Treehouse of Horror 2015 – Unreleased Goodies: Official Halloween HQ, Operation Exodus Rocket, Everscream Terrors Sign and Skeleton

A few days ago, we talked about a new unreleased feature: the New User Power Ups. But other unreleased stuff are hidden away in the darkness of Cthulhu. Find out what right after the jump!
The first one is a building from the Treehouse of Horror XX opening sequence: the Official Halloween Headquarters, called ingame Official Halloween HQ.
It’s unknown what it does but it was neat seeing the monsters in that episode go in.

Update: This was released as part of the Halloween of Horror tie-in.

The second one is the Operation Exodus Rocket. In Treehouse of Horror X’s episode “Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die”, this rocket is the one that takes the important peoples of Springfield to safety, while the rest are sent to die on the sun.SimpsonsOperationExodus
Of this decoration, only the audio is present in the game.

The third item is the Everscream Terrors Sign.
You can see it on our site’s banner and is part of the Halloween of Horror episode but at the moment only the image and the sound are present.

Update: This was just part of the Scream-son House and not released separately.

The fourth item is the Star Spawn.
Its animation is present in the files and include frames not seen in the event.

Its unlock message “I’m kind of like a teenage M’nsther.” and its set’s name “Treehouse of Horror XXVI Nightmares” were added in the Level 59 update.

Update: This was released as part of the Treehouse of Horror 2015 Takedown Update.

The final item is the Skeleton.
Its tap animations and unlock picture are present in the files of the Takedown update.

Update: This was released as part of the Thanksgiving 2015 Update.

An unreleased text only questline, first thought to be the one to start the Daily Challenges, is present for the House of Evil:

House of Evil ShopkeeperThe children frolic in the forest, unaware of the creatures that slither in its depths.
House of Evil ShopkeeperThere’s no halloween without a party. Unfortunately, the undead have invited themselves to spoil the festivities.
House of Evil ShopkeeperSomething insidious is taking hold of Springfield. It’s true nature is unknown for now but I can tell you one thing… it’s evil.
House of Evil ShopkeeperThe nightmares are beginning to overwhelm Springfield. Do your part and save the town from terror.
House of Evil ShopkeeperM’nthster’s wrath is mighty. If his vengeance is left unchecked, the town may forever plunge into darkness!

More stuff is not released yet in the game but is programmed already. Will we see this items or will they be forever lost in the unreleased limbo? Let’s find out together as we continue our journey through Halloween!

Join us next time for more on this event, happy tapping!


6 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2015 – Unreleased Goodies: Official Halloween HQ, Operation Exodus Rocket, Everscream Terrors Sign and Skeleton

  1. Does anyone know when the employment office jobs thing will be fixed? I loved being able to put all available characters on jobs all at once and really handy when playing on a tiny phone screen, please tell me it’s being fixed 😦 x x


    1. presumibly after the event so it doesn’t interfer with it


  2. The eggs bones bunnies ears snakes etc collecting in act one . Do they carry over into act two


  3. Love it when you guys post the sound effects for each event! Will you be doing a long list for the Halloween event? I like the sound fx when you tap the House of Evil!

    Thanks you guys have the best TSTO page on the web!


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