Every Man’s Dream Walkthrough: Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz and Everyone, Look at Me

Season 27 will start this Sunday, with the premiere episode Every Man’s Dream, and EA thoughtfully added some new stuff to promote it. Find out what’s wrong with Homer right after the jump in the walkthrough of the tie-in questline!

Once you log in the game, the main questline starts, with Homer… sleeping.

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 1

Auto starts

sidebar_margeHomer, wake up!
sidebar_homerZzzz. Zzzz.
sidebar_homerHu-wha-uh? Oh, good morning.
sidebar_margeIt’s 6 in the evening, Homer!
sidebar_homerWell, it’s 9 AM somewhere.
sidebar_margeYou’ve been sleeping all day. I need you to go to the pharmacy to pick up Bart’s “vitamins.”
sidebar_bartHey, why did you say “vitamins” like it was in quotes?
sidebar_homerBecause we “care” about you.

Task: Make Homer Get Bart’s “Vitamins”
Time: 1h

A new permanent visual task for Homer is unlocked: Fail at Staying Awake (12h)

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 2

Homer starts

sidebar_margeHomer, were you sleeping again?
sidebar_homerOh great, another lecture from Mrs. I-Only-Sleep-Once-A-Day.
sidebar_margeI’m not mad, Homer.
sidebar_homerMrs. I-Have-a-Special-Outfit-Just-For-Sleeping-In. Would you like a pillow for your head while you do it?
sidebar_margePlease Homer, I’m just worried about you. Maybe you should see a doctor.
sidebar_homerOkay. But I’m only going for the lollipop after.

Task: Make Homer Visit the Doctor
Time: 2h

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 3

Homer starts

sidebar_margeYou fell asleep again?!
sidebar_homerI’m sorry. I was just so tired from all the sleeping I was doing earlier.
sidebar_lisaI think Dad might be narcoleptic.
sidebar_homerNarcoleptic?! I’m no snitch.
sidebar_homerNot like Flanders — he’s totally a snitch.
sidebar_lisaNo Dad, it’s a medical condition. You really should go see that doctor.
sidebar_margeAnd get Bart’s “vitamins.”
sidebar_homerWell, I’m not doing both. What’s closer, the hospital or the pharmacy?
sidebar_lisaThe pharmacy hasn’t been built yet.
sidebar_homerWell, build it close. In the meantime I’m going to take a nap.

Oedipus Rx
Task: Place Oedipus Rx
Task: Make Homer Take A Nap
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House

At this point, the tie-in’s building is unlocked and can be placed, and a new, never-seen-before (unless you’re following our article on all Season 27 spoilers) face appears, Candace, unfortunatly only on dialogue.

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 4

Homer starts

sidebar_homerHey pharmacist, I’m here to pick up some “vitamins” for my angelic son… by which I mean ADD meds to keep him from setting fire to things.
Tapped Out Candace IconOne lazy parent’s special coming up.
sidebar_homerHey, I’m not lazy!
Tapped Out Candace IconOkay. Just sign your name here.
sidebar_homerMy whole name?! How about just my initials… and let’s pretend I have no last name.
Tapped Out Candace IconOkay. Have your son take one of these each morning. Side effects include staying awake, decreased appetite, and diarrhea.
sidebar_homerStaying awake, huh? So these could cure my narcolepsy? And my fatness? And my constipation?
Tapped Out Candace IconYeah, but they’re for your “son.”

Task: Make Homer Take Bart’s “Vitamins”
Time: 1h
Location: Oedipus Rx

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 5

Homer starts

sidebar_homerWow, Bart’s medicine kept me awake all day AND made me super-productive.
sidebar_homerIt only took me thirty minutes to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart. And eight hours to do a sixteen hour plant shift. And twenty-two and a half seconds to play with my myPad!
sidebar_homerI got twice as much done today by taking just one of these pills.
sidebar_homerWhich means if I took ten of them I’d do eleven times as much work! Or 1024 times as much, if it’s multiplicative instead of additive.

Task: Make Homer Take Handfuls of Bart’s “Vitamins”
Time: 2h
Location: Oedipus Rx

On job start:

Tapped Out Candace IconAre you okay, mister?
sidebar_homerI feel great! It’s all so amazing. I can see colors!
sidebar_homerAw, you’re such a handsome fellow. I just want to rub your belly!
sidebar_homerWha–?! Are you talking to me?
sidebar_homerdogNo buddy, she’s talking to me.

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 6

Homer starts

sidebar_homerOh man, this is great! I feel so productive!
sidebar_homerI’m in the perfect state of mind to work at the nuclear power plant.
sidebar_homerThe pill bottle even said something about operating heavy machinery.
statueofburns_demonicYou shall not pass.
sidebar_homerMr. Burns, you look different. Did you get a new haircut? Another liver spot? A glossier patina?
statueofburns_demonicI’m not Mr. Burns! I’m the manifestation of all your fears and insecurities. I might look scary, but follow me and I will show you enlightenment.
sidebar_homerPfft. I’m not going to take orders from a figment of my imagination.
sidebar_homerdogYeah. Get him!
sidebar_homerAye-aye, Homer Dog!
sidebar_homerdogYou work the gut. I’ll pee on his leg!

Task: Reach Level 11 and Build the Cooling Towers
Task: Make Homer Battle his Outer Demons
Time: 6h
Location: Control Building

On job start:

sidebar_lennyJeez, Homer looks like he’s in pretty rough shape. You think we should do something?
sidebar_carlNah, I heard that waking up somebody in a drug trance is bad luck.
sidebar_lennyI heard if you die while you’re on drugs, you die in real life!
sidebar_carlDibs on Marge!
System Message: A giant idol of Mr. Burns is now available in the store! See what the birds think of this monolith.

A new permanent visual task for Homer is unlocked: Battle his Outer Demons (6h, Control Building)

Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz Pt. 7

Homer starts

sidebar_homerThose pills really knocked me for a loop. But it WAS the most productive trip I ever had.
sidebar_homerDid I dream I was talking to a dog with my face? Man, that was crazy.
sidebar_homerdogTell me about it. I dreamt I was talking to a man with my face.

Task: Tap Homer Dog
Homer DogHomer Dog Unlock

sidebar_homerThis has been a weird day, even by my standards. But at least no one got hurt.
sidebar_margeBart went into a seizure from not getting his medicine.
sidebar_homerOh. But he’s not hurt now, right?
sidebar_margeI guess not.
sidebar_homerGood, then everything’s back to normal. I’m finally free from narcoleps–
System Message: Tune in to this week’s Simpsons to see if Homer really is narcolepsy free. Sunday 8/7 Central on FOX!
Every Mans Dream Message

A new quite curious character appears in the game now: Homer Dog, just before the questline ends, promoting this Sunday’s episode!

As you saw, after completing Pt. 1 and Pt. 6, two new permanent visual tasks unlocked for Homer, but this update brought us many new jobs for many characters that you can check in the What Changed post!

In this update a new decorations is available in the store, and will give you 800 REV points for Springfield Heights, though having Springfield Heights opened is not required, as the REV points will transfer once you unlock the expansion. This decoration unlocks a new questline.

Statue of Burns
Everyone, Look at Me Pt. 1

Mr. Burns starts

sidebar_mrburnsAah, it’s finally completed.
sidebar_mrburnsA monolith to my magnificence, for all of Springfield to idolize.
sidebar_mrburnsAll employees, come see how good I look in gold!

Task: Tap Statue of Mr. Burns
Statue Of Burns Pooped

Everyone, Look at Me Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts

sidebar_mrburnsHmm, wretched fowls and their lack of regard to excrement placement.
sidebar_mrburnsSmithers! I demand that you wipe these useless pigeons off the face of the earth by supper time.
sidebar_smithersAh, sir, I’m not sure that’s actually possible.
sidebar_mrburnsWell, quit dilly-dallying and find a solution. An entire species of birds isn’t going to eradicate itself.

Task: Reach Level 25 and Build Burns Manor
Task: Make Smithers Paint Pigeons Black
Time: 2h
Location: Control Building

sidebar_smithersIt’s done, sir. The pigeons are all… uh… gone.
sidebar_mrburnsWell done, Smithers. These crows are starting to become a nuisance around the plant, however.
sidebar_mrburnsPerhaps after dinner you can work your magic like you did on those blasted pigeons.
sidebar_smithersYes, sir…

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “Every Man’s Dream Walkthrough: Narcoleps-Zzzzzzz and Everyone, Look at Me

  1. My Oedipous RX building disappeared when it was building?! Anyone else had that problem/know how to fix it?


    1. try reinstalling the game and remember to not tap to play before download is complete


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