Monorail: 1st Quest Chain Kwik-Tap Guide

Ready to sing the Monorail song? EA finally released the long-waited Monorail in this summer event and we’re all ready to design our town around it. Are you ready? Then join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide for the main questline of the first Quest Chain!

The following icons will indicate: Match_trigger Who triggers the quest, ico_stor_charactersets_sm which characters can be sent, Task Book the task to be performed, Job Manager Animated Jobthe time needed, Job Manager Thumbs Upthe location.

The story starts with the building of the Springfield Dump, the first major building of the event.

Springfield Dump Level 1
A Rail of One City Pt. 1

Match_triggerAuto starts

Task BookBuild Springfield Dump

A Rail of One City Pt. 2



Task BookMake Homer Pick Up Trash
Job Manager Animated Job30s

A Rail of One City Pt. 3

Match_triggerAfter completing A Rail of One City Pt. 2

Match_triggerLyle Lanley Icon

ico_stor_charactersets_smLyle Lanley Iconsidebar_homer, Springfielders

Task BookMake Lyle Lanley Put on a Musical Extravaganza
Task BookMake Springfielders Join in the Musical Extravaganza [x3]
Job Manager Animated Job
Job Manager Thumbs UpTown Hall or Brown House
Task BookMake Homer Pick Up Trash
Job Manager Animated Job30s

A Rail of One City Pt. 4


ico_stor_charactersets_smsidebar_homer, Springfielders

Task BookMake Springfielders Raise Money for the Monorail [x3]
Job Manager Animated Job30s
Job Manager Thumbs Up
Town Hall or Brown House
Task BookMake Homer Pick Up Trash
Job Manager Animated Job30s

Same as it Ever Was

Match_triggerAfter completing A Rail of One City Pt. 4

Match_triggerLyle Lanley Icon


Task BookMake Springfielders Run Gil Out of Town [x3]
Job Manager Animated Job30s
Job Manager Thumbs UpTown Hall or Brown House
Task BookMake Homer Pick Up Trash
Job Manager Animated Job30s

Conductor Homer Unlock
A Rail of One City Pt. 5

Match_triggerAfter completing Same as It Ever Was sidebar_homer


Task BookMake Homer Not Have To Pick Up Trash
Job Manager Animated Job30s
Job Manager Thumbs UpMoe’s Tavern or Simpson House

Lyle Lanley unfortunatly disappear from our city, right after stealing all the money and poor Gil gets chased out after always offering us weird and not always great promos. But the main event of… the event starts next.

A Rail of One City Pt. 6


Task BookPlace the Project Board
Task BookComplete Projects on the Project Board [x3]

Unlock Monorail Station

Match_triggerAfter completing A Rail of One City Pt. 6

Task BookUnlock a Monorail Station

After unlocking the 1st prize, the Monorail Station, you can keep collecting Blueprints to unlock more prizes, including Ray Patterson.

Ray Patterson Unlock
Unlock Ray Patterson

Match_triggerAfter unlocking a Monorail Station

Task BookUnlock Ray Patterson

Meanwhile the collection of recycle continues as we build the Metal Depot and start visiting our friends, completing the questline for act 1 of the event.

Metal Depot
A Rail of One City Pt. 7

Match_triggerAfter completing A Rail of One City Pt. 6

Task BookPlace the Metal Depot
Task BookSort Through Junk to Find Metal [x20]

A Rail of One City Pt. 8


Task BookDump Garbage on Friends [x3]

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “Monorail: 1st Quest Chain Kwik-Tap Guide

  1. So we are only able to complete 2 projects in 1 day? It seems that was a change from a couple days ago, where I could turn in metal/trash for blueprints several times. We have 9 more days and 7 prizes, but are limited on the number of blueprints earned per day. I am maxed out “Full” on my Metal and Trash after only a few hours playing, and don’t have anything else to do!


    • I was maxed out in a couple of hours and nothing else to do on the event until tomorrow. Slightly frustrating but hope the daily limit isn’t going to limit us from getting all the Act prizes. Friends visits gets a few more as do possums but not compared to the projects.


  2. I don’t get the project board. It seems like it’s our primary source of event currency (blueprints), but its rules and limits are totally unclear to me. I understand that you get a bonus for finishing 2 projects in one day, and donuts for each 10 projects (plus a few resources). But there seems to be some kind of limit on the projects you can finish in one day. Yesterday, I did 17 projects and could have done much more, but the board just said something about Sebastian Cobb needing a break. Today, I got the same message after 6 projects. Does anyone know what that’s all about?

    For me, this means that in the next 17 hours, I have two full depots and nothing I can do with them. :/


    • So, I had a look at Topix’ competition (I’m so sorry, the devil made me do it – your own fault though, you didn’t have the information I needed). It seems there is a daily limit of 4500 blueprints that can be earned via the project board, starting on August 11. This seems to include the daily bonus of 1200 blueprints, but if you don’t hit the limit one day, you can catch up the next day. So this explains why I could finish so many projects yesterday (I had one day to catch up) and so few today.

      In order to get my donuts quickly, I’m going to do the cheapest projects. There seem to be only 3 parts to the project management quest in the first act of the event, so after finishing part 3 I might switch to bigger projects.


  3. Looking through the picture reel, am I right in thinking that there is going to be 4 stations in total (3 regular and 1 premium)?
    Also will there be a way to buy track pieces of is it just through event prizes?
    I’m trying to plan out my monorail so this would be useful to know beforehand.


      • Forget about the prizes! Monorail tracks!!! Sorry, got carried away there. Is it hard to create them? But yay! I have to be patient though. lol 🙂


    • Yeah, the lack of track line overall, and the inability to control how many of each piece-shape we might get, is a huge hindrance to setting up the decorations for this event. Worse than the boardwalk tiles, even.


  4. Pretty good questline, drawing on 2 or 3 episodes! 🙂
    Is that it though? Questlines seem to be getting shorter this year.
    But still, awesome event!!!


    • I was thinking it combines the worst aspects of everything we’ve seen in the last year. You’ve got a questline that’s too short (Clones), an over-emphasis on crafting (all of them, really, but mainly Terwilligers and Heights), prizes that aren’t much use (Clones, Halloween, and Christmas), too many glitches (Christmas), overpriced premium items (it’s been a steadily increasing problem for a long time now), too few new characters (several, but Clones and Tap Ball come to mind right away), neglecting Krustyland (everything, but it would fit particularly well here), not getting the appropriate character (Bender from the Futurama tie-in, Lyle Langley now), and diminishing returns on visiting friends that drop off so steeply it makes the game’s social aspect hardly worthwhile (everything in the last year BUT Clones).

      Worst of all is the lack of focus. During the Terwilligers event, we just wanted to get to Bob, but we had to keep wasting time with one-off characters from forgettable episodes and, worse still, those stupid walking corn stalks. At least those corn stalks were from an episode that Bob actually appeared in, though; with the exception of the eleventh-hour addition of the Shadow Knight, Clones didn’t have any Simpsons content at all. Now I just want to build the Monorail, but all I’m doing is playing with garbage. Come on!


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