Land Expansions Cost (Update: Treehouse of Horror XXVIII)

In the land of Springfield, there’s something that costs more then the most expensive building, and you need to buy it to place more stuff, it’s Land! The most requested thing ever in the game every update. How much does it cost? Let’s find out all together after the jump!

The further away one goes from the starting plot, the more the expansions costs, with vertical costing more then horizontal spaces. The cost of plots (usually) don’t change over time, the increase caused by the distance from the original plot.

The biggest release of land since the launch of the game was with the Destination Springfield event, releasing two columns, one row and one ocean row, for a total of 100 plots. The second biggest release of land in one update occured on the release of the Springfield Heights expansion, releasing 6 rows and 9 columns over the mountains, in a whole new section, still usable by Springfield items.

During the last big event, a prize called ico_cur_aroundtheworld_freelandtoken_lgFree Land Token could be won. The user can use it when unlocking a plot of land to unlock it for free. If all land was bought before unlocking the prize, it’ll stay in the inventory till new land is added.

The following table, created over at Wikisimpsons, provides the complete cost of all land pieces, whatever it’s free, cash or Springfield Heights currency.

Over at Krustyland, not much land is given, due to its small size, and it all costs Krustyland Tickets.


As of right now the total cost of all the land is

There’s also a certain ammount of unreleased land:

  • 23 colums in Springfield Heights,
  • 6 columns in Springfield,
  • 6 rows and 2 columns in Krustyland.

Hoping this is helpfull, see you all next time! Happy tapping!


22 thoughts on “Land Expansions Cost (Update: Treehouse of Horror XXVIII)

  1. The image for springfield land expansion costs is still uncorrect. Whomever edited the picture left out an entire column near the right side in the middle of the land. The 3rd column from the right is missing completely.


  2. I’m confused…the land expansion costs you’re showing here for the Springfield Heights land released last month don’t match what I’m seeing in my game (for the first row…can’t see most of the second row yet, which is why I was looking online for the info), but it does match what’s on the Simpsons Wiki, so now I’m wondering why my game should be different. Any ideas?


  3. After the first 3 acts there will still b 8 days left in the event cuz each act is 12 days long and the event started on August 15th and will end on September 28th so what will those 8 days b will they b days where u can get more tracks pieces?


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