Level 58 Walkthrough: Frankie the Squealer, H. M. O. and Mulberry Island

A long-time lurker in our town has arrived! Frankie the Squealer is here! After being tortured by the mafia for a long time, he’s finally joined the roster of characters. Find all about his questline right after the jump!
After buying the Mafia Car, and have Fat Tony and Major Quimby polish it, Frankie the Squealer joins Springfield!

Mafia CarFrankie The Squealer
Frankie the Politician Pt. 1

Fat Tony starts

sidebar_fattonyMan, I’m seeing these Uber cars everywhere. When are we gonna take over that industry?
sidebar_donvittorioWe already are. What do you think Lyft is?
sidebar_donvittorioWe just need to make sure Town Hall doesn’t cave in to the “reasonable safety regulations and background checks” lobby and ban us.
sidebar_fattonyLeave that to me! Oh and by the way, next time you use Lyft can you use the code FATTONY27? I’ll get $5 off my next ride.

Task: Place Mafia Car
Task: Make Fat Tony Grease the Wheels
Task: Make Quimby Have His Wheels Greased
Time: 30m
Location: Mafia Car

sidebar_quimbyI must need a higher octane gasoline — this car makes a knocking noise. Also, uh, a muffled screaming noise.
sidebar_quimbyWhoa, there’s a guy tied up in the trunk!
sidebar_quimbyMaybe he’s a mechanic who can, uh, look into that knocking noise.
Frankie the Squealer IconI’m not a mechanic! Untie me!
sidebar_quimbyCan you at least do detailing?

Frankie the Politician Pt. 2

Quimby starts

sidebar_quimbySince I rescued you and all, uh, I’m hoping you can keep quiet about our little “deal.”
Frankie the Squealer IconYou mean the fact that you accepted a bribe from my Mafia buddies to keep your nose out of their business?
Frankie the Squealer IconWell, I already tweeted about it, but you can erase those. Consider it forgotten!
sidebar_quimbyEr uh, how long were you in that trunk anyway?
Frankie the Squealer IconI don’t know, but it seemed like an eternity.
sidebar_quimbySounds like dinner with my wife. Which you’re coming to!
sidebar_quimbyYou’ll wish you were back in that trunk before the salad course is over.

Task: Make The Quimbys Host a Dinner [x3]
Time: 12h
Location: Quimby Compound
Characters: Quimby, Miss Quimby, Freddy Quimby
Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Go to Dinner
Time: 12h
Location: Quimby Compound

sidebar_quimbyI saw the way you and my wife were flirting with each other during dinner.
Frankie the Squealer IconI’m sorry! I’d been locked in a trunk for hours with no human contact. It won’t happen again.
sidebar_quimbyOh yes, it will! That was the most enjoyable dinner I’ve had in years!
Frankie the Squealer IconBut you just sat and ate in silence while your wife and I talked.
sidebar_quimbyExactly! How, uh, would you like a full-time job on the government payroll? You can be the Mayor’s Wife’s Executive Assistant.
Frankie the Squealer IconWhat do I do?
sidebar_quimbyAnything! As long as it’s with her, and it’s not here.
System Message: New Permanent Job at the Pimento Grove available for Frankie the Squealer and Martha Quimby.
Tapped Out Pimento Grove Message

Frankie the Politician Pt. 3

Frankie the Squealer starts

Frankie the Squealer IconI’m liking this getting-paid-for-something-besides-killing-people thing. How can I become a politician myself?
sidebar_quimbyMarry someone who becomes President and then start authoritatively spouting off on policy issues, even though you’re, uh, utterly unqualified to do so.
Frankie the Squealer IconBut if I marry someone else, your wife won’t want to hang out with me.
sidebar_quimbyGood point. Er uh, try this instead — make a billion dollars then file for bankruptcy, and wear a toupée that looks like a marmoset…
sidebar_quimby…and host a TV show with celebrities who haven’t been famous since before the Internet was invented.
Frankie the Squealer IconA billion dollars?! How am I going to earn that?
sidebar_quimbyYou’re in politics now — you don’t “earn” anything. You “raise” it from stupid rich people.
Frankie the Squealer IconGotcha! And where can I find these stupid rich people?

Task: Build the Country Club
Springfield Country Club
Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Sell Country Club Memberships
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Country Club

sidebar_quimbyYou ALREADY raised all the money? It’s been less than a day! How’d you do it?
Frankie the Squealer IconPeople were pretty open to purchasing a membership once I threatened to break their ribs with a 3-iron.
sidebar_quimbyHmm. Maybe I’ll, uh, try that next time instead of a 5-wood.

The Springfield Country Club is a particular building, due to it requiring 60 Yoga Mats to buy, meaning the user would need to have started and progressed in Springfield Heights to continue this level questline!

Frankie the Politician Pt. 4

Fat Tony starts

sidebar_fattonyAlright Frankie, you’ve been our inside man in the government for two weeks now. Time for you to do what you do best and squeal. Whaddya got for me?
Frankie the Squealer IconGet this — Martha Quimby shops at Ross Dress for Less!
sidebar_fattonyUm, OK. Do you maybe have anything a little more… useful?
Frankie the Squealer IconThis next one’s a doozy. Martha talks in her sleep, and when she does, she recites episodes of “Hart to Hart”!
sidebar_fattonyI didn’t hire you to write an exposé for O Magazine. I hired you to help with the Business! Now get outta here and find me some information I can use!
Frankie the Squealer IconSo you don’t want to hear about Martha’s iTunes playlist?

Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Try to Sell his Report to O Magazine
Time: 4h
Location: Channel 6

Frankie the Politician Pt. 5

Frankie the Squealer starts

sidebar_quimbyI got into the country club despite being Catholic, and Martha hasn’t asked me for a foot rub in weeks. Impressive work, Frankie!
Frankie the Squealer IconYou don’t know the half of it!
sidebar_quimbyWhaddya mean?
Frankie the Squealer IconWhile working for you, I’ve also been working as a mafia spy reporting everything I see back to Fat Tony!
sidebar_quimbyBut I’VE also been working as a mafia spy reporting everything I see back to Fat Tony!
sidebar_marthaquimbyI guess that makes three of us.
sidebar_quimbyMaybe that’s why he seems so bored when I give my reports.

Task: Make Frankie The Squealer Trade Fat Tony Stories
Task: Make Quimby Trade Fat Tony Stories
Task: Make Martha Quimby Trade Fat Tony Stories
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall

Frankie the Politician Pt. 6

Frankie the Squealer starts

sidebar_fattonyI can’t believe you squealed. You disappoint me, Frankie.
Frankie the Squealer IconPlease boss, don’t hurt me. Martha and I have Zumba Con Sergio tomorrow — we had to book it two months in advance!
sidebar_fattonyEh, unfortunately since you’re in the government now it’s too risky to have you beat up.
Frankie the Squealer IconPhew. Anyway, it’s not like I squealed about something important, like Jon Snow getting murdered in the finale.
sidebar_fattonyYa chooch! I’m only on season 4! NOW you’re getting beat up.

Task: Make Legs and Louie Ensure No Spoilers for the New Season
Time: 1h
Location: River
Requires: Frankie the Squealer

Frankie the Squealer IconUgggh, my arm, my knee, my other knee…
Frankie the Squealer IconRumor on the Internet is he’s not even dead!
Frankie the Squealer IconI’m tired of this life. I’m gonna run for office, where I can commit crimes in a much less dangerous environment!
Frankie the Squealer IconBut who’s gonna vote for an incompetent mafia flunky?
sidebar_kentbrockmanPerhaps I can help!
sidebar_kentbrockmanThere’s nothing better than making a bold statement on live TV.
Frankie the Squealer IconYou’re saying I should come on your show and act like a man?
sidebar_kentbrockmanNo, I’m saying the opposite.

Frankie the Politician Pt. 7

Frankie the Squealer starts

sidebar_kentbrockmanWelcome back to “0.04167 Days”, Springfield’s #1 news magazine show.
sidebar_kentbrockmanTonight, we’re joined by a very special guest with a very special confession: Francine the Squealer.
Frankie the Squealer IconJust hearing you say that feels so liberating.
sidebar_kentbrockmanFrancine, you also have another confession besides your new identity.
Frankie the Squealer IconYes. I’ve been working undercover as a mafia spy in Mayor Quimby’s administration.
Frankie the Squealer IconAnd while I’m still a bit unsure about my gender, I am sure of one thing — both the mafia and the government are corrupt and need to be stopped!
Frankie the Squealer IconViewers, if you want to march on Town Hall with me and take back Springfield, join me tomorrow at the Country Club!

Task: Make Springfielders Band Together [x10]
Time: 6h
Location: Springfield Country Club

sidebar_lisaPlease. Who in the world is gonna join this guy?
sidebar_lisaYOU? You’re the least political person I know! You don’t even vote when we vote on cheese vs. pepperoni.
sidebar_homerThis isn’t about politics, Lisa. It’s about being a part of something bigger — growing beards, and riding in pickup trucks, and making high production value propaganda videos!

Frankie the Politician Pt. 8

Frankie the Squealer starts

Frankie the Squealer IconWow, thanks for joining up, guys! Now let’s head to Town Hall and overthrow the government!
sidebar_apuShouldn’t we make a cool flag first?
sidebar_carlWhen do we get assigned wives?
sidebar_homerAnyone have any aloe ointment? My beard itches.
Frankie the Squealer IconPeople, we’ve got to seize the moment of change!
sidebar_bumblebeemanViva la revolución!

Task: Make Frankie’s Army Take Over Town Hall [x10]
Time: 2h
Location: Town Hall
Characters: Springfielders, except Quimby, Mrs. Quimby, Freddy Quimby, Criminals, Youngers, Don Vittorio

Frankie the Politician Pt. 9

Lisa starts

sidebar_lisaYou really overthrew the government and installed Francine as mayor?
sidebar_homerHe, or she, still not sure about that one, is sitting at the Mayor’s desk right now!
sidebar_homerAlthough it’s Saturday, so it wasn’t that hard. We just hopped the fence.
sidebar_homerHe, or she, still not sure about that one, is sitting at the Mayor’s desk right now!
sidebar_homerAlthough it’s Saturday, so it wasn’t that hard. We just hopped the fence.
sidebar_lisaI’m still conflicted about this. On the surface, she seems capable of running the government.
sidebar_lisaBut I feel like she’s hiding this terrible dark side and that she’s capable of doing unspeakable evil.
sidebar_homerFrancine the Squealer?
sidebar_lisaNo, Hillary Clinton.

Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Run Springfield for the Weekend
Time: 24h
Location: Town Hall

Frankie the Squealer IconUh oh, the revolutionary spirit is dying down. I don’t want to be another Mohamed Morsi!
Frankie the Squealer IconTo stay in office, I need to follow the lesson of those great revolutionary leaders, Lenin and Mao:
Frankie the Squealer IconOnce in power, turn on the people who put you there!

Frankie the Politician Pt. 10

Cletus starts

Cletus IconI was excited about this revolution, but now my farm’s done been collectivized!
sidebar_apuHow am I supposed to make a profit when Squishees have been declared “Counter-revolutionary”?
sidebar_homerThey said since I work at the power plant I’m an “intellectual” and need to go to a forced labor camp for re-education.
sidebar_homerI hate anything having to do with education.
sidebar_lisaOur only hope is to reinstate the man who was previously running the city.
sidebar_quimbyI’m ready!
sidebar_lisaNo, the man who was REALLY running the city.
sidebar_fattonyDarn, I was kinda enjoying my little vacation.

Task: Make Legs and Louie Beat Up Frankie Once More
Time: 1h
Location: River
Requires: Frankie the Squealer

sidebar_kentbrockmanMayor Francine, we’ve got to avenge this injustice.
Frankie the Squealer IconIt’s Frankie, not Francine. And I’m not the mayor. I’m tired of living a false life in politics. I’ve gotta be me!
Frankie the Squealer Icon…Living a false life in the mob.
sidebar_donvittorioFrankie! I got a heist tonight and Gino called in sick. You in?
System Message: Help Don Vittorio out with his heist, and he’ll help you. How? Complete his quests to find out!
Tapped Out DV Heist Message

If Don Vittorio is unlocked, a new questline starts, which we’ll cover tomorrow.

Two new Friend Point Prizes were introduced in this update, though only text is shown and no quest or job appears to be located at this new items.

New FP Prize: H. M. O.
H. M. O.

Auto starts

sidebar_drhibbertHelping people through my H.M.O. is a reward unto itself.
sidebar_drhibbertThen again, so is the obscene amount of cash I’m making from it. A-hyeh-hyeh-yeh-yeh!
System Message: New permanent job at the H.M.O. available for Dr. Hibbert.

New FP Prize: Mulberry Island
Mulberry Island

Auto starts

sidebar_lisaMulberry Island is the most romantic place in all of Springfield.
sidebar_margeNot counting the windmill at the putt-putt course. Right, Homer?
sidebar_homerYeah. Except that Bart was made there.

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Level 58 Walkthrough: Frankie the Squealer, H. M. O. and Mulberry Island

  1. Laurie Crawford 09/19/2015 — 03:44

    Did the building payouts change? I am getting very few things to collect all over town.


    1. there’s an issue with the IRS Building being inactive and causing autocollect to happen randomly and failing to collect the taxes too


  2. The IRS won’t come now until at least Monday cuz EA never realease things on weekends 😓😓😡


  3. Hello! I am 95% sure that I bought a “Plastic Surgery center of correcting God’s mistakes”. But this is not in the building. Could you check. Thank you:)


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