Treehouse of Horror 2015 Takedown update is now live!

The Treehouse of Horror 2015 is finally over. The Takedown update is out and it’s possible to download it now. If you still need to complete the event, disable auto updates for the game and do not download the takedown. Three new NPCs have been released too! Join us right after the jump for info on them!
Nightmares Store

A new description in the stores has been added, hinting at the Thanksgiving and Christmas events:

Android & iOs

The children did what Springfield’s police force, military, and mad scientists couldn’t: they defeated the evil M’nthster, proving once again that children should be in charge of everything… wait maybe not… With the town back to normal, it’s time to clear out the candy and prep for the Holidays!

So stay tuned to Tapped Out for the holidays because we’re way better than spending time with your family.


  • Toss out the tentacles and turn up the turkeys!
  • Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming so stay tuned to TSTO!

Meanwhile, pet Nightmares have been released in the store!

Disco Zombie
Cost: sidebar_donut
Unlock: Disco Zombie Unlock
Quest: What Is Dead May Never Die
Objective: Tap the Disco Zombie

Star Spawn
Cost: sidebar_donut
Unlock: Star Spawn Unlock
Quest: Spawn of the Elder God
Tap the Star Spawn

Formless Terror

Cost: sidebar_donut40
Unlock: Formless Terror Unlock
Quest: Formless Tappers
Tap the Formless Terror

An unreleased pet Skeleton is also present in the files.

Join us next time for more info on this update! Happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2015 Takedown update is now live!

  1. Do you think they’ll release the pet skeleton character?


  2. Rockstar Vienna 11/17/2015 — 21:51

    Man, part 3 was a mess! Glad that Halloween is finally over!


  3. This was the worst Halloween event ever. The prizes were weak and lame. It wasn’t necessary to prolong such a boring and predictable event such as this one.


  4. With opening weekend of gun deer hunt coming up I would love to see a hunting mini update with skins for Bart and homer


  5. I’ve been playing for years! I don’t like the “crafting format” that was started I think with the clash of the clans event (I toooootally checked out for that one). Halloween is my favorite & I am fond of whacking day. Looking forward to something new!


  6. Do u guys think there will be a thanksgiving update this year if so when will it come out??????


    1. there’ll be in next few days probably or next week, as soon as stuff come back to normal for everyone that will start updating to takedown the event


    2. “Rigellian Thanksgiving” makes me think that you blinked and you missed it.


      1. Thanks LPN, hopefully there will be and simp7fan I don’t read the questlines so I may have missed it 😦


        1. uh thanksgiving is next week, that ‘d make no sense :p


          1. Are you talking about the Rigeilion Thanksgiving thing??


            1. no the actual thanksgiving event


          2. Neither does prolonging an event half a month past the holiday…. I don’t think my EA logic is flawed. LOL 😏


  7. Thank God, Allah, Spongebob its over. I couldn’t wait to update. It all went wrong in act 3. Terrible. I stopped visiting friends because it took too long to find things to tap and I could never leave nightmares as friends towns were always full. The stupid 24hr rule made it even worse. After 2 years of playing almost every day I got so bored I started playing less. Thanks EA. Worst event ever!


    1. Worst event ever? Do you not remember that God-awful 2014 Easter debacle?! That was all kinds of horrible. Nothing has come close to THAT level of bad since. This wasn’t the best by any stretch, but this was hardly the worst.


      1. I swear I’m the only one who like waster of 14. Tap ball was the worst by far but Halloween 15 was gosh awful.


  8. “What Is Dead May Never Die” A reference to Game of thrones book series and “The Irons” slogan.


    1. We do not sow!


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