IRS and Job Manager: Upgrades and Limitations

The IRS has finally landed on our towns, and they’re easy to use, or are they? Things can get interesting while using those new tools. Let’s find out how right after the jump!

The IRS is something many people asked since forever, a way to collect money from buildings and characters in one click. Though it’s not exactly that, it surely helps. The following tables shows how much upgrading the building costs. The higher the level, the bigger the blast radius is.

IRS Level Up ScreenIRS Level Up

Level Cost Total
1 FREE Cash0
2 Cash50.000 Cash50.000
3 Cash150.000 Cash200.000
4 Cash500.000 Cash70.000
5 Cash1.000.000 Cash1.700.000
6 Cash2.000.000 Cash3.700.000
7 Cash3.000.000 Cash6.700.000
8 Cash5.000.000 Cash11.700.000
9 Cash7.000.000 Cash18.700.000

After levelling it up to Level 9 the Fancy IRS skin will unlock.

Fancy IRS Unlock

One of the problems of the building though is: Neighbour visits. If you tap all over your town with the IRS, your neighbours will have nothing to tap. And maybe you may want to disable this feauture from time to time. There’s a easy way to do it: storing the IRS. When storing it this message appears, warning you of the feature being disabled.

Remember of your neighbours, always leave stuff to tap or you may lose them!

An unreleased icon, ico_hideshow_all, seems to indicate that there’ll be, in the future, a way to hide and show income icons.

The Job Manager is the second new feauture just introduced. When you open the menu from the Office of Unemployment this screen appears:
You may ask yourself, why is there money on the right? As the Unemployment Agent explained in the questline, a small fee is needed to be paid to send people on jobs. It’s a small fee for a easy way to send everyone.

Characters that are partecipating in an ongoing questline or that have a random quest in the task book (they’ve a yellow task in their task list) are excluded. Character needed for crafting or recycling may be excluded as well.

Another unreleased icon, Job Manager Animated Job, that we used recently for all Kwik-Tap Guides, indicates a future way to “Send All on animated jobs!”.

A third and final unreleased icon, Job Manager Thumbs Up, indicates a future way to “Collect from All Finished Jobs”.

More infos will be added as we discover them. Leave a comment below if you find any!

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “IRS and Job Manager: Upgrades and Limitations

  1. Why do all your new stuff cost to build I thought this was a free game and how you think kids got this sort of money from I don’t know I just don’t understand why you do it j


    1. we don’t do anything. we’re not affiliate with EA. we’re a group of people that just plays the game and share knowledge


  2. I hope they fix this “Send All” glitch on android soon … sending only around one fourth of all characters makes this quite useless at the moment. I’m really looking forward to the “Collect All” option, imho this is even more important than “Send All”, cause I always miss some characters, especially the ones moving around the town very fast.
    With the IRS feature I’m also disappointed. Bringing this to the Max should really clear the whole town, no matter where you tap. Currently I’m at level 5 and I still have to slide thru my city as before. I even have the feeling it is slower because I always have to wait and see what icons are getting collected and sometimes they just don’t blow-up although I was are sure they would.

    Just my 2 cent

    BTW: It’s great to still be able to get Monorail tracks. 🙂


  3. I’m a little confused regarding the job manager. When I select send all on xx hr tasks, it sends less than half of my town. Ones that are never send include guys like Kang and Rod/Todd, who have no active tasks.

    This problem makes the job manager rather useless for now. Is it the same for everyone or is mine not working correctly?


    1. It’s not just you !! I have the same issue with my Android version.


  4. what about irs drone?


  5. I noticed a bug. Range upgrades don’t work in Krustyland. The radius is much smaller.


    1. it does that cause the map is much smaller

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wot level can u get this from


    1. 35 for IRS, 37 (with Kirk’s quest complete) for Job Manager


  7. I’ve ended up with 2 IRS buildings, and it sucks! (how? it just let me place another, so I tried, said I didn’t have resources so “purchased” with zero donuts..) Now I can’t sell one… and if one is stored it disables the radius collection AND if both are out, it only uses the blast radius of the LOWEST upgraded one..

    Is there anyway to get rid of the extra one? it’s already expensive to upgrade one… let alone TWO!

    Still can’t finish the questline with Oedipus Rx either, cause it resets the 24h build time every re-sync… GLITCHTACULAR! grrr… very frustrating!


  8. After spending over 18 million (which I did) funny money dollars for this level 9 feature , why would anyone want to disable it ??!! Besides , if anyone shows up to anyone’s town after they have used this touch bomb , they will always be revenue to collect ,sometimes you have to look around. !!
    And , for 18 million , one touch should clear the whole town , not just a small area. !! 😳


  9. Hmm.. I’m confused about this bit: “If you tap all over your town with the IRS, your neighbours will have nothing to tap.”
    I have happily used the IRS building and still had neighbours visit me and tap my buildings…
    Why do you say they will have nothing to tap?


    1. it’s new we’re exploring it and since you can’t tap a building that doesn’t have revenue icon..


      1. I’m still not understanding as you didn’t exactly explain anything with that reply. You appear to assume I know something that you seem to think is obvious but apparently I don’t.

        I see no difference in clearing a town by tapping individual buildings and spending an age doing so and saving myself loads of time and using the IRS building upgraded to the max to help me do it in a few minutes. Either way people can tap buildings in my town as per usual.. so why are you hinting that this isn’t possible?


        1. Because it is not possible for neighbours to tap buildings that have not re-generated, ie have an icon hovering over it. Brown houses, kem and the simpson house has a re-generation below 5 min so those ate usually tappable for visitors unless an other neighbour have tapped them before


          1. That does not seem logical – the point of the game is to collect from the buildings in your town so as to level up(as well as sending people on tasks), to do anything that means you can’t collect from them seems to go even beyond the silliness that EA has for theses things.


  10. Not having anything to tap in neighbor’s towns was my first concern. I like the building but am not particularly enamored with either feature. I like to assign my characters according skins and animations depending on how I’m feeling at the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too – sometimes it’s cool to assign the outdoor tasks which have different timings for different characters. However it could be useful for an overnight assignment.

      As to the IRS issue. I’m not going to be on often enough that all my buildings are constantly cleared. It will just be useful for the first visit of the day or after work, when there’s so much more to collect.


      1. This, you will still clear the town like you used to, its just that now it takes less time.


        1. Exactly !!! 😎


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