Thanksgiving 2015: Gather Drumsticks Jobs

To complete this event, a new set of jobs were added to the competition for turkeys. In the first four parts of the main questline, various characters will compete against each other, with Homer as the judge. Follow us right after the jump for the table with all the jobs in the different parts of “Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble”!

TG2015 Jobs

To help the reading of the jobs table, we realized it on Wikisimpsons. Click on the picture to watch it full screen. Interestingly Lenny doesn’t show up in the menu and you need to select his job from his job list.

ss (2015-11-20 at 08.18.34)

Another method of gathering Drumsticks is to tap Turkeys. 1 Turkey spawns every 20 minutes, the max your town can hold is 8. There is no bank holding extra Turkeys while the game waits for you to tap the ones already spawned. Every tapped Turkey gives you 1 Drumstick. If your town is full, this message will appear:

Too Many Turkeys Message

This is all for now, join us soon for more info on this new deal, happy tapping!


29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015: Gather Drumsticks Jobs

  1. Anyone else having trouble getting the 360 table tasks to start? I got the building and the tasks for this say done. Any thoughts?


  2. Has anyone else had a glitch where the Thanksgiving premium content disappears from the menu? It was all available for me but has disappeared. The Homer background link to Thanksgiving content is gone, premium stuff is no longer available under any of the icons on my android phone and tablet. Cleared data, uninstalled, reinstalled on both devices but I still don’t have the option for the casino / piggly’s / etc. Anyone else get this one?


      • I tried that on both devices too, no luck. Contacted EA and they said it’s a known issue that they’re working on. When I asked if they needed more detail from me they said I gave them enough and they’d go to the forums if they needed any info from users (?)

        I’m guessing they might work to fix this one since it affects users who want to buy premium items

        Thank you LPN and all of the Topix community for everything you do to help out and get information out to everyone – it’s greatly appreciated.


  3. How come they r bringin back Easter eggs in Thanksgiving? It’s not February? Is Matt Groning a super god person or something? Before you say I’m a war on Xmas person, just let me say. Keep Easter during Easter time!


  4. What am I missing here? I’ve been tapping the turkeys as they appear, but my drumstick count isn’t increasing… Got my characters doing the jobs and that seems to be the only way to increase my total.


    • EDIT: Seems to be a conflict with Springfield Heights tasks; if I have stuff going on there, tapping turkeys doesn’t increase the count.


  5. Is anyone else having a glitch?
    I completed and built the Vast Wasteband, but it is not checking off to let me continue to the round table decoration.


  6. OKay… that was fast. Just got 3 of 3 on the easter eggs and got a new cornucopia table. Same as the previous one.

    Seems to be related to clicking on multiple people at one location. So brown house, kwik-e-mart, something else.


  7. Just sent some characters on turkey jobs and got a free cornucopia. But whats more interesting is the top of the game had a bar appear that said “thanksgiving easter egg 3/3”. Which makes me assume theres 2 more hidden gifts this update?


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