What Changed with the Level 57 Update? (September 3rd)

EA just released Level 57 with new buildings, characters and decorations. Every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Springfield Heights updates: Tap Ball Takedown (July 21st) – Springfield Heights (July 22nd and 24th) – v4.16.2 (July 29th) – Ice Cream Homer (July 30th Update 1 and 2) – Level 56 (August 6th)Monorail Takedown (September 15th, 16th and 23rd) – Level 58 (September 17th)
Monorail updates: Monorail (August 11th Update 1 and 2) – Muscular Marge and Monorail Patch 1 (August 26th and 27th) – Monorail Patch 2 (September 8th)

The previously unreleased Shotgun Pete’s, whose sound bit was present in the Level 55 update, was released.

Shotgun Pete's

Some buildings changed their building group but kept their rating the same.

  • Frink’s Lab was removed from the visitable homes (HomeVisitable) buildings group.
  • O’Flanagan’s Pub was removed from the Eatery buildings group, and was added to the MiscCash group, changing its icon to the Cash stash one
  • Giuseppe’s Workshop and Ah, Fudge! Factory were removed from the Shop buildings group, and were added to the MiscCash group, changing their icon to the Cash stash one.
  • Spooky House and Rigellian Tribal Hut were removed from the MishCash buildings group, and were added to the Home group, changing their icon to the $ one.
  • It Blows was added to the Shop building group, changing its icon to the Cash Register one.
  • Elf Home was added to the Home buildings group, changing its icon to the $ one.


Captain Murdock was added to the Adult and Regular Male character groups.

Lance Murdock

Old Jewish Man (Perform Old Gray Mare) and Belle (Perform an Artistic Stage Show) were added to the Open Air Stage.


Krustyland’s Quest “A Day In The Knife” has been divided in 2 parts and has new dialogues.


Cotton Candy Stand and Freak Show Tent are now animated.


The glitch involving the Pool’s questline where building and upgrading the pool won’t continue the quest Higher Class of Politics Pt. 3 has been solved.


Cocoa Beanie was added to the Adult characters group.


A new building was added to the Monorail Event, the Self-Reliant House.

Self-Reliant House (Monorail Event - September 10th-15th)

A new empty character group, Wives, was added.

More Oddballs now shows scrolling.


Questlines for the IRS and the Jobs Manager have been changed and text has been added.


Names for the IRS skins have been added: IRS (Level 1) and Fancy IRS (Level 9).

Shabby IRSFancy IRS

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “What Changed with the Level 57 Update? (September 3rd)

  1. thisisicehole 09/04/2015 — 15:47

    Looks like you can also store Springfield Heights buildings again!


    1. that was enabled August 27th update


  2. Is that why there’s now a dollar sign over the elf houses instead of a pile of cash?


  3. How much will the self reliant house b


      1. When will it come out


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