Monorail: New items available, a long awaited return in the shop and Last 24 hours for Act 2 Prizes!

A fan favourite item, never thought to be returning to the game after the release on Android, is here, in the store. The Mapple Store! Along with it we’ve four Mechanical Ants: Mechanical Ant Alpha, Mechanical Ant Beta, Mechanical Ant Gamma and Mechanical Ant Delta. And lastly now the Dumping Permit is reduced from 60 to 30 Donuts!

As an important note, tomorrow, September 4 at 9am BST, the Act 2 prizes will expire!
Mechanical Ant AlphaMechanical Ant BetaMechanical Ant Gamma
Mechanical Ant DeltaMapple StoreDumping Permit


12 thoughts on “Monorail: New items available, a long awaited return in the shop and Last 24 hours for Act 2 Prizes!

  1. Kinda disappointed that the tasks unlocked for Homer, Lisa and Ned by the Mapple Store are not paying premium. Highly unusual.


  2. I was unable to finish the first act and missed prizes 7-10. Do you know the donut amount for each prize? I dislike not getting the characters. 😕 Thanks for your time!


  3. So what’s the significance of the mechanical ants? Do they do something; or are they just a do-nothing decoration?


    1. Unlocks a new 10h job for bart to attack the school with them. You can have up to all 4of them attacking it. Its pretty neat. And they have multiplier


      1. Wow, that sounds really cool. I wish I had enough donuts.


          1. Cosme Fulanito 09/03/2015 — 15:31

            is a permanent job?


          2. Lol! That’s kinda cool! Thanks for the info! 🙂


    2. I’m going to pass on the ants. They look kinda creepy, and I have to think the novelty of having the school under constant attack would wear off quickly. At that point, they’re just uglier versions of the electric cars.


      1. They attack only if bart is on that task


  4. So happy I’ve FINALLY got the Mapple Store. It was the only item in the game I was missing as I started playing the game when the Whacking Day event was on.

    Today is a good day 😋


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