Glitchy Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday 2015 and its deals have landed today but some mysterious happenings are going on in the game, weird glitches. One occuring in the store and one with towns empty of any sign over buildings. Follow us right after the jump for the details.

The first glitch suddendly happened during the Thanksgiving event, it’s a major glitch, preventing the buying of the Thanksgiving items and sometimes of the Black Friday promo too!

Normally the menu appears like this:

But suddendly we get this screen:
Store glitched

And opening the arrow menu, opens up the menu that sometimes (if lucky) has both icons for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, sometimes only Black Friday (my case) and sometimes none of them!
Store glitched 2

Unfortunatly at the moment there’s nothing we can do other then hope EA fixes it. If it happened to you please report it to EA forum by clicking here and here.

The second glitch is occurring to everyone, everytime Gil shows up, every hour, notifying us of new items in the deals, the icons over our buildings to collect the payout disappears.
Empty town

However, there’s a fix for this one: by going to Krustyland, or a friend town (even simply visiting the friend towns screen), and coming back, all the icons will be back.

Please post on EA forum by clicking here and here to be sure EA fixes this bug quicker.

Update: This glitch was fixed for the duration of Black Friday. It wasn’t fixed on Cyber Monday sales on November 30th.

he third glitch someone reported occurs with the Thanksgiving quest stuck, which seems rarer.
Pt. 3

This prevents the user from continuing, showing the jobs done but progress can’t be done.

The only way to fix it is to be sure Homer is absolutely free, or trying to send him on the job again, trying force closing the game and reopening and reinstalling the game.

Contact EA directly following the link below, and post on the EA Forum your problem.

If any of the solutions doesn’t solve the problems, please click on the links above and post on the official EA Forum (same login as the game), or contact ea directly by following this istructions.

Joins us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping (hopefully)!


10 thoughts on “Glitchy Black Friday Deals!

  1. Do we have to wait for the sale to end to receive the donut rebate? Was it supposed to be automatic? If so, I paid full price for disco stu and did not get 75 donuts back.


    1. it’s automatic. go to Krustyland or friend town and back and see if it fixes


  2. Gregory Hatfield 11/27/2015 — 19:22

    That’s not all that is amiss! My Springfield is gone!!! Completely gone. And now there has been too much turkey. So I now have no energy left to figure it out and the big bird gets his revenge.


    1. Try reinstalling the game and NOT start playing while its downloading. Once you open the game after installing don’t touch the screen at all till the download is over


  3. Does anyone know how to create more straight monorail pieces than curved pieces?


    1. There is no way other then chance. Its really random. I checked the files.


      1. It sucks badly. We put in the work we should get to choose the pieces we need.


    2. Three words: Bender Bending Rodriguez.

      But we can only dream about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sucks badly. We put in the work we should get to choose the pieces we need.


    3. I’ve contacted EsA many many times to complain about this. I haven’t gotten strait in 3 weeks of work. All I need is six more and EA lies and says they can’t add more to an account. It sucks. I feel your pain


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