What Changed with the Monorail Patch 2 Update? (September 8th)

Early today we talked about a glitch involving the Rail Yard and the prizes from the Monorail Event. I reported the glitch to EA due to the issues with multiple buildings appearing in towns and the stuck-in-a-loop unique prizes, expecially Ray Patterson. EA just released a patch fixing those problems. Follow us right after the jump to see the few changes done by this patch.
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Fixed the glitch giving out Monorail Prizes again everytime a user logs in once the Rail Yard was unlocked and the second week of the Rail Yard prizes started.


Fixed the Monorail Build menu not working if the above glitch was active.

Store One Panel

Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center, Rail Yard, Monorail Station, Tetanus Terminal and Mall-O-Rail Station are no longer unique.

Uriah's Heap Recycling Center

For those that started the quest “Ahead of the Track” before the update, it reset to requiring 2000 Bells and Whistles (or will reset to 2000 the next time it’s completed). After completing it once, it advances normally by 1000 more everytime.


Note: If you still have a prize stuck, please contact EA directly.

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “What Changed with the Monorail Patch 2 Update? (September 8th)

  1. Monorailㅠㅠ 12/09/2016 — 19:07

    Not sure where to ask this.

    Has anyone else had problems connecting their monorail with the place north of the mountains using the connector piece that goes through the mountains?

    I’ve tried for a week but unable connect due to a small gap. I need a quarter sized piece. ㅠㅠ disappointing.


  2. I never noticed this issue, but my Rail Yard progress reset from prize 3 back to 1; any thoughts on this?


    1. it clearly said “time to reset” on bottom. it resets every tuesday


  3. “The quest “Ahead of the Track” reset to requiring 2000 Bells and Whistles (or will reset to 2000 the next time it’s completed). After completing it once, it advances normally by 1000 more everytime.”

    This isn’t true – I got the rail yard yesterday and the “Ahead of the track” started at 3000 as it did after act 1 and 2. I have had 2 x 3000 and am now working on 4000.


    1. that’s for those that had the rail yard already before the update


      1. Ah right – that’s not how it read unfortunately – might be worth adding that to the post 🙂


  4. I got all the freezing, but none of the extra stuff! Bummer!. The freezing stopped when I removed the tracks from the mall depot.


  5. Since the update my game randomly freezes (not whilst visiting other springfields) some times I get to clear one building other times I get a good few minutes before it freezes.


  6. My crashing issued cleared up on September 7th. Quite odd. But too little too late as Act 2 was unplayable.


  7. I don’t have any of these issues. I still have the crashing issue when visiting other Springfield. 😩


    1. Me too! Super annoying.


    2. Argh! Crashes in every friends town. Losing hours restarting after visiting friends. EA need to change rule to visit once per day not once every 24 hours! Will stop visiting friends until this is fixed. Losing too much time and dollars.


      1. Yeah it’s a pain. And a time waste. I’m surprised and disappointed that EA has not addressed this in the various game updates.


    3. Stephoscope 09/10/2015 — 01:48

      Same here, it sucks so much


  8. Mango Yellow 09/08/2015 — 23:41

    Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center, Rail Yard, Monorail Station, Tetanus Terminal and Mall-O-Rail Station are no longer unique. — interesting.. does it mean that it can be purchased by cash? I know it is wishful thinking but I really want to buy a few more stations so that there are more stops for the monorail.. and what a shame that they have fixed the glitch, i was hoping to score a few more stations but I am still 20k away from the rail yard.. sigh… many thanks


    1. no it was just so people that got the glitch can place them now.


  9. I know that some people(including me) have been having trouble with the game freezing when we collect in friend’s Springfields. Does anyone know if EA is working on this problem?


    1. they’re aware of it. fixing? that’s a good question


  10. When I logged in after the update it gave me one more rail yard also ha ha, but everything else seems fixed.


  11. For what its worth – The store is restored and luckily I got to keep all my extra rail stations, extra three rail yards, and extra three uriahs heap centers. Also the extra expansion pieces that go along with the stations.
    I have NOT however stored the extra stations etc, and wont do so for fear of losing them. BUT they all survived the patch…


  12. U got the update and nothing changed. I still have the glitch


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