Monorail: Rail Yard Prizes

One of the new prizes for Act 3 is the Rail Yard with Sebastian Cobb, and when you unlock it, you can hand in projects as soon as possible to obtain track pieces and a bonus at day 5, just like the Daily Play Combo. Join us right after the jump to see what you can get each day.

Head to the Rail Yard Message

By tapping on the Rail Yard a menu similar to the Projects Board appear and you can check your progress toward the prizes by clicking the Monorail Event Icon icon. The following table shows how many Blueprints you need to collect by handing projects to get the prizes.

Rail Yard Guide

You can keep handing projects and use the depots to get the materials after the event.

Rail Yard Prize Track

  • Permanent addition to the game together with the Depots.
  • You can accumulate the Blueprints all in one day.
  • The prizes resets every Tuesday.
  • There’s no limit on how many track pieces you can get.
  • Once acquired, Sebastian Cobb will move there and the Projects Board won’t be available to be used anymore for projects.
  • If a prize is not awarded, go to Krustyland or Friend Towns screen, then go back to your town and it’ll be.
  • Donut prize won’t show a notification of unlocking.



This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Monorail: Rail Yard Prizes

  1. Been playing the post monorail Railyard for two weeks now but whoever programmed this piece is not very smart. Out of 20 or so rewards I have got only 1 straight track piece and now have 25 curved track pieces which I can’t use. I’m a premium player too I regularly buy stuff from the store but this is doing my head in – my monorail will never get finished at this pace. Some smart alec probably thought it would make the game more “challenging” to not dish out any straight track pieces ever to anyone.


  2. Joellesaldiv 09/16/2015 — 04:50

    My game is frozen, as well I completed the 5000 an it won’t give me the straight piece.
    Any suggestions on how to get my rail pieces? Or how to make my game play with out freezing?


    1. try syncing the game by going to Krustyland and back


  3. Emailoubli825 09/06/2015 — 22:24

    After collecting all the prizes you can unlock more tracks by completing the quest for 3,000 of the current currency, then 4,000, ad nauseam. Collecting from friend’s towns by leaving garbage, clicking on garbage they left, clicking the rail stations and Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant AS WELL AS any project you completed on the Project Board would ALL add to this total.

    Now, however, there is NO MORE project board. The Rail Yard works exactly the same, but it does NOT add to this total which will make it much harder to complete (I finished 21,000 before act 3).

    Now, granted, we can make more at the Rail Yard, but why change this one mechanic and not include what you complete at the Rail Yard like it was the Project Board?

    Did they forget or working as intended?


    1. yeah i think they assigned the wrong currency to the rail yard


  4. My game froze yesterday morning and is still frozen. Am I the only one? What should I do?
    Hope you can help? Thanks.
    By the way, I like your posts.


    1. unfortunatly the only thing we can do is to try and reinstall the game, have as much space on your phone as possible. Unfortunatly many people are reporting this and it doesn’t have a solution till ea fixes it


      1. Thanks…at least I’m not the only one. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Have a good Labor Day weekend!


  5. Woo hoooooo! I was really afraid it would require the USE of donuts, but it GIVES us donuts! Thanks, EA!


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