New User Power Ups Walkthrough: Glayvin the Score

A new update has brought us a new feature: the New User Power Ups. A way to earn 5 times the experience you normally get from doing jobs and earning payouts. Find out all about the new feauture right after the jump!

After reaching Level 20, a new quest will start up automatically, allowing the placing of the new XP Collider.

Glayvin the Score Pt. 1

Auto starts

sidebar_homerRebuilding Springfield used to happen so fast — five minute jobs, hour-long build time — but now it’s taking forever.
sidebar_lisaMaybe it has something to do with escalating lumber costs…
sidebar_homerYeah, or maybe the game designers are trying to slow us down because they’re running out of content.
sidebar_professorfrinkAhoyvin! While that use to be the case, it’s not anymore. There’s tons of stuff still to do… and I’ve found a way to race through it!

XP Collider
Task: Place the XP Collider

System Message: When the XP Collider is active, you get 5 times more XP! Enjoy the first 24 hours on us!
xp collider message

The XP Collider can only be placed on Grass and Pavement, can’t be sold, but can be stored once the XP Multiplier is inactive. It doesn’t contribute to the Conform-O-Meter Rating in any way. For 24 hours, the 5x XP bonus will be active for free.

Glayvin the Score Pt. 2

Homer starts

sidebar_professorfrinkBehold… the XP Collider!
sidebar_professorfrinkWith this machine, and a bit of what you might call ‘hard work,’ you can increase your efficiency by five hundred percent!
sidebar_homerUgh. Can you just tell us what it does in lame-man terms?
sidebar_professorfrinkIt makes stuff awesome. Give it a whirl with a simple task!
sidebar_homerI’ll do the simplest!
Task: Make Homer Play with his myPad (45s)
sidebar_homerOH MY GOD. What is this feeling?
sidebar_homerMost American car horns honk in the key of F. Every time you lick a stamp, you consume a tenth of a calorie…
sidebar_homerReindeer like to eat bananas.
sidebar_homerWait… reindeer like to eat BANANAS??
sidebar_homerWhat is happening to me? Why do I know all these useless but super cool stuff? I feel… S-M-R-T. Smart.
sidebar_professorfrinkThat is the miraculous work of the XP Collider.
sidebar_professorfrinkFrom now on, every time someone does something in this Springfield, everybody will get the intellectual benefit.
sidebar_homerDoes that mean I can sit around and do nothing from now on and reap the benefits?
sidebar_professorfrinkWell, you still have to get up periodically and recharge the collider.
sidebar_homerGet up?! UGH, it’s always something!
System Message: Tap on the XP Collider to recharge it once it is depleted!

The indicator_xpboost earned from jobs and payouts will change color to indicate the bonus is active. The Experience Bar will also change color and blink.

Tapping on the XP Collider will show the timer and a button to recharge it.
XP Collider Status

A new option shows up in the store too ico_stor_xpconsumables with the same function. Recharging the XP Collider costs donuts.

image name cost effect
ico_stor_newuserconversion_xp_01 24 Hour XP Multiplier sidebar_donut5 24 Hours of x5 XP
ico_stor_newuserconversion_xp_02 3 Day XP Multiplier sidebar_donut10 3 Days of x5 XP
ico_stor_newuserconversion_xp_03 7 Day XP Multiplier sidebar_donut20 7 Days of x5 XP
ico_stor_newuserconversion_xp_04 10 Day XP Multiplier sidebar_donut25 10 Days of x5 XP

The maximum charge the XP Collider can have is 40 days (after reaching 30, wait for the first day to be over and you can renew but you can’t exceed 40)

XPC Fully

A new promo will also start if you don’t own any of the following buildings: Duff brewery, Frink’s lab, School Bus, Aztec Theatre, Try-N-Save, Duff Stadium.

Promo Introduction Dialogue

Auto starts

sidebar_homerOk. I admit it. This is pretty cool.
sidebar_homerBut I was still expecting a little more.
sidebar_homerYou know, like an offer that is so good that I can’t possibly refuse.
sidebar_professorfrinkI have one of those too!

After tapping on Professor Frink’s indicator_newuserconversion mark:
New User Power Ups Promo

If you decline the offer you can find it in the build menu, by moving the event Tree-Panel to the left.

New User Power Ups Offer Panel

The cost of the promo varies by your currency. For example in dollars it’s $5.99.

The promo gives the user:

  • 10 days of x5 XP
    XPC Promo Message
  • 1 Premium Character Mystery Box
    Premium Character Mystery Box
    Unlocks one of this buildings:

    • Duff Brewery w/Duffman
    • Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink
    • School Bus w/Otto
  • 1 Premium Building Mystery Box
    Premium Building Mystery Box
    Unlocks one of this buildings:

    • Aztec Theatre
    • Try-N-Save
    • Duff Stadium
  • sidebar_donut150
  • cash250,000
Chance Character Mystery Box Building Mystery Box
0.3333 Duff Brewery w/Duffman Aztec Theatre
0.6666 Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink Try-N-Save
1 School Bus w/Otto Duff Stadium

The promo lasts for 48 hours from the moment the deal screen shows up.

Thanks to the users at EA Forum for the picture of the promo. Due to me owning all the items on offer I couldn’t snatch one myself. This is all for now, enjoy the free 24 hours and happy tapping!


22 thoughts on “New User Power Ups Walkthrough: Glayvin the Score

  1. I got duffman and the aztec. Pretty good deal.


  2. Rockstar Vienna 10/24/2015 — 08:48

    Couldn’t resist. Great offer for 5,99 Euros. The first time i actually used real money. After 3 years as a freemium player… You got me EA!


  3. Maurice francis 10/23/2015 — 13:54

    I got Frink’s 5.99 offer , got the donuts and try and save but not my premium character


    1. There should be a mysterybox in your inventory, that you need to open to get the premium item.


      1. Maurice francis 10/23/2015 — 15:45

        Its not in inventory , I checked a few times


  4. What happens if you already have some (but not all) characters and/or buildings in the promo offer? Do you get one of the remaining ones for sure, or do you get donuts as a replacement if the game rolls something you already own? What if you already own all of them?


    1. Strike that, I just saw it in the article. If you already own any building, you don’t get the offer. This effectively excludes everybody that has been playing for a while, because Duff Stadium and Try_N-Save were both free some time back.


  5. I haven’t been offered the promo.. Have got the collider in place. Do I need to do something further?


    1. do you have any of those buildings?


      1. Arg, I appear to have Otto, I think I got him free from the daily rewards. Hadn’t spotted the comment about not owning any of them.


  6. So if I have Otto and Professor Frink already then I’m guaranteed to get Duffman?


    1. Nevermind. I didn’t get the offer.


  7. I placed the XP collider, and tapped something, and the game crashed. When I started the game again the collider wasn’t there! I tried to start the game on another device to see if it would show up there, but it said the game wasn’t saved on the other device, so I started it there, and it said the game wasn’t saved on the other device! When I finally got the game to work again, the collider wasn’t there, and I don’t know how to get it back.


    1. try visit another town or krustyland and reinstalling the game. in case that doesnt work contact ea directly


  8. Tapatapatapa 10/23/2015 — 01:35

    Today is the day to donut farm if you are cash rich…as the XP Collider has 24 hrs free!
    A great way to get rid of cash and get donuts is to buy and sell Rat Trap Trucks to continuously hit the XP level up.
    I spent 18 million and got about 21 donuts.


    1. Tapatapatapa 10/23/2015 — 02:11

      Correction. Once you reach max XP target 10,000,000 you buy (and then sell) 19 trucks to get to bonus donut level up.
      It cost me about 2 million for 3 donuts…


      1. You can do this again anytime you accumulate this much cash if you buy the 24 hours for 5 donuts – once you get more than 2 bonus levels, you’re in the profit zone despite your initial investment.

        By the way, the number of trucks you need for 10M XP will still differ for everyone because of your personal bonus.


      2. Great idea, by the way. Too bad I spent 5M cash just yesterday for levelling up the IRS. But in the long run, bigger tap radius means collecting faster, which means less in-game time for the same amount of cash, or more cash for the same amount of playing time. With all the tennis courts and wailing walls, collecting another few million won’t take too long.


        1. Tapatapatapa 10/24/2015 — 01:57

          Yep I forgot about conformity bonus. Still I spent about 40 million to get 60 or so donuts yesterday.


        2. Thank you for mentioning the wailing wall paying bonus, i didnt realize that an quickly added 6 of them to my tennis court farm = )


          1. Love this thread. I got around 1.3m xp from the machine. Didnt think about using it to level up as its taking about 2m xp to level up.

            I use weather stations to level up. I’ll have to do a benefit review obce I build up a pile of cash.

            Irs is maxed. Blue house farm. Tennis farm. Wail farming now. 🙂


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