Oktoberfest Promotion! and IRS Drone are here!

Gil returns with a Oktoberfest deal of german items and a new skin for Wiggum. Not just that either. The IRS Drone has finally arrived in the store in the Characters section!
The end date of the deal, October 6th, seems the perfect for Halloween. Are you ready?
Oktoberfest Gil DealIRS Drone

Beer Stein Wiggum
Cost: sidebar_donut
75 (25 Donuts rebate)
Jobs: Yes
Requires: Level 17, Wiggum

Oktoberfest Gate
Oktoberfest Gate
Cost: sidebar_donut
40 (15 Donuts rebate)
Bonus $ and XP:
Vanity – 500 pts.
Grass, Pavement, Beach, Boardwalk, Edge of Boardwalk, Krustyland Road

IRS Drone
IRS Drone
Cost: sidebar_donut
Requires: IRS

This is all for now, join us soon for more info on this new deal, happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Promotion! and IRS Drone are here!

  1. Mhh, I had a slight hope the IRS drone would fly around and collect money from the buildings. So it actually does nothing but flying on the roads?! Me sad. 😦



    1. I thought the exact same thing.


  2. Know this has nothing to do with this post. I was looking in the “character collection” and in the “b-list celebrities” there’s a blonde girl in all pink, wanted to know when she was available for purchase or if she hasn’t been released yet? . Thanks


    1. that’s the Billionair Haven’s character, Paris Texan, unlocked with 1 bilion REV at Springfield Heights


  3. You can also purchase additional boardwalk fountains now as well. I’d placed 4 of them together and made a large fountain for my boardwalk


  4. I just got the IRS Drone, but cannot find it anywhere. It’s not in storage, nor can I find it the the courthouse (where you look for other characters). Any help?


    1. it’s an npc. it flies over the roads.


      1. I spent my 50 donuts for the Drone too – and don’t see it anywhere. I got a message saying it crashed into a house but have yet to see any sign of it. Feels like my 50 donuts were “stolen”.


        1. go to krustyland or friend towns screen and back and he’ll appear


          1. Finally found it – guess just not used to something so small.


  5. Aww, so no Halloween until next week then. Boo! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And another boo for the useless IRS drone.


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