The Simpsons Wins an Emmy Award!

A news just brought in by our friends at The Springfield Shopper: The Simpsons Wins an Emmy Award! Join us right after the jump for the coverage on the news!
The Simpsons was nominated for five Emmy awards this year, one for Outstanding Animated Program for the episode “Treehouse of Horror XXV“, one for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation for the episode “Simpsorama” and three for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance.

In the Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance category, three voice actors were nominated, Dan Castellaneta for his role as Homer Simpson in “Bart’s New Friend, Hank Azaria for his roles as Moe Szyslak and Kevin the Pedicab Driver in “The Princess Guide” and Tress MacNeille for her roles as Laney Fontaine, Shauna and Mrs. Muntz in “My Fare Lady“. Hank Azaria won this award.

The Simpsons lost the other two categories they were nominated in. The lost out in the Outstanding Animated Program category to Over the Garden Wall and lost out in the Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation category, which sound re-recording mixers Tara Paul and Mark Linden were nominated for, to Modern Family.

We’d like to thank our buddy Solar Dragon at The Springfield Shopper for bringing us this news! Click on the links for the articles on WikiSimpsons regarding each element of the article!

We’d like to remember you that Season 27 starts on September 27th, and you can find all informations regarding it over at our article right here (contains spoilers regarding unaired episodes).

As always in collaboration with WikiSimpsons, we’re going to post the Episode Fact Files of Season 27 too. So join us next week for the start of the season!


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