Monorail: A new glitch – Multiple Prizes Unlock (Fixed)

Something weird started happening today, once a new week was unlocked on the Rail Yard prizes: multiple prizes unlock screens started appearing at random in towns with the Rail Yard unlocked!
This is however a glitch that is both beneficial and not: though you get many stations and station modules, the store is not working anymore. Tapping on the Monorail store, it won’t open.

This glitch only seems to affect people that already unlocked the Rail Yard before.


Storing the buildings will make them disappear, the module pieces and tracks won’t.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The option to place them on Krustyland is present due to the prizes screen appearing over there too. DO NOT place them on Krustyland because they won’t appear there afterwards and once you go back to Springfield they’ll appear over Springfield’s buildings occupying the same space they did in Krustyland!

Hopefully EA will solve this problem soon, because it’s really bad you can’t access the store.

Join us next time as soon as we’ve more news on this. Happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Monorail: A new glitch – Multiple Prizes Unlock (Fixed)

  1. I can open the store just fine, but I don’t have the rail yard.

    Also, how the crap do you have the final prize?! I have all the stations and I finish my dailies in the first few hours. That’s way too many donuts to speed it up…


  2. It seems I lost my Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center because I kept it in my inventory. Whatever you guys do,do not keep any of your Monorail building in the inventory. I really hope I can get Hippie back.


    1. open the whole inventory by scrolling the first page instead of the various icons. you’ll find it there


  3. I now have three more Uriahs heap recycling yards building in my town.I wonder if I’ll have 4 hippies walking around my town also


  4. This is awesome, I got a ton of free track pieces and now I have doubles of the Original monorail station and the tetanus station.


  5. I haven’t been able to access the store since day one of the event. EA says its a known issue and will fix it soon. And still waiting. Tick tock tick tock


  6. And the freezing has gotten worse too….almost unplayable.


  7. There is another problem when the icon to collect Possums appears I click on it and it says deal with the other possums in your town first, the thing is there are none roaming around if I click on the item several times it goes and shows I need to wait 4 more hours anyone else having the same problem, tried storing the stations no joy and even reinstalled the game no help anyone get any ideas?


    1. this is one of the glitchiest events i ‘ve seen around geeze


    2. If you have too (ahem) many track pieces you can get to the point where each station wants to release more than the total allowable number in your town. The game adds the number already running around to the number that will be released and says “too many!” even if you have 0 other rats in your town.


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