Akira’s Secret: Infinite Fuguaboutit Pt. 2

Akira and his questline has a little secret: a way to have a permanent premium task for as long as you want, till you send him to a job. Follow us right after the jump to find out how.

Akira’s second questline “Fuguaboutit” has a little secret, discovered by the users at EA forum’s “TSTO Race to the Finish“:

On Fuguaboutit Pt. 2, you’ve to

  • Make Akira Serve Questionable Fugu (2h, The Happy Sumo)
  • Make Springfielders Eat Questionable Fugu (x10) (1h, The Happy Sumo)

The trick is to NOT send Akira to his job and keep manually sending characters to Eat Questionable Fogu (all characters except Akira, Maude Flaunders and NPCs can be sent!)

The job, being located at The Happy Sumo, earns premium. The base payout is 105$ and 26 XP. The final payout depends on your bonus multiplier.

Till Akira is sent to do his job and completes it, the job on the other characters and thus the questline, will not progress.

There’re however throwbacks:

  • You have Akira in your taskbook forever.
  • That task is at the top of everyone’s job list, in yellow.
  • You can’t get free bonsais (he doesn’t make those until later in the questline, which you won’t get to.)
  • You’ll be stuck assigning all the characters manually instead of using Job Manager.

This can be done for other similar questlines that involves jobs with many persons, and one job included that needs to be completed to continue it.

I’d like to thank ForumNerds on EA Forum for pointing out this secret found by the users in the race.

Join us in a few hours for the Cyber Monday deals, at 8am GMT! Happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Akira’s Secret: Infinite Fuguaboutit Pt. 2

  1. Sherri and Terri will earn more on their 60 min task since it pays like two premium characters but this pays them as one. I loved this trick, but I messed up and sent him on the 2 hour by accident back during the Monsarno event.


  2. FYI, it’s no longer in yellow on everyone’s tasklist after the initial 10 are completed. Therefore you can use the Unemployment Office to send everyone on a 1 hour task and it will choose this task (priority placement over regular 1h tasks). (Though why you would use the UO if you’re trying to maximize the reward, I dunno…)

    P.S. This quest is part 1 (not part 2).


  3. Thanks! Will proceed cautiously when I get there!

    I’ve done similar with regular pay, but missed out on the last premium payout situation, which was at some point near Terwilliger and the following event.


  4. Isn’t this basic gameplay mechanics rather than a secret trick?


    1. it is but most just assign both, end the questline and proceed without using this


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