Treehouse of Horror 2015 – Act 1 Walkthrough: The Call of the Campfire

The fun just begun as the Treehouse of Horror event unfolded in our towns, and mysterious monsters started appearing from a evil driftwood campfire. Story telling around it, halloween costumes, and the thrill of scare will follow us through this event. Follow us right after the jump for the walkthrough of Act 1!

When you log in, the event will start automatically with a dialogue in the Simpson House. At the beginning of the questline, if you haven’t unlocked Bart, his jobs won’t show up, but soon you’ll need him.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 1

Auto starts

sidebar_homerAre there too many neck veins on this severed head?
sidebar_lisaOh, Dad’s just doing his annual Halloween decorating.
sidebar_bartEverscream Terrors! Every year we have the spookiest house on the block!
sidebar_margeA jack-o-lantern vomiting its own seeds?! Homer, where do you get your ideas?
sidebar_homerOther people.
sidebar_lisaWhat if you put beer cans nearby, you know, like that’s what made him throw up!
sidebar_homerLisa, let Daddy take care of the “ideas.”
sidebar_homerYou and Bart can make decorations. We need macaroni skeletons!
sidebar_homerLots of them.

Task: Make Lisa do Babyish Busy Work
If the user has Bart: Task: Make Bart do Babyish Busy Work
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home

On job start:

sidebar_lisaIt’s so demeaning! Sending us off to make crafts just to get us out of the way.
sidebar_lisaStill, it’s kinda like homework which means I will crush it!
sidebar_bartAwww, these fruit-leather tombstones are turning out so adorable!

On job end:

sidebar_bartHalloween isn’t about glitter-glue and pipe cleaners. It’s about kids getting together, telling ghost stories and giving each other nightmares.
sidebar_bartAlso candy.
sidebar_lisaThat’s a great idea! We’ll gather a bunch of kids and tell ghost stories! Outside, around a campfire!
sidebar_bartOh. I meant vegging out on the couch and watching a bunch of kids do Halloween on TV.
sidebar_bartBut tell me more about this “outside.” It sounds fascinating.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 2

Lisa starts

sidebar_bartI’ve found lots of wood for our campfire.
sidebar_lisaWow, it looks really old. Where’d you find it?
sidebar_bartThere’s a bunch of it by the water.
sidebar_bartLooks like it used to be part of an old throne or underwater church or gateway to another dimension.
sidebar_bartI ‘unno. Lotta stuff got ruined when dad blew up the town.
sidebar_lisaIt’s covered with strange writing. I don’t recognize it.
sidebar_bartI couldn’t read it either, but I just figured it was cursive.
sidebar_lisaMaybe we shouldn’t burn mysterious wood we know nothing about.
sidebar_bartShould we cut down your precious trees?
sidebar_lisaWell, they’re not AS precious to me now that we get ’em free at Springfield Heights, but…
sidebar_lisaIt seems like a lot of sweaty work.
sidebar_lisaLet’s just pick up more old wood near the water.

If the user doesn’t have a beach unlocked: Task: Place River
If the user doesn’t have Bart: Task: Make Lisa Collect Mysterious Driftwood
If the user has Bart: Task: Make Lisa and Bart Collect Mysterious Driftwood
Time: 1m
Location: River or Beach
If the user has Bart: Requires: Bart

sidebar_lisaThis wood feels odd.
sidebar_lisaCold. Like dead hands.
sidebar_milhouseReally? Mine feels hot and smells like brimstone.
sidebar_martinMine is pulsing like a beating heart and oozing blood.
sidebar_bartCan we please stop describing things and just throw it on to the pile!

Having gathered enough materials, it’s time to build the campfire, the focal point of the event.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 3

Lisa starts

sidebar_lisaBart, I think there is something evil about this firewood.
sidebar_bartthinking about going vampire but
sidebar_bartI think you’re reading too much into this.
sidebar_lisaI found this ancient-looking scroll near a big pile of this wood…
sidebar_lisaLook at the drawing: A spiky-headed boy, in a red shirt reading from an ancient-looking scroll…
sidebar_lisa…behind him, a giant tentacled demon rises…
sidebar_lisaIt’s you! Look what’s in the ancient word-bubble…
sidebar_bartI don’t say that.
sidebar_lisaBelow that it says, “Eet my C’thorts, man.”
sidebar_bartMore gobbledy-gook.
sidebar_lisaAnd below that it says, “Im B’art Th’mpson hu the C’thell R U?”
sidebar_bartOkay, I’ll admit it’s creepy. But we’re building a Halloween campfire…
sidebar_bartCreepy is exactly what we want!

Spooky Campfire
Task: Build Spooky Campfire
Task: Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Bart Tell a Scary Story
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire
Task: Make Youngsters Gather Around the Spooky Campfire [x4]
Time: 1m
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_bartHoo-kay, for my spooky story I’d like to read off this scroll that Lisa’s so scared of…
sidebar_lisaNo Bart, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t…
sidebar_bartAh-ah! Listen with your ears, not with your mouth.
sidebar_lisaI hate when you use teacher-phrases.
sidebar_bartLeagues beneath the inky deep, rests the evil and unpronounceable city of R’lyeh.
sidebar_bartTherein lies the demon known as…
sidebar_bartDead but dreaming.
sidebar_bartWaiting for the stars to come right.
sidebar_bartAnd for the chosen underachiever to speak the words…
sidebar_bartAnd break the spell which binds him:
sidebar_lisaBart! Stop! You might actually call something forth!
sidebar_milhouseAnd nobody wants that.
eldergodI do.
sidebar_bartBart! You fulfilled the prophecy and unleashed a malevolent entity!
sidebar_lisaI’m telling
sidebar_bartWh-who are you?
eldergodI am called… M’nthster.
eldergodMy name cannot be spoken by a human mouth.
eldergodYou need to roll the “r” with your face-tentacles.
eldergodCan we move on? I don’t wanna get hung up on this.
sidebar_lisaWhat do you want?
eldergodI come to make mankind free and wild. To turn him away from law and morality.
eldergodI will teach the human new ways to scream and kill and revel in joy. Until all the earth is aflame in a holocaust of ecstasy.
eldergodThat’s the plan, anyway. But I’m also gonna occasionally wing it. I don’t want to get too scheduled.

It looks like C’thulhu himself showed up in this event, scarier then ever.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 4

Bart starts

sidebar_bartWell, it’s been nice summoning ya but it’s getting late so, you know…
sidebar_bartTime to get back into the campfire.
eldergodI’m afraid it’s not that easy.
eldergodYour campfire story about me created a portal, which I used to enter this dimension.
eldergodBut that has since closed.
eldergodYou’ll need to tell another creepy tale to create a portal from which I can leave.
sidebar_bartSomeone tell a ghost story. Something really creepy. We gotta scare tentacle-face back to wherever.
sidebar_martinOoh! I’ve prepared a story! I even rehearsed in a mirror!
sidebar_martinI practically scared myself.
sidebar_bartIf I saw what you see in the mirror, I’d be scared too.

Task: Build the Springfield Library
Task: Make Martin Tell a Scary Story
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_martin_wizardA young woman visited her blind grandfather who had moved into a new apartment.
sidebar_martin_wizardHe complained bitterly.
sidebar_martin_wizard“The nightclub next door keeps me up with music and laughter”
sidebar_martin_wizard“And drunken shuffling, up and down the street, sometimes right by my door…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“…Then, every night at 2:22 in the morning” ¦”
sidebar_martin_wizard“…They start screaming…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“…Every night, they scream, and then…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“And his grand-daughter said…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“O. M. G. Grampa!”
sidebar_martin_wizard“Right outside your window are the charred remains of a disco that burnt to the ground in, like, the 70’s.”
sidebar_martin_wizard“We didn’t think you’d mind the crappy view, being blind and what-not…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“…The fire that killed all those people…”
sidebar_martin_wizard“…started at 2:22 AM!”
sidebar_bartThat’s your story? Undead disco dancers?
sidebar_nelsonAlready noogy-ing him.
System Message: Zombies are now spawning from the campfire!
Zombies Spawning
Act 1 Event Guide
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

At this point the event really starts and Zombies starts spawning from the campfire.

Completing this quest unlocks the quest A Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving. Completing Pt. 1 of that quest, which we’ll talk about in another post, will unlock Kang for free!

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 5

Bart starts

sidebar_bartWell, Martin, M’nthy is still here. Your disco zombie story wasn’t scary enough to open a portal.
eldergodThat’s not exactly true…
sidebar_milhouseAGGH! Disco Zombies!
sidebar_bartHuh. In person, they actually are pretty scary.
sidebar_nelsonZombies are wusses. They squish so easily. See?
sidebar_lisaThat’s not a Zombie you squished — that’s Ralph.
sidebar_lisaHe’s just gets Zombie-ish when his blood sugar gets low.
sidebar_ralphBrains. Brains! Or anything else to eat!
sidebar_lisaLook, poor Ralph is hungry. And he doesn’t want to eat the defenseless animals. Right, Ralph?
sidebar_bartMaybe we should make S’mores first… and THEN squish zombies with extra sugar energy.
sidebar_lisaI agree with the plan because…

Task: Send Kids on S’mores Jobs to Spawn Zombies [x2]
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire
Task: Collect Event Currency to Unlock 1st Prize
Task: Tap Zombies [x10]
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Sending kids to make S’mores will grant you:

  • Freemium Kids: 2 of the selected Nightmares, 4 S’mores
  • Premium Kids: 4 of the selected Nightmares, 8 S’mores
  • Sherri and Terri: 8 of the selected Nightmares, 16 S’mores.

The selected Nightmare depends on who was the last one to do story telling. At the moment only Martin can, spawning Zombies. Telling a story spawns 4 Nightmares and earns 4 S’mores.

You’re also now able to earn prizes, which we’ll talk about in another post.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 6

Lisa starts

sidebar_lisaObviously, M’nthster tricked us.
sidebar_lisaHe knew if we told another story we would call forth even more evil into the town.
eldergodYeah, I feel bad about that. Tell another story and this time, I swear, I really will leave.
sidebar_milhouseOkay! I’ve got a scary story!
sidebar_lisaMilhouse, no! We can’t trust him! He is a denizen of the underworld!
sidebar_lisaRemember the fable of the Farmer and the Viper?
eldergodHmmm, I don’t know that one, how does that go?
sidebar_lisaOh, it’s my favorite Aesop’s fable! Briefly, it goes like this…

Task: Make Lisa Accidentally Tell A Scary Story
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_lisa_saxophoneA farmer found a viper, coiled and frozen in the snow. The farmer took pity and tucked the poor creature into his coat.
sidebar_lisa_saxophoneAs soon as the viper warmed, he gave the farmer a deadly bite. As the farmer lay dying, he said…
sidebar_lisa_saxophone“’Tis mine own fault, for I knew twas a viper ‘fore I took it to my bosom.”
System Message: Snakes are now spawning from the campfire!
Snakes Spawning
sidebar_bartWhat the hell kind of farmer talks like that?
eldergodOoh! Lisa wins the scary story contest!
sidebar_martinOh, come on!
sidebar_lisaWait, I wasn’t telling a scary story. I was making the point that if we interact with you — you being an evil trickster — we shouldn’t be surprised when you…
sidebar_lisaOh, you tricked me didn’t you?
sidebar_milhouseSnakes! They just appeared out of nowhere!
sidebar_lisaOf course they did.
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

The nightmare continues, now that the Snakes from Whacking Day are back!

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 7

Lisa starts

eldergodLisa, I would like to introduce you to my spawn.
sidebar_lisaI had no idea you had children!
eldergodYes, I’m both father and mother to them.
sidebar_lisaOh! Did something happen to their mother?
eldergodNo, that’s just the way my kind reproduces. I mate with myself and–
sidebar_lisaOkay, just keep that vague.
eldergodI was wondering if you would release my spawn into other Springfields.
sidebar_lisaOf course. But I should warn you, I don’t know if they’re going to be safe there.
eldergodOh well. R’lyehian parenting philosophy is “Children should not be seen nor heard.”
eldergodWhereas humans see children as an extension of themselves, we think of our offspring as “someone else’s problem.”
sidebar_lisaDo you ever think that maybe it’s this kind of upbringing that makes you all demonic?
eldergodNah, we’re depraved from birth.
eldergodAnyhoo, have fun giving these to your friends.

Reward: 1 Formless Terror
Task: Send Formless Terrors to Other Springfields
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Now you’ve the ability to visit other towns and leave Formless Terrors on them. Those spawns from Nightmares and can also be bought in ico_thoh2015_formlessterrorpackpacks of 25 once you finish them by spending 10 Donuts.

You can tap neighbours’ objects too:

  • Hollow Snake Trunk
  • Freakmobile
  • Pet Cemetar
  • Mausoleum.

Those objects spawns Nightmares in your town too so bring them out if you stored them!

Also while visiting, you can hear the noise of the Nightmares to identify which ones are available:

  • Bunnies: Windchime noises
  • Zombies: Growling noises
  • Snakes: Silent
  • Zombies: Clank noises.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 8

Bart starts

sidebar_bartI got more haunted driftwood to throw on the fire.
sidebar_milhouseI don’t think we need it.
sidebar_milhouseEven though it’s been burning for hours. The fire hasn’t gotten even a little bit smaller.
sidebar_bartI know, it’s kind of disturbing.
sidebar_bartBut a little more cursed firewood and it will be disturbing and BIG.

Task: Upgrade the Spooky Campfire
Spooky Campfire Level Up Screen

sidebar_lisaBart! You made the campfire bigger!
sidebar_lisaDon’t you realize that the more powerful the campfire, the more monsters it will create?
sidebar_lisaI’m starting to think you like all the chaos and destruction being released into our town.
sidebar_bartThat can’t be a surprise to you.
sidebar_lisaYeah, I realized as I was saying it.
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Upgrading the campire is fun and all you’ve to do is squish Nightmares by tapping on them. We’ll also talk about this in another post.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 9

Milhouse starts

sidebar_milhouseOkay, the fire is looking big and evil.
sidebar_milhouseNow it’s my turn to tell a scary story.

Task: Make Milhouse Tell a Scary Story
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_lisaMilhouse, are you crazy? You know what’s going to happen if you tell a monster story.
sidebar_milhouse_radioactiveI wasn’t going to tell a monster story.
sidebar_milhouse_radioactiveI was gonna tell about the time my mom took me to take pictures with the Easter Bunny at the mall and it really creeped me out.
sidebar_bartThat’s not a scary story! It’s a story about being scared!
sidebar_nelsonYou’re scared of a bunny?
sidebar_milhouse_radioactiveNot real bunnies. It was a costume, his eyes were just holes in a giant head. I could see the guy inside. He was chewing gum!
sidebar_milhouse_radioactiveHe told my mom that he liked her shoes and she was wearing Tevas – it was creepy!
System Message: Bunnies are now spawning from the campfire!
Bunnies Spawning
sidebar_ralphLook! Bunny rabbits!
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Looks like EA wants us seasoned players to have nightmares all day, cause the bunnies from the Easter 2014 event are back to haunt us! Poor Milhouse, even a superhero costume doesn’t help him much though.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 10

Bart starts

sidebar_bartWow Milhouse, that really sucked.
eldergodI have to agree.
eldergodI have been alive for eons and that was the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.
sidebar_nelsonI would wedgie you but I don’t think it would do any good.
sidebar_milhouseOkay, I admit it: I’m ashamed of my cowardice.
sidebar_milhouseBut shame-shaming me is wrong! Right, Lisa?
sidebar_lisaI dunno, Milhouse, you ran away from bunnies!

Task: Make Milhouse Hide in Shame
Time: 4h
Location: Van Houten House
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Its time for Bart to make his pranks, this time helped by the Elder God C’thulhu and then tell his story.

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 11

Bart starts

eldergodHa-ha! Human boys are so inept!
sidebar_bartWhoa! Don’t judge all of us by Milhouse! I’m America’s favorite bad boy, man!
eldergodSorry, where I come from it takes more than riding around on a skateboard and ending sentences with “man” to be considered…
sidebar_bartListen, you and I are a lot alike. Between you and me, I LIKE that you tricked us into conjuring up ghoulies.
eldergodWhat? Get out of here!
sidebar_bartI’ve been known to get into some trickery myself. Check this out!

Task: Make Bart Place a Prank Call
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_moeMoe’s Tavern here.
sidebar_bartUh, yes, I’m looking for someone, last name Tinkle, first name Ivana…
sidebar_moe Listen up, everybody, Ivana Tinkle!
sidebar_barneyJust go already!
eldergodActually, I gave you the wrong last name. It should be Kill-your-family-and-eat-their-souls.
sidebar_moeCorrection guys! Ivana Kill-your-family-and-eat-their-souls.
sidebar_barneyRun everyone! Moe’s finally lost it!
eldergodThat was great! It wasn’t too dark was it?
sidebar_bartNaw. It was dark, but not as dark as what that baby from Family Guy said.
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 12

Bart starts

sidebar_bartOkay, I have another story.
sidebar_lisaC’mon, why do I have to keep reminding you what happens when we tell stories.
sidebar_bartI know what happens. And I want it to happen. M’nthster and I are friends.
eldergodHe’s my brother from another Mother-Father.

Task: Make Bart Tell a Scary Story
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire

sidebar_bartscarystoryA vain young man was traveling on a train. Suddenly, he heard shouts coming from the front of the train.
sidebar_bartscarystoryPart of the bridge ahead had fallen away. Everyone onboard was doomed.
sidebar_bartscarystoryThe man in the chair across from him calmly informed the boy that he was a genie and could grant him three wishes.
sidebar_bartscarystoryBut he only had seconds to make them…
sidebar_bartscarystoryThe boy quickly replied, “I wish I could get rid of those last ten pounds…”
sidebar_bartscarystoryThe genie said, “What about all the other passengers on this train.”
sidebar_bartscarystoryThe boy said, “Fine, they can be skinny too! And I never want to age!”
sidebar_bartscarystoryAnd the train plummeted into the ravine.
sidebar_bartscarystoryThe fire burned the flesh off all the passengers. Car after car of skeletons. The young man’s skeleton was put in a museum and labeled, “Young Man from Train Accident.”
sidebar_bartscarystoryEveryone who looked at it came away with the feeling that he was probably an incredible jerk. The end.
System Message: Skeletons are now spawning from the campfire!
Skeletons Spawning
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 13

Bart starts

eldergodExcellent story! High five!
sidebar_bartReally? I wasn’t sure. I was thinking about going vampire but…
eldergodStop that! It was perfect.
sidebar_lisaI get why Bart would want to be friends with an all-powerful force of evil.
sidebar_lisaBut why would an Elder-god want to hang out with a 10-year-old boy. Aren’t you more mature than that?
eldergodBart is plenty mature. When I won our “longest loogie off the overpass” contest, he was all class.
sidebar_bartRespect, man, that thing was long.

Task: Make Bart Plan His Next Prank With M’nthster
Time: 4h
Location: Spooky Campfire
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Skeletons starts appearing in town, while the Act 1 story comes to an end. What’s going to happen? It’s unknown to us too, as Act 2 and 3 have not been released by EA.

The Unspeakable

Homer starts

sidebar_homerOooh, what’s this? Little tiny drinks of alcohol?
sidebar_margeThey’re Jello-shots. And you can’t drink them now — you have to wait until they’ve Jello-ed.
sidebar_homerI love the idea of combining drunkenness with dessert.
sidebar_homerBut I hate waiting.
sidebar_margeIt’ll give me time to change.
sidebar_margeI have to… shave.
sidebar_homerBut your costume is a cat. Wouldn’t any fur just add to the illusion?
sidebar_margeTrust me, you’ll like this better.

Task: Make Homer Wait Impatiently
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home

sidebar_margeMeow, Homie!
System Message: Continue the story in Act 2!
Story Continues Act 2
Reward: 100 money 100 S’mores

Join us next time for more on this event, happy tapping!


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