Treehouse of Horror 2015: Spooky Campfire Level Up

Our Spooky Campfire is the main source for spawning nightmares in town. And if you want to increase that spawn, you need to level it up, a feature added to recent events main items to easen up the events. Follow us right after the jump to see how to level it up!

To level up the campfire, you’ll need to squish the nightmares around town. Every 4 level the loop resets, without a max level.

Spooky Campfire Level Up Screen

Level Nightmares to tap
2 and every 4 after it ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md200 Disco Zombies squished.
3 and every 4 after it ico_thoh2015_tappablesnake_md200 Snakes squished.
4 and every 4 after it ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md200 Bunnies squished.
5 and every 4 after it ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md200 Skeletons squished.

Every level upgrade, you’ll recieve a 5% increase to the Nightmares (Act 1 and 2)/Star Spawns (Act 3) spawn rate and a new decoration for your spooky town. After level 41 the rate doesn’t increase anymore.

Image Name Cost
bramblewallse_menu Bramble Hedge [x5] Level 2, every 2 level.
creepyshed_transimage Spooky Shed Level 3, every 4 level.
spookytent_menu Spooky Tent Level 5, every 4 level.

Other items from previous events also spawn those Nightmares:

  • Pet Cemetary: 10 Bunnies every 10h.
  • Mausoleum: 8 Skeletons every 8h.
  • Freakmobile: 12 Disco Zombies every 12h.
  • Hollow Snake Trunk: 12 Snakes every 12h.

If you’ve got them in your inventory, place them!

Join us next time for more on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2015: Spooky Campfire Level Up

  1. Spooky campfire level 39 has stopped spawning nightmares completely. Also, when sending 40 spawns worth so youngsters to make S’mores received only 23 skeletons from them at the he end of the 4 hours!
    What is o don’t?


    1. nightmares are spawned only by kids at the brown house now. the campfire spawns only Star Spawns.


  2. I’m almost to level 40… then I can just concentrate on zombies 😀


    1. At campfire level 41 now. I wanted to let people know that at 41 the spawn time is just under 2 minutes! So considering act 3 hasn’t started yet (and with it new craftables that might make something other than zombie brains worth something), I say it is totally worth the investment to level it up! Woohoo!


  3. My campfire won’t update. I am tapping nightmares but the total stays the same. Am stuck on level 2.


    1. you need the correct type of monster to upgrade it. check what your campfire needs and select to tell a story of the correct type


      1. Thank you. Yes counter now going up.


  4. 10/12/2015 — 00:15

    So what level is the best to stop at?


  5. Is there going 2 b a act 2 on the campfire prizes


    1. it says Act 2 and Act 3 prizes on the prize screen..


      1. No I’m talking about the actual campfire upgrades will it just be the tents, brambles and sheds the whole event


          1. Ok thanks think I’ll stop on level 8 then


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