Last hours for Statue of Burns and starting the Every Man’s Dream Tie-In questline!

Only a few hours are left to buy the Statue of Burns in the shop, and for starting the tie-in questline. You’ve time till 8am BST! The questline can be completed till October 29th at 8am GMT, the kill date for it.


8 thoughts on “Last hours for Statue of Burns and starting the Every Man’s Dream Tie-In questline!

  1. magilla_84131 09/29/2015 — 21:56

    So, open question about the rail yard. Is anybody else having a hell of a time getting any straight track pieces from the rail yard? I didn’t get a single straight piece all last week. And so far this week I’ve completed the first 2 tasks, and still no straight pieces. Is this happening to others, or am I just really unlucky?


    1. others are reporting that too yea but i can assure you it’s random from the files


  2. I’m not able to put my Homer dog on any task.


    1. he has no tasks. it’s a mistake in a flag they forgot to add to him to not show up on the census


  3. some
    if the
    it is
    in Game?

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    1. Unknown when but its coming. Its one of the big yearly ones since the beginning of the game in 2012


      1. I’m hoping it’ll be the end of this week. It arrived on the 1st October year before last, and when was the last time EA let us go a week without something new?!


        1. I think that it will come tomorrow or next week!


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