Level 58 Premium Walkthrough: Johnny Tightlips and Don Vittorio and the Heist

The Mafia has a big and bad influence over Springfield and has brought us a new casino. John Tightlips is an interesting character too, he has a peculiar unlock text: empty. Due to his surname being Tightlips, he probably don’t wanna reveal anything. Join us right after the jump for his walkthrough!

Upon building the Casino, Johnny will be ready for some action, though he’s not silent as he seems to be?

Plato's Republic CasinoJohn Tightlips
Casinofellas Pt. 1

Auto starts

sidebar_fattonyJohnny, you’ve been doing such a good job for us, I’m promoting you at the casino.
Johnny Tightlips IconWow, this is every mafia guy’s dream! Thanks Boss! I’ll start by doing a check on the slot machines.
sidebar_fattonyWhoa, hold on. You’re not running the CASINO casino.
Johnny Tightlips IconThen what am I running?
sidebar_fattonyThe online casino. I’m putting you in charge of our Interactive Entertainment division.

Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Learn how to Use a Computer
Time: 4h
Location: Java Server
Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Run the Online Casino
Time: 8h
Location: Java Server
Task: Make Springfielders Gamble Online [x10]
Time: 12h
Location: Java Server
Characters: Springfielders except Ned, Youngers, Criminals

sidebar_fattonyWow, 93% of customers in the online casino are losing money to us! And it’s all thanks to you, Johnny.
Johnny Tightlips IconMy pleasure, boss.
sidebar_fattonyI’m not complimenting you. I’m complaining. Why only 93%? You better get that number up… unless you want to be the latest casualty of the tech bubble.

Casinofellas Pt. 2

Johnny Tightlips starts

Johnny Tightlips IconYou seem to have won an awful lot playing online poker at our casino lately, Mr. Syzlak.
sidebar_moeI’m good at counting cards. And there’s no rule against counting cards in online poker!
Johnny Tightlips IconLast time I was at your bar you gave me $7.67 change on a five.
Johnny Tightlips IconWe traced your IP address and found out it originated at Springfield Elementary.
Johnny Tightlips IconYou wouldn’t be paying someone under 18 to illegally gamble for you, would you?
sidebar_moeOf course not! I’m back in school to complete my degree!
Johnny Tightlips IconI see. Then allow me to “teach you a lesson.”

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Beat Up Moe
Time: 24h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Requires: Moe

Casinofellas Pt. 3

Moe starts

sidebar_moeI’d like the police to investigate Johnny Tightlips.
sidebar_moeHe took back all my poker winnings, just because I paid a 3rd grader to play for me.
sidebar_wiggumThis is just the sort of doomed-to-fail, fake investigation of the mafia we’ve been looking for!
sidebar_moeHe also vandalized half my bar! Check out these photos.
sidebar_wiggumWhoa, that looks pretty bad. That half of the bar is completely unusable!
sidebar_moeYou’re pointing at the undamaged half.

Task: Reach level 17 and Build the Police Station
Task: Make Wiggum Investigate the Online Casino
Time: 12h
Location: Plato’s Republic Casino

sidebar_wiggumWell, the investigation turned up nothing. The online casino, like the unlicensed casino it’s housed in, is completely clean.
sidebar_moeBut you were only there for five minutes.
sidebar_wiggumDangit! I was trying to beat my record of four minutes and thirty-eight seconds.
sidebar_louChief, looks like the investigation might need to be reopened. An inside informant just called and reported a multi-million dollar tax evasion scheme.
sidebar_wiggumYou know what we really need to investigate? Who violated my rule of never picking up the phone.

Casinofellas Pt. 4

Wiggum starts

sidebar_wiggumJohnny, you and all the casino staff are under arrest.
sidebar_wiggumSorry ‘bout that, but the government needs those tax revenues to buy $300 body cameras that are identical to $6.99 webcams.
sidebar_wiggumYou have the right to remain silent. Anything you wanna say?
Johnny Tightlips IconJust that a list of witnesses who are going to testify against me would be quite useful.
sidebar_wiggumIt hurts me that you thought you even had to ask.

Task: Make Wiggum provide Johnny Tightlips a List of Witnesses
Time: 12h
Location: Plato’s Republic Casino
Requires: Johnny Tightlips
Task: Make Louie Intimidate Witnesses
Task: Make Legs Intimidate Witnesses
Time: 12h
Location: Shops

System Message: Check out the Store for chalk outlines.

Casinofellas Pt. 5

Fat Tony starts

sidebar_fattonyHave we figured out who squealed?
sidebar_louieOnly two people had access to that info: Vinnie Neversqueals and Frankie the Squealer.
sidebar_fattonySo Frankie let me down again.
Johnny Tightlips IconWhy do you keep hiring that guy?
sidebar_fattonyBecause it makes it easy to figure out who’s squealing!

Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Fire Frankie
Task: Make Fat Tony Hire Frankie for Another Job
Time: 8h
Location: Businessman’s Social Club
If the user has Frankie The Squealer: Requires: Frankie The Squealer

sidebar_fattonyHey Johnny, there’s an opening in the kitchen at the pizza place. Know anybody good?
Johnny Tightlips IconWell there’s my cousin, Joey Can’tMakeAPizza.
sidebar_fattonySounds perfect! He’s hired!

Casinofellas Pt. 6

Fat Tony starts

sidebar_fattonyThe cops are shutting down our online casino. Johnny, I’m afraid I have to move you over to the regular casino.
Johnny Tightlips IconThank goodness! I’ve been dyin’ here. I wanna interact with people. Or at least have my fist interact with them.
sidebar_fattonyOh you’ll be interacting with people alright… as the moderator of the regular casino’s new Springface page!
sidebar_fattonyAnd if I don’t see 100 “Likes” by tomorrow, you’ll be taking a trip down to the wood shop for a business meeting with my vise!

Task: Make Johnny Tightlips Pay Fake Users in India for “Likes”
Time: 8h
Location: Java Server

If you bought Don Vittorio, once you finish Frankie the Politician Pt. 10 a new quest for him appears, just like many recent updates have brought back some premium characters in the lights of the new level.

Mafia CarFrankie The Squealerunlock_donvittorio
The Comic’s Town Affair Pt. 1

Frankie The Squealer starts

Frankie the Squealer IconThanks for including me on this heist, Capo. I really need the gig!
Frankie the Squealer IconI didn’t realize how much sexual reassignment surgery cost.
sidebar_donvittorioTMI, Frankie. Now pack your heat and let’s head to the comics store.
Frankie the Squealer IconComics store?
sidebar_donvittorioI’ll let my associate explain.
sidebar_bartThe most valuable comic ever, Radioactive Man #1, is making a promo appearance at the store today!
sidebar_donvittorioCapiche, Frankie? Now remember: on this job, less squealin’, and more stealin’.

Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Try Not to Squeal
Time: 4h
On job end:
Task: Make Frankie the Squealer Squeal
Time: 4h

The Comic’s Town Affair Pt. 2

Don Vittorio starts

sidebar_milhouseHey Bart, can you cut me in on the heist? I can distract the store clerk.
sidebar_comicbookguyWell I AM the store clerk. And if you give me a piece, I can let myself be distracted.
sidebar_pattyIf you cut me in, I can get a job at the prison, and have romantic relations with any of you who get caught.
sidebar_donvittorioFrankie, you moron, now we’re gonna have to split up the haul a ton of ways!
sidebar_bartWell you don’t have to give me a share. I’m just doing this so there’ll be a cool new heist and I won’t have to read any more articles about the Gardner Museum art theft.

Task: Make Springfielders Join the Heist [x10]
Time: 6h
Location: Android’s Dungeon
Quest Reward: The reward decreases the more playable characters the user owns: $1.000.000/(number of playable characters owned+1)

sidebar_martin$1 million divided by number of playable characters owned+1 heist participants is $quest reward.
sidebar_donvittorioDon’t worry, Sky Finger, I haven’t forgotten your part in this. Here, enjoy your $quest reward and go buy yourself a nice whatever this currency buys.
System Message: You’ve been awarded $quest reward as your cut!
Tapped Out Heist Message

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


17 thoughts on “Level 58 Premium Walkthrough: Johnny Tightlips and Don Vittorio and the Heist

  1. My quest for this haven’t even started and I am almost close to level 59. Is this supposed to happen?.


    1. did you complete level 57’s questline and do you have fat tony free?


  2. The servers have been acting up (off and on) all night !!
    NO surprise about the crash right now !!
    Sometimes ,you can see these things coming….. 😎


  3. Is there a server problem this morning? I have not been able to play yet today. I am in the uk. Any info would be appreciated.


    1. I’m in UK and haven’t been able 2 play there must be an update coming cuz there is always server problems


    2. Can’t logon in the US either. 6:30 am EST 9-20-15


    3. I have the same problem , I’m just getting the spinning donut and the Bart screen and I’m also in the UK.


    4. Same here (Belgium) at 10 AM CET It worked . but now i’m trying for 2hrs to connect again.


  4. This auto clearing every time that I go to my friends and back without getting money is really starting to bug me !! Makes me want to stay home… 😕😟😞


  5. How much longer do we have 2 wait I want the IRS BUILDING!! 😡😡


    1. Brandylynne 09/19/2015 — 22:43

      I kinda hope they never release it. The amount of impatience people have had for a building that was never announced is rediculous


      1. Its active as you can also see by people reporting building autoclearing (but not getting revenue) but the quest is glitched and worked. Also the irs drone is in the animals and pets character collection


    2. I’m looking forward to it, too. But I can wait until they fix it for sure!


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