Thanksgiving 2015 Unreleased Goodies: Future Mini-Events: Deep Space and Fire Department!

EA keeps teasing us with incoming new stuff, hidden away in the files, and in the Thanksgiving Event, two big surprises were revealed: two future events: the Fire Department event and the Space event! Follow us right after the jump for more info!

We already talked last month about the audio file for the Operation Exodus Rocket was found in the Treehouse of Horror 2015 event files.

But in the latest update, much more was revealed in the future of events:

An event guide for the Springfield Fire Department event was added. What it’ll contain seems clear: a costume for Moe, a costume for Skinner, the Fire Department and a Fire Truck.


The Fire Department was rumored around Level 35 release and then found by spAnser in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV event text files, and finally we get a glimpse of what we can get in the future.

The Fire Department building’s task was found to be Teach Kids about Fire Safety.

Alongside it, a temp icon for the event was also released.


Many items from a Space event, based on the episode Deep Space Homer were added as well, continuing the build-up after the rocket:

Three decorations, a Space Shuttle, the Inanimated Carbon Rod and a Rocket Launch Platform.

Two buildings, NARA’s Space Training Grounds and the Shuttle Hangar.

And last, but not least, NASA Barney and Deep Space Homer‘s pictures!


The future of the game is really interesting with this two upcoming events. Let us know in the comments your opinions on this newly revealed events and join us next time for more on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015 Unreleased Goodies: Future Mini-Events: Deep Space and Fire Department!

  1. I’m hoping that more land expansions are available. Things are really getting crowded. Open more land in Springfield Heights too. Thanks


    1. There were more land expansions in 2015 than during any other time since the release of the game. I’m certain more land is planned although I wouldn’t expect it to be any time soon.


  2. I’m glad to see these. They look interesting. I was playing less because act 3 sucked so badly.


  3. To me the image of firefighter Moe looks a bit like a Christmas motif with him holding his boot to be filled… maybe it’s part of the upcoming event.


    1. Tapatapatapa 11/20/2015 — 23:13

      I think that’s because Moe stole anything not nailed down when he was a fire-fighter.
      But there was the Christmas fire episode when all came together – Christian, Jew and miscellaneous Apu!
      So my bet is the firestation is for Christmas.


  4. HEH. If I can get enough land, i might have an idea for an Area 55 >.>


  5. I’d be more excited if these were just additions and not events….EA is getting event heavy and their events take too long and have crap prizes. Even though I love these ideas, I think an entire event for each is a waste of time.


    1. Agree!!!


    2. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 11/27/2015 — 00:21

      Me too. The thanksgiving event is a relief. I prefer earning prizes this way.
      The crafting concept draws everything out for too long and is too convoluted. It creates too much pressure because of all the targets you have to meet. It’s not bad, but we’ve had it too often this year. I’d like to see that concept taken out only occasionally, and not when there’s an important holiday.
      This is a busy time of year and I hope that the Christmas event doesn’t compete with time we want for friends and family. For me there’s no competition: real life Christmas with a simple event or just real Christmas — and “see you next year Springfield.”


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