Thanksgiving 2015 Premium Kwik-Tap Guide: Work From Home Station, Bart Balloon, Leftovers and No Bones About It

Thanksgiving is here and what’s the best way to work on holiday? At home of course! What about a balloon with a skateboard? Or a festive table? Or a skeleton that come too late to the party? Join us right after the jump for the Premium kwik-tap guide of the Thanksgiving 2015 Event!

The following icons will indicate: Match_trigger Who triggers the quest, ico_stor_charactersets_sm which characters can be sent, Task Book the task to be performed, Job Manager Animated Jobthe time needed, ico_showhide_buildingsthe location where the task will be performed.

Only 4 items have a premium questline: the station that Homer used to work from home once he was King-Size, a quick dialogue for Bart Balloon and finally if you own both Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders, their questline unlocks the Outdoor Feast Table for free. If you already own them and the table from last year, the quest will trigger again once you place it in town.

Work From Home Station
Work From Home Station



Task BookWork From Home
Job Manager Animated Job2h
ico_showhide_buildingsWork From Home Station
GGTT Message

Bart Balloon
Bart Balloon


Text only

Sacagawea LisaPuritan Flanders



Outdoor Feast Table
Task BookPlace Outdoor Feast Table
Task BookMake Sacagawea Host a Peace Feast for Puritan Flanders
Job Manager Animated Job10h
ico_showhide_buildingsOutdoor Feast Table

A forgotten NPC has appeared in this update: Helter Skeleter, one of the nightmares in the latest Halloween Event, and he has a short questline for you to do.

Helter Skeleter
No Bones About It

Auto starts

Task BookTap the Helter Skeleter

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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