Thanksgiving 2015 Walkthrough: Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble and The Fat and the Futilest

Turkeys, turkeys everywhere. Springfield is full of turkeys, ready to cook them, all in different ways. Join Springfielders in this contest to find the best cook right after the jump for the complete walkthrough of the main questline of the Thanksgiving 2015 event!

The questline starts automatically once you login, and sets the peace with the event: it’s all about the Turkey!

Turkey Talk

Auto starts

sidebar_homerLisa! A scary tiny dinosaur has escaped from the Springfield Jurassic Funstation.
sidebar_lisaI’ve told you a million times, Dad, “The Jurassic Funstation” is something you made up entirely in your head.
sidebar_homerYou’re the one who told me that dinosaurs are feathered, scaly bipeds. So what’s that?
sidebar_lisaA turkey.

Task: Tap Turkey

sidebar_homerAah! It turned into a drumstick.
sidebar_cecilIt’s the latest fantastic breakthrough from Monsarno labs! A turkey that turns itself into edible parts.
sidebar_cecilLike all our riskiest genetic modifications, it immediately escaped into the wild.
sidebar_lisaIt’s an environmental catastrophe! What if they breed with wild turkeys?
sidebar_homer… problem solved.

Turkey Talk Too

Homer starts

sidebar_bartWhoa, Dad, you pulled out the deep fryer. Did the doctor warn you that your arteries might be de-plaquing?
sidebar_homerDeep-frying is the best way to cook turkey. And potatoes. And twinkies.
sidebar_homerIn fact, it’s the best way to cook everything but pork chops.
sidebar_homerThere is no wrong way to cook pork chops.

Task: Make Homer Deep Fry and Eat Turkey
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

sidebar_homerMmm, deep fried deliciousness. The only way a turkey should be made.
sidebar_nedNo, you should bake it! God told us when he made Moses spend 40 years baking in the desert.
System Message: Everyone’s got turkey on the brain. Stuff yourself with Thanksgiving content!
Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Message

King-Size Debate

Homer starts

sidebar_louChief, we got a mob fighting downtown. Seems they’re arguing over the best way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.
sidebar_wiggumI have strong opinions about that! Let’s go join in!
sidebar_louNo, no, we’re the police. We’re supposed to stop mob fights.
sidebar_wiggumYou’re just saying that because your turkey recipe sucks.
sidebar_louYou don’t even know my recipe. I have a great recipe!
sidebar_wiggumThat’s it. Police mob fight.

Task: Make Springfield Adults Angrily Debate Turkey Prep [x4]
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

sidebar_homerFry it!
sidebar_nedBake it!
sidebar_carlRoast it!
sidebar_lennyGrill it!
sidebar_wiggumDid anyone say brining?
sidebar_louDo you even know what brining is, Chief?
sidebar_wiggumI know it’s something you didn’t say first. I call brining!

King-Sized Judgement

Homer starts

sidebar_quimbyFellow citizens, we cannot let an argument about turkey preparation tear our town apart.
sidebar_quimbyWe must save our energy for more important issues, like what are the best side dishes.
sidebar_quimbyYes, that’s a good one. We shall determine the best turkey recipe with a fair contest — the Springfield Fowl Face-Off. Everyone will submit a turkey sample for judging.
sidebar_lisaBut who’s going to be the judge?
sidebar_quimbyGood question. We need someone independent, wise, hungry, and married.
sidebar_lisaWhy married?
sidebar_quimbySo that he’s stopped caring how fat he looks.

Task: Make Fatsos Apply to Judge the Turkey Contest [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall, Brown House or Simpson House
Characters: Homer, Comic Book Guy, Wiggum, Luigi, Chalmers, Judge Snyder, Dr. Hibbert, Bumblebee Man, The Rich Texan

sidebar_quimbyAfter reviewing hundreds of applications for a turkey contest judge, I’ve chosen the man I was going to choose anyway: Homer Simpson.
sidebar_margeHomer, please don’t be the judge of this turkey-malurkey.
sidebar_margeI had a dream where you were dying with two turkey drumsticks stuffed up your nose.
sidebar_homerOnly two? That does sound bad.

And os the event begins, 5 main parts, with jobs for both Homer and many other characters around town. The jobs for other Springfielders will be covered in a post soon. Stay tuned!

1 Turkey spawns every 20 minutes, the max your town can hold is 8. There is no bank holding extra Turkeys while the game waits for you to tap the ones already spawned. Every tapped Turkey gives you 1 Drumstick.

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble Pt. 1

Homer starts

sidebar_tribechiefMy son, I couldn’t help overhearing. Judging this contest is a grave responsibility. I will send you on a vision quest to decide if this task is yours.
sidebar_homerGreat Tribal Chief, you are noble and true. Hand over the funky peyote and I will go on my trip… I mean “quest.”
sidebar_tribechiefThe spirits of your ancestors will guide you. Meanwhile, I’ll have more time to work on my awesome smoked turkey recipe.
System Message: The Tribal Chief has returned to Springfield to distract you with a vision quest.
Tribal Chief MessagePt. 1

Task: Make Homer Go on a Vision Quest
Time: 60m
Task: Gather Drumsticks [x20]

sidebar_homerWhat an amazing vision. The spirits showed me a simple path to better health, less drinking, higher income, and a richer and more fulfilling life.
sidebar_homerAnyway, back to gobbling massive amounts of turkey.
Receive a Ghost Heimlich Message

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble Pt. 2

Homer starts

sidebar_homerMmm, your smoked turkey is delicious, Tribal Chief. A definite contender.
sidebar_lisaDad, you’ve already tasted the turkey, why are you eating all the rest of it?
sidebar_homerTribal Chief told me to.
sidebar_tribechiefOur people believe no part of the animal should go to waste.
sidebar_tribechiefAlso, if he fills up on my turkey, maybe he won’t have room to eat and judge anyone else’s.
sidebar_bartYou don’t know much about my dad, do you?
sidebar_lisaOh no! He’s choking on the wishbone. Someone save him!
sidebar_tribechiefNo, Lisa. Our people believe that when your ancestors call you to the Great Beyond, a brave warrior should go willingly.
sidebar_tribechiefAlso, if he dies after judging only my entry I win automatically.

Pt. 2
Task: Make Ghost Homer Give Real Homer a Heimlich
Time: 3h
Task: Gather Drumsticks [x80]
The Vast Waistband

sidebar_homerPhew, thanks, Ghost Me. You always have our back.

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble Pt. 3

Homer starts

Cletus IconHow do you lak my turkey, Your Honor?
sidebar_homerIt tastes like a hillbilly.
Cletus IconI soaks it in XXX white lightnin’ then cooks it in the barn so it absorbs the aroma of donkey and chicken making.
sidebar_brandineCletus, get yer cookin’ stuff out of the barn. Where are the kids supposed to play, do their homework, and sleep?
sidebar_quimbyThe contest is going swimmingly, unlike one of my previous girlfriends. Turkeys are coming in from every Springfielder.
sidebar_homerThen it’s time to get serious. Marge, let out my pants.
sidebar_margeI let them out as much as I can. The sewing machine refuses to work when it sees me coming with your pants.
sidebar_homerThen it’s time to visit the professionals.

Pt. 3
Task: Make Homer Visit the Vast Waistband
Time: 7h
Location: The Vast Waistband
Task: Gather Drumsticks [x70]

sidebar_quimbyClear your palate, Judge. We have another truckload of Springfielder turkey incoming.
sidebar_homerA truckload?! This simple dinner table doesn’t give me enough range to eat as much and as fast as I need.
sidebar_homerHowever, I have come up with plans for a much more sophisticated device.
sidebar_lisaIt’s a circle with little food scribbles on it…
sidebar_homerIt is a three hundred and sixty degree buffet that I sit inside.
sidebar_homerI will have achieved man’s greatest dream: to have food coming at him from every direction.
360 Degree Buffet Table

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble Pt. 4

Homer starts

sidebar_apuAs a vegetarian, I cannot cook turkey, but I would like to submit this entry made of Kwik-E-Mart Brand Tofurkey.
sidebar_lisaWhy, Apu? Indians don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving.
sidebar_apuNo, but we are incredibly competitive.
sidebar_apuAlso, I am desperate to promote Kwik-E-Mart Tofurkey, because no one on earth is buying it.
sidebar_homerFine, place it at position south by southwest on my buffet. That’s where the weird indie stuff goes.

Pt. 4
Task: Make Homer Enjoy a 360 Degree Buffet
Time: 4h
Location: 360 Degree Buffet Table
Task: Gather Drumsticks [x100]

sidebar_homerI never thought I’d say this, but I only want to eat nine or ten more whole turkeys.
sidebar_quimbyNo time to wimp out now, Judge. Another container of turkeys is coming off the ship.
sidebar_homerShip?! I thought this was a Springfield competition.
sidebar_quimbyUh, there were some billionaire contributors to my campaign who demanded a chance to win.
sidebar_professorfrinkFret not, Homer. I have an invention that will increase your already impressive rate of gobbling by 200%.
sidebar_professorfrinkI call it the Turkey Stuffer*. The * indicates that it is not a device for placing stuffing into turkeys, but rather for stuffing turkeys into a human being.
sidebar_professorfrinkLike all true science, it is an utter abomination against God’s order.
Turkey Stuffer*

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble Pt. 5

Homer starts

sidebar_homerI never want to eat another turkey.
sidebar_homerI hate it so much.
sidebar_homerThe very thought of turkey sickens me.
sidebar_quimbyThe latest batch is ready for judging.
sidebar_homerHey, where’s that machine that helps me gobble turkeys?

Pt. 5
Task: Make Homer Eat Turkey at Maximum Efficiency
Time: 16h
Location: Turkey Stuffer*

sidebar_quimbyHomer, it’s time for you to pick the winner of the first and hopefully last ever Springfield Turkey Contest!
sidebar_quimbyHomer? Homer?!
sidebar_lisaHe’s asleep. He’s eaten so much tryptophan he’ll probably be out for a month.
sidebar_tribechiefIf the judge can’t decide, the winner is the tribal chief who had his turkey eaten first. That’s me!
sidebar_quimbyI don’t recall that rule. But I hate recalls.
sidebar_quimbySo, like all Springfield contests, the prize goes to the person who cheated hardest.
System Message: Congratulations on completing Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble! But the story doesn’t end here. Check out how King-Size Homer deals with his new girth.
TG Complete
unlock_homer_kingsizeKing-Size Homer Unlock

Many great prizes were gifted to us by EA, but one also has a questline: King-Size Homer!

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 1

Homer starts

sidebar_homer_kingsizeHey, look at me! I’m enormous!
sidebar_homer_kingsizeThe jiggling fat is mesmerizing.
sidebar_margeThis is terrible, Homie. Can you even move yourself around?
sidebar_homer_kingsizeNot without a lot of effort. And effort is the one thing the fat man avoids.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeLike every great person of girth, I will preserve my dignity by riding around on a tiny scooter.

Task: Make King-Size Homer Ride Around Town
Time: 8h

sidebar_mrburnsSmithers, please tell me that lard-filled balloon I just saw riding around town doesn’t work for me.
sidebar_smithersI’m afraid so, sir. Homer Simpson.
sidebar_mrburnsI won’t have fatties around the plant. They always turn out to be wise-offs or union men.
sidebar_smithersIt’s against labor regulations to fire a man because he’s overweight.
sidebar_mrburnsI suppose it’s against labor regulations to drop him through my trap door.
sidebar_smithersNo, but I don’t think he’d fit.
sidebar_mrburnsDamn it, Smithers, you’re the one who told me to save money by going for the medium diameter trap door!
sidebar_mrburnsI guess we’ll just have to let him work from home.
System Message: Get Homer’s Work From Home Station so he can do work without putting his pants on!
WorkFHS Message

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 2

Homer starts

sidebar_bartDad, do we really have to go to the beach? First off, you’re wearing a Speedo, and second, I can’t even see it because of your fat folds.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeYes… I’m definitely… wearing something… under my fat folds.

Task: Make King-Size Homer Let it All Hang Out at the Beach
Time: 6h
Location: Beach or River

sidebar_bartHey everyone, check out the white whale that beached itself!
sidebar_lennyIt’s so sad and ugly. Grab it’s flesh bags and roll it into the water.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeI’m not a white whale, I’m a lightly tanned fatso! Don’t treat me like an animal.
sidebar_moeLike an animal is also how we treat fat people.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 3

Homer starts

sidebar_margeHomer, this is ridiculous. Your mass is so large you have two small moons orbiting you.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeMarge, that’s offensive fat-shaming.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeIt’s not my fault that God made me a man who chose to get gigantic so he could work from home.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeI’m going to find a fat support group on the internet.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeNo matter how crazy your ideas are, there’s always 200 people online who’ll agree with you.

Task: Make King-Size Homer Chat Online with a Fat Support Group
Time: 16h
Location: Java Server or Simpson House

On job start:
sidebar_bartHey Homer, you learning anything from your online fat support group?
sidebar_homer_kingsizeYes. Nothing puts on weight like freemium gaming.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 4

Homer starts

sidebar_homer_kingsizeMarge, my dinner! Something happened to it. Something awful!
sidebar_margeI made you a salad.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeBut I’m a growing boy! I put on over fifty pounds just today.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeI’m going to the place where they support and love the chronically obese: Krusty Burger.
sidebar_lisaYou were banned from Krusty Burger because the sight of you was scaring other diners into wanting to eat healthier.
sidebar_bartAlso, you couldn’t fit through the door.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeThey foiled me with their normal-sized doors. But they can’t keep me out of the drive-thru.

Task: Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Task: Make King-Size Homer Walk Through Drive-Thru
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger

On job start:
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenI’m sorry, sir, but the drive-thru is cars only.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeAre you saying I can’t eat here because I’m a person?
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenI’m saying you weigh as much as a truck, and you’ll damage the pavement.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 5

Homer starts

sidebar_margeHomer, I’ve been hoping you’ll come to your senses and lose some weight, but it just isn’t happening.
sidebar_margeSo I have no choice but to use extremely wifely measures.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeIf you mean you’re going to deny me sex, when I’m this fat that’s a little redundant.
sidebar_margeI’m going to nag you.
sidebar_homer_kingsizeThe ultimate weapon!
sidebar_homer_kingsizeWell, do your worst.

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Marge Nag Homer About His Weight
Time: 30m
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Get Whipped into Shape
Time: 30m
Requires: Mr. Burns

sidebar_lisaMom, your nagging worked! Dad is thin again.
sidebar_margeActually, I didn’t nag your father. I nagged Sky Finger.
sidebar_margeThat person can do anything.

On November 23rd at 8am GMT, a quick dialogue will promote the premium item Piggly’s Super Smorg, that unlocks Mrs. Bouvier, Marge’s mother.

Mrs. Bouvier Raccomandation

Auto starts

sidebar_margeMom?! What are you doing in my kitchen?
sidebar_jacquelinebouvierEveryone is making turkey. I wanted to share my recipe with my family.
sidebar_margeIt’s two in the morning. How did you even get in?
sidebar_jacquelinebouvierI’ve had a key made to every place you’ve ever lived. While you sleep, I lurk.
System Message: Here’s your chance to bring the whole family together. Jacqueline Bouvier is in the store!
JBouvier Message

A small quest will also start on November 26th, Thanksgiving Day, but we’re going to show it on that day! Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015 Walkthrough: Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble and The Fat and the Futilest

  1. I’m really looking forward to those free donuts on thanksgiving!


    1. Me too! Mmmmmmm Dounuts!


  2. Will there be a mention of which characters were given tasks at the Vast Waistband?

    I know in my game at least,

    Homer, Dr. Hibbert, Chalmers, The Rich Texan, Chief Wiggum, Judge Snyder, Luigi and Bumblebee Man all get a 7 hour task with the building.

    (Missed a good chance to add 7hr tasks for Fat Tony, Mr. Costington, Barney, Marvin Monroe, etc.)


    1. its the same people that can apply to judge: Homer, Comic Book Guy, Wiggum, Luigi, Chalmers, Judge Snyder, Dr. Hibbert, Bumblebee Man, The Rich Texan (the Fatsos)


  3. Anyone else having the building task clear? Both tasks are done and say done but it won’t move on to the 360 table. Thoughts?


    1. For me, I had to make sure Homer was free to start the next quest.


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