Level 57 has been released!

EA just released the 100th Content Update: Level 57! New stuff, new questlines and new characters. The level questline is started by Homer.

Join us later for all the info on this new update!


8 thoughts on “Level 57 has been released!

  1. I have an issue but I wonder if I should even bother contacting EA. When The level update hit my device, I logged in and I went up to level 57 and I was awarded 2 donuts. I immediately started building the Dinner. 30 minutes later, my phone started downloading again and when I logged in Homer started the dialog again and the diner was not there being built anymore. I’m also back to level 56. So my money is gone from what I spent on the diner but At least I still have the donuts. I could continue to play and wait level up in order to start building the dinner again. The only thing I’ve lost is my level and the money I spent, which is a lot. Should I contact EA?


    1. you shouldn’t. just uninstall and reinstall and, everytime there’s a download for update, NEVER start playing before it’s done by tapping, or else the update corrupts


      1. Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately the re-install didn’t fix it.


        1. Sorry to hear that. Yes try to contact ea


  2. Need more info!

    P.S. I’m a max lvl everyday tapper, so add me (gintazz)


  3. Bell’s a great addition to the game. I’ve been thinking they should add her in for a while.


  4. Still having issues with monorail bit is it ever going to get sorted


  5. “Ooohhhh, but I want it now!” – Homer Simpson


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