Happy Thanksgiving with 15 free donuts and new items in the store!

It’s Thanksgiving Day and Topix wishes all of you Happy Thanksgiving!
EA has a gift for all of us if you login today: 15 Donuts. Join us right after the jump for the questline dialogue and find out what new items EA added to the store: Balloons!.

This questline automatically kicks in once you login:

System Message: In the spirit of giving thanks, have 7 donuts on the house!
Thanksgiving Donuts 2015 1
sidebar_homerSeven lousy donuts?! That’s chump change compared to the last few holiday giveaways.
System Message: You’re right. We’re always listening, so have 5 more donuts!
Thanksgiving Donuts 2015 2
sidebar_homerThey’re going to raise the minimum wage at the plant. Which means your 12 donuts aren’t worth as much to me anymore.
sidebar_homerHow about that climate change? We need to have a stockpile of donuts to keep us warm!
System Message: Okay, fine. Have a few more. But don’t push your luck, you Thanksgiving jerk.
Thanksgiving Donuts 2015 3

After completing the dialogue, you recieve 15 free donuts.

Six new balloons were also added today to the shop. The first row are from the 2013 and 2014 events. The second row were also in the 2012 event.

Have fun and join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving with 15 free donuts and new items in the store!

  1. Got a drop down screen saying that i had collected 1 of 3 thanksgiving easter eggs. Any ideas or has my game got a glitch.


  2. Why do I not have the balloons? I installed the game, let it download until it finished but no balloons 😦


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