve updated iOS, deleted app. Signed in and out of origin. Still no help. They at ea are saying they can make my account back to when this first started which was a week ago when challenge part 3 started. So I will lose a whole weeks progress and won’t pass level 3 challenge. What a disgrace


  23. Game freezes EVERY time I try to play. I can tap a few things then it freezes up. I have to double tap my phones home button to close out the app and restart it. As a result I couldn’t get the extra character at the end of the first phase before time ran out to get him because it took about 2 hours for every hour I nee. Total waste of my time… Not in a good way


    1. Same thing is happening to me. All this weeks spent to have a monorail that won’t connect


  24. I can buy Rey Pattersony buttons for buying plans are grey and I can’t buy more plans to get him can someone help plx


    1. there’s a daily limit for how many projects you can hand in


  25. j. Williams 08/20/2015 — 13:12

    My monorail does not operate even with having more than 15 rails, what should I do?


    1. Are the rails connected?


  26. Game is freezing up more since the Plastic recycle building came on board !


  27. I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 tablet and never had any issues until now. My game freezes at the daily combo and I have to force close it. I have tried clearing cache, clearing data, uninstall/reinstalled and ever rebooted from factory defaults. My wife has a galaxy phone and I have no problems there but she don’t like me hogging her phone. Help me save my relationship with Ea and my wife! No to be taken seriously. Thanks in advance!


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