How Do the Level 58 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

With every level update the game receives, changes to the requirements to achieve and maintain a 5-star town rating through the Conform-O-Meter are also introduced. Not only does each new item arrive with its own bonus reward or contribution but also many times EA makes changes to existing or previously released content as well. To find out what Level 58 and its content has brought to the table as well as any other change to the rating system keep reading after the jump.

Building or Item Rating Points
Springfield Country Club NONE NONE
Plato’s Republic Casino NONE NONE
H. M. O. Consumerism 10
Mafia Car Obedience 10
Plato’s Republican Sign Vanity 610
Plato’s Republican Column Vanity 300
Mulberry Island Tree-hugging 100
Plato’s Republican Fountain Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Jockey Chalk Outline Bonus $ and XP 0.25%
Rigellian Chalk Outline Bonus $ and XP 0.25%

The Rating levels changed as usual:

Indolence 600 10
Obedience 350 10
Consumerism 388 0
Gluttony 421 0
Tree-hugging 53,975 2,050
Vanity 77,620 2,750
Righteousness 393 13
Socialism 4,206 156

Base level multipliers have changed as usual, as well as prices for the buildings:

50 x1.3 x1
51 x1.3 x1.3
52 x1.4 x1.3
53 x1.6 x1.4
54 x2.0 x1.6
55 x3.0 x2.0
56 x4.0 x3.0
57 x4.0 x4.0
58 x4.0 x4.0
Municipal House of Pancakes Cash250,000 x1 Cash250,000
Monroe Family Therapy Center Cash390,000 x1.3 Cash300,000
Springfield Slaughterhouse Cash409,500 x1.3 Cash315,000
Spiffany Cash424,000 x1.4 Cash330,500
Shotkickers Cash530,000 x1.6 Cash265,000
Seething Sisters Cash136,000 x1.6 Cash85,000
Woosterfield Hotel Cash530,000 x2 Cash265,000
Danger Pool Cash766,500 x3 Cash255,500
Conventional Center Cash383,250 x3 Cash127,750

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


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