What Changed with the Monorail Updates? (August 11th Update 1 and 2)

The Monorail event has just been released to all platforms and brings a fresh new feauture to our Springfield that many have been waiting for a long time. Every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Springfield Heights updates: Tap Ball Takedown (July 21st) – Springfield Heights (July 22nd and 24th) – v4.16.2 (July 29th) – Ice Cream Homer (July 30th Update 1 and 2) – Level 56 (August 6th)Monorail Takedown (September 15th, 16th and 23rd) – Level 58 (September 17th)
Other Monorail updates: Muscular Marge and Monorail Patch 1 (August 26th and 27th) – Level 57 (September 3rd)Monorail Patch 2 (September 8th)

A new strip of land was added at the bottom of the map and on the right.

The ambience music was changed to a new one for the event.

The app icon and splash screen were changed to new ones for the event.
TSTO_Monorail_update_App_Icon TSTO_Monorail_update_Artwork

Springfield Heights upgradable buildings are no longer storable temporarily due to a glitch that allowed duplication and reset their level to 1.

Deluxe Condo (Level 1)

The icons to hide roads, pavements, water, characters, buildings and decorations now have an icon to open and close their menu, and they were moved upwards instead of going left, and a new icon was added to hide Monorail items.

Monorail Track Sign

A new icon has been added to the pavement, road and water icons, for Monorail Tracks.

Vandalizing friend towns’ buildings was reactivated.

Ziff Corp Office Building, Indoor Tennis Courts, Ghost Pirate Ship, It Blows, Springfield Slaughterhouse, Springfield YMCA, Waverly Hills Elementary School, The Castle of Equalia, All-Seeing Eye, Blarney Castle, Burns State Prison, Superior Squad HQ, National Bank of Springfield, Death Mountain, Crap Silo, Tar Pits, Botanical Garden, Radstation Air Fortress, Monsarno Research, Outdoor Opera Stage, Minimum Security Prison, Museum of Swordfish, Republican Party HQ, Radioactive Man Statue, Bartman Cave, Ancient Burial Ground, Present Depot, Elf Home, Toy Workshop, Spruce Caboose and Elf Portal were added to the Pays Taxes buildings group.


The unreleased IRS Drone is now storable.

IRS Drone

The unreleased IRS’s functionality to collect payouts now includes the Pays Taxes buildings group.

IRS Building (Level 1)

The unreleased House Always Wins Pt. 1 now auto starts instead of requiring Homer to start.

The Mutant Rabbit doesn’t stop the game anymore once it starts or finishes a job.


Building the Spruce Caboose now yields 85 XP instead of 60 XP.

Spruce Caboose

Random tasks are not working properly showing negative numbers for how many times they’ve been completed.

The text when collecting $, XP, currency, etc. from items and jobs disappear faster.


The town landing point was moved to the Project Board, even for those that built Springfield Heights.

Project Board

The Daily Combo was changed so in Day 5 the reward is currency for the prizes.

Akira is bugged and keep doing the same job over and over when trying to produce bonsais, so he can’t produce them.


Teleporter Alpha and Omega can now be used in friend towns.


A new group has been added to the inventory for Monorail.

Monorail Store Tile

A few hours after the release of the first update, a second update was sent by EA.

Fixed Conductor Homer’s crash after starting Train of Fools.

Conductor Homer Unlock

Those are all of the changes found so far. If you have noticed any that we missed please sound off in the comments below. We will update this post as needed.

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


38 thoughts on “What Changed with the Monorail Updates? (August 11th Update 1 and 2)

  1. Don’t know if it’s a glitch but Dubya Spuckler just introduced himself while Brandine still has 12 days to go on her pregnancy and she is still very pregnant. Meanwhile Dubya is wandering all over town.


  2. Guys, pls help. Are the game devs HIGH? First they want us to buy as many condos, biz ctrs and valets as possible – now after the update, we don’t get to store them?
    Pls tell me it is a glitch and that they’re working on it – preferably before I pull out all my hairs. D:<


    1. How come I didn’t get my daily 5000 blueprints? On my daily awrds.


  3. Why is skinner shoping so much at the kwiky mart???


  4. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 08/12/2015 — 21:31

    Brandine is more than half way “birthing a baby”. Any suggestion as to how I can get her to help out?


    1. Store her. There’s a bug when rushing that results in no new spuckler


      1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 08/13/2015 — 09:09

        She only has 23 days to go. What a waste. Plus, the game is crashing so often I’m afraid it’ll give me more problems. Thanks anyway. 😀


    2. DO NOT rush her. there’s a glitch that rushing her now she won’t give birth


      1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 08/13/2015 — 09:04

        Thanks. I don’t want to waste donuts on her. Homer boasts too much about how good he is at getting Sky Finger to spend money!
        Too bad Brandine can’t be pregnant AND recycle. Chauvinism and greed at EA.


  5. Love it so far. I think the whole monorail will look great once complete. Ive also been wanting the slurry factory for a long time so had to get it… Springfield Heights will be forgotten for a month now! Only thing is 2 new strips of land so soon after I redesigned my town knocks all my planning out! 😀


  6. Is there a max amount of projects you can do in a day. Already maxed out my dump and metal works and it wont let me complete projects to earn blueprints.


  7. I don’t like that most things have to be bought with doughnuts! I’ve played the game a long time and money was at least a part of the game.


  8. I like how you can earn donuts this early in the event. Finish 10 projects, 2 donuts are yours, along with the quest to finish 10 more for donuts. I doubt this goes on indefinitely, but it’s still pretty nice.


    1. After 17 projects, the game suddenly decided I can finish no more until tomorrow. Kinda sucks, I could have easily reached the next donut prize today…


  9. I don’t have an update available in the Apple Store. And my game still looks the same- no monorail graphics


    1. force close or reboot your phone, if that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall


      1. Thank you! I figured it out. I’d bought a stupid app the other day that forced me to open the UK store and it was still stuck on that. When I switched to us the update was there 🙂


  10. Are the Springfield Heights’ buildings ever going to be storable? I am half way to the billionaire haven and I don’t want to clutter my town up with business centers and parking garages to get there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much, appreciate all your helpfulness


  11. I am so lovin’ the monorail more than the Springfield heights update. (Whitch I hate) lol


  12. I think they also lowered the prices for the last round of land released? I’ve got all of it except the super pricey squares bottom right, and those have now halved in price.

    (Especially annoying as I dropped $1m on a square about three hours before the event dropped!)


    1. Do they lower land prices?


      1. Yeah apparently the strips before the new one


    2. They’ve added so many new water squares lately, I wish they’d also increase the number of boardwalk tiles we can make so we’d be able to get a little more use out of them.


      1. They did up it when s.heights was released but if you used the handshake glitch and made more then possible you are already at max


        1. Is the handshake glitch still a thing; or did they fix it and I just forgot about it?


  13. Friend points are still working for me. I play on an Android phone and have the game updated with the last patch included.


  14. Richard Everson 08/12/2015 — 05:09

    I know it’s a limited event,
    Does that mean once it’s all done and dusted. We won’t be able to make anymore monorail tracks?

    So it’s best to try and get as many track parts we can?


    1. Probably, yes.


  15. I’m still learning Friend Points.

    I’m also finding that, if a character wants to assign a task, I’ll get the yellow exclamation point even if they’re in the middle of something. Every now and then a new level will drop and I won’t be able to start it because the character who kicks it off is otherwise engaged, so this eliminates that now. On the other hand, it becomes nearly impossible to ignore the pointless busy work assignments, as I invariably attempt to do.


  16. When will we get the rest of the update for Springfield heights like the vehicles decorations and other buildings ?


  17. I take it that the rails can’t cross streets or water ways.?:/


    1. Yes they can 🙂


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